ENLIGHTENMENT or AWAKENING: A high state of mind


When you gain enlightenment. You know things change, you change every second. And you understand you are nothing but you are everything.All are assumption no good, no best, no God, at least if you the sun or star watch you.So the best of the teaching of all religions is love, patience, and kindness.Nature as there for billions of years, learn nature virtues: soil, earth, water, air…”River, pond, lake, sea are the different name of things contain water, so are the religions.”But how to know the disciples of God or religious leader gain enlightenment or not?We wait for your answer!


Have we misunderstood? 1. thought, ideas, shape, body, belief, and relations.. which is constant to remaining to have reincarnation? NOTHING! So what is reincarnation? 2. Can I teach symptoms of stress in this table? We know that stress caused by three major hormones so can I list them down like this or suggest students check? 3. What is your religion? Do you think you chose to love your or it is the accident of your life? What is yours if you born and raised in Vietnam, Arab, Singapore, China, America? 4. Are we free or still trapped in coded belief, behaviors and religion? Mind-body – We – I – You – believe. What if you born in different time and place? 5. Stress makes a healthy man depressed or want to suicide. what if stress put on children: infants, toddlers. Then students, mature ones. Does stress have relation to our modern problems: autism; ADHD, depression, suicide and gunfire…and The big problems is we do not understand what real stress is! 6. The difference: a girl being raped by a girl/wife forced to have sex or trading sex by boy/husband without consent? Stress, fear, pain? how about their children? 7. The world is dependent, independent or interdependent? Can depression, autism, ADHD, violence, suicide, gunfire have same solvable root? 8. Which love would you like to receive from your lover: true love or selfish love? 9. What is the difference between these? How to know the difference between true love and selfish love? What will kids be if parents, teachers, doctors, siblings only have selfish love? 10. How to know the difference between true love and selfish love? Any god, holly spirits of any religions have true love. But I am not sure their servers, disciples.

Time for contemplation: mixing pictures to find out the cause and cure

WW II ended, people of Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism, Taoism participated in, nearly 100 million died. The ending is not by the Bless of God, Buddha, Holly Spirits.GOD DO NOT BLESS YOUYOU DO BLESS YOUALL DO BLESS YOU.Observe body for 5 mins: thought & idea & feeling & physical body & belief & object of thinking CHANGE CONSTANTLY. Why we have sad, Anger, upset and Fight?What is reincarnation?Who am I?Who are you?Why do you speak your language which is very difficult for me?Why do you have your religious?Are you ok if someone mistakenly spells your name wrong?WHAT IS THE TIME? what time is it in your country?IS THERE ANY RELATION BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS?My answerTime is the assumption of Relativity to make we understand the relatives of Phenomena.Time is the illusion/definition that let us know the relativity of things. 1 second equal the N times of an Electron traveling around it Atom. So time is the assumption of moment moving.From the second we have the hour and the day.Time is relative.If American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Germany goes to live on the Moon, What is the day they will have? When will they celebrate the New Year?In time there is motion. And some scientist can write the equation without time. Just Emotion.time, space, weight, length all of these appear in the definition of other.So the world is interdependent. We try to separate is to support for better of thinking, communicating, and developing. It is just an Assumption.I am FROM THE WORLD. SOLAR SYSTEM, GALAXY. 2018.all in one; one in all. Do not forget that we are interdependent, We are one. We share the same sources. Billions have died born and disappear, events also. And the mass of earth does not change. You exhale the air other inhale, you eat the things have sourced from the waste of others. ….When we realize, we will free from Depression, fear, anxiety, and anger, and free from the Fights and Flights at home, work and in bed.WE WILL FREE FROM ALL TERMINOLOGIES OF PROBLEMS IN PHYSICAL HEALTH, WEALTH AND LIVING.

Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...
Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...

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