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Van Duy Dao from Vietnam, is a pharmacist, learner of personal development. Philosophy in studying is lifelong learning, from everyone, everywhere and study in joy, happiness from the drive inside.

The school with teachers: books, internet, video, forum, every people; Van’s teachers is also the well-known speakers, authors: Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Peter Drucker, John. C Maxwell, Daniel Pink, Jim Collin, Jame Allens, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Seth Godin, Micheal Porter, Darren Hardy, Richard Branson, Tony Robbin, Daniel Goleman, Malcolm Gladwell, Wayne Dyer, Hanh Thich Nhat, Richard Mathieu, and many successful authors. Most of the authors value the attitude, principles, virtue, brain, and mind to the success but there are little support evidence and a lot of debating in society.The author is proud to be a pharmacist, but he is ashamed of the failure of knowledge and the medication in healing many UN-KNOWN Causes. Most of the medications only make temporal relief and many medications chronic patients have to take in their lifetime. Worst of all: mental illness, depression, ADHD, Autism, suicide, and gunfire, social problems seem to go against all the advancement in economic, standard living and Giant leap in technology. He keeps on searching.The author’s advantage is the general knowledge of medicine, physiology, psychology, pharmacology, management, marketing, selling, persuading, motivating, AND best of all the author has chances to mix: Eastern Philosophies: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism which full of paradoxical subtle profound knowledge in the art of living, virtues, purposeless, pace of nature to gain success, happiness, and inner-peace in daily life; and logical concrete Western philosophy: Questioning, reasoning, purposefulness, logical philosophy, scientific philosophy.
The author keeps on reading, searching, reflecting, questioning and meditating to find the correct answers to all human problems. Zen Buddhism or meditation helps the author understand: “Shallow ignorant apply of Eastern philosophy not only makes people fail in making the success but also gaining happiness. They may suffer misery because of their greed, anger, and ignorance”

“Shallow ignorant apply of Western philosophy may not only make people fail in making money, getting rich but also make people fail in enjoying success, happiness, and miracles of life. Shallow applying makes people constantly waste time on arguing and debating. They may suffer misery because of their greed, anger, and ignorance” 
“By applying the techniques in Buddhism meditation, people can experience the values of the old’s teachings. Understand the values, principles of life, the lacking of modern society. Then find the available every day’s scientific proofs to prove wrong and right in the teaching of philosophers, religious leaders, sages and successful people. Strong available scientific proofs help the most in persuading people. Make them awaken with the wrong and right in their doings. 
The author may think that he find the unwanted answer: Who are human beings? What is the purpose of human life?Best of all, the author may find the real causes of many dreadful chronic problems, and simple real cures for this in the simple, understandable languages.Who am I?Who are you?Why do you speak your language which is very difficult for me?Why do you have your religious?Are you ok if someone mistakenly spells your name wrong?WHAT IS THE TIME? what time is it in your country?IS THERE ANY RELATION BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS?My answerTime is the assumption of Relativity to make we understand the relatives of Phenomena. Time is the illusion/definition that let us know the relativity of things. 1 second equal the N times of an Electron traveling around it Atom. So time is the assumption of moment moving. From the second we have the hour and the day. Time is relative. If American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Germany goes to live on the Moon, What is the day they will have? When will they celebrate the New Year? In time there is motion. And some scientist can write the equation without time. Just Emotion.time, space, weight, length all of these appear in the definition of other. So the world is interdependent. We try to separate is to support for better of thinking, communicating, and developing. It is just Assumption.

I am FROM THE WORLD. SOLAR SYSTEM, GALAXY. 2018.all in one; one in all. Do not forget that we are interdependent, We are one. We share the same sources. Billions have died born and disappear, events also. And the mass of earth does not change. You exhale the air other inhale, you eat the things have sourced from the waste of others. …. When we realize, we will free from Depression, fear, anxiety, and anger, and free from the Fights and Flights at home, work and in bed. WE WILL FREE FROM ALL TERMINOLOGIES OF PROBLEMS IN PHYSICAL HEALTH, WEALTH AND LIVING.
Look at the wars, the wars of religions. We will find that GOD DO NOT BLESS THEM, GOD DO NOT HELP THEM. THEY DO BLESS THEM. AND Mind masters like to play the game of thorn to code the mind of millions of people.GOD DO NOT BLESS THEM. THEY BLESS THEM, WE BLESS THEM. GIVE HAND TO EVEN THE SMALLESTEffects, side effects of stress hormones controlled by Brain cover all symptoms of ADHD, Gut Feeling, Autistic spectrum. What do u think?

Do you know conditioned response? Your language, skill, driving skills, professions, the pattern of behaviors and pattern of emotion, fear or anxiety or excitement are CONDITIONED RESPONSES. Even Walking, naming, ritual, taboos are coded in the mind of people, dogs, or tamed animals as conditioned responses. infant left in Jungle will have the conditioned responses of the animals which adopt him. Maybe he will like to crawl instead of walk.

WHAT HAPPENS if golden time: formation of the brain and vital social skills lack vital things? Forget the useless assumption. As I know, many Ph.D. have the highest degree in psychology but do not live well with husband and family, rigid knowledge does not help us much.

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Duy Văn

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