Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems


Van Duy Dao from Vietnam, is a pharmacist, learner of personal development. Philosophy in studying is lifelong learning, from everyone, everywhere and study in joy, happiness from the drive inside.
The school with teachers: books, internet, video, forum, every people; Van’s teachers is also the well-known speakers, authors: Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Peter Drucker, John. C Maxwell, Daniel Pink, Jim Collin, Jame Allens, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Seth Godin, Micheal Porter, Darren Hardy, Richard Branson, Tony Robbin, Daniel Goleman, Malcolm Gladwell, Wayne Dyer, Hanh Thich Nhat, Richard Mathieu, and many successful authors. Most of the authors value the attitude, principles, virtue, brain, and mind to the success but there are little support evidence and a lot of debating in society. 
The author is proud to be a pharmacist, but he is ashamed of the failure of knowledge and the medication in healing many UN-KNOWN Causes. Most of the medications only make temporal relief and many medications chronic patients have to take in their lifetime. Worst of all: mental illness, depression, ADHD, Autism, suicide, and gunfire, social problems seem to go against all the advancement in economic, standard living and Giant leap in technology. He keeps on searching.

The author’s advantage is the general knowledge in medicine, physiology, psychology, pharmacology, management, marketing, selling, persuading, motivating, AND best of all the author has chances to mix: Eastern Philosophies: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism which full of paradoxical subtle profound knowledge in the art of living, virtues, purposeless, pace of nature to gain success, happiness, and inner-peace in daily life; and logical concrete Western philosophy: Questioning, reasoning, purposefulness, logical philosophy, scientific philosophy.

The author keeps on reading, searching, reflecting, questioning and meditating to find the correct answers to all human problems. Zen Buddhism or meditation helps the author understand: “Shallow ignorant apply of Eastern philosophy not only makes people fail in making the success but also gaining happiness.They may suffer misery because of their greed, anger, and ignorance”
“Shallow ignorant apply of Western philosophy may not only make people fail in making money, getting rich but also make people fail in enjoying success, happiness, and miracles of life. Shallow applying makes people constantly waste time on arguing and debating. They may suffer misery because of their greed, anger, and ignorance” 

“By applying the techniques in Buddhism meditation, people can experience the values of the old’s teachings. Understand the values, principles of life, the lacking of modern society. Then find the available every day’s scientific proofs to prove wrong and right in the teaching of philosophers, religious leaders, sages and successful people. Strong available scientific proofs help the most in persuading people. Make them awaken with the wrong and right in their doings. 
The author may think that he find the unwanted answer: Who are human beings? What is the purpose of human life?
Best of all, the author may find the real causes of many dreadful chronic problems, and simple real cures for this in the simple, understandable languages.
It’s grateful to the author if you join in the journey of mastering:
AbilityAutoimmune diseases

Belief system

Gut feelings



Learning difficulties

Mental problems


Alcohol use disorders

Anxiety disorders


Behavioral disorders

Conduct disorders


Drug use disorders

Eating disorders


Physical health

School problems



ABOUT: “AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE:  How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems”

Dopamine: chemical of getting, satisfying and happiness can change the size of the pupil in eyes. When people get anger or stress: norepinephrine flush on the body. It can change the size of the pupil in eyes. Moreover, reading the effect of the: adrenalin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to the whole body in any medical books we will understand the emotion and thinking of people: stress, joy, anxiety, depress or happiness. When people can sense the changes in the body with these chemicals- it calls Gut Feeling: tighten the muscle, throbbing in head muscle, sweatings or chill. It is the gut feelings.The four causes of human: autism, mental health, and problems 1. Lack of connection: All beings: parents, people, adults, kids, brothers, nature, trees, animals, and natural living environment; technology devices make this lacking worsen. 2. Lack of love: Unconditional love, unconditional support, and love come from understanding. Most of the love they received are angry love, blind love, ignorant love, greedy love, selfish love, and conditioned love; receiving these love making them more painful and stressful. 3. Stressful environment: Stress from family: parents, sibling, and adults; school: teachers, friends, subject, and tests; environment: all things they see as the threatening. They do not get enough love, connection, ability and understanding to overcome the mild unwanted problems. 4. Lack of skill, knowledge, right understanding, or ignorance: Lack of essential skills and ability make them left behind. Conditioned love, lack of connection and many threatening make them do not feel safe enough to learn more, do more, try more, ask more and play more to gain real powers, strength, and abilities. 
They misunderstand many essential things, and conflicts in human society as threatening. They are not understood by adults that they real things they need is unconditional love, connection, close contact, and supportive environment to feel safe to gain essential skills to understand and deal well with the problems they meet. The answers for: Ability, Autoimmune diseases, Belief system, Gut feelings, Hysteria, Learning, Learning difficulties, Mental problems, ADHD, Alcohol use disorders, Anxiety, disorders, Autism, Behavioral disorders, Conduct disorders, Depression, Drug use disorders, Eating disorders, Suicide, Physical health, School problems, Stress Talent.
EMOTION IS FROM HEAD, NOT HEART. This’s the key to understand GUT FEELING and prevent Autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide.RIGHT???
Yes, brain. When the brain is forming most: fetus and infant: what will happen if the immature brain formed in Stress, severe stress.I mean always shouting, blaming, crying, beating. If the brain can mature enough to overcome the stressful childhood. What the brain will be conditioned if they experience beating, shouting, separating, raping, … SOME MOTHERs SO STRESSED THAT THEY GOT DEPRESSION AFTER BIRTH.The fact is many people in wealthy countries are using antidepression medication to find the relief. Most of the anti-depression medication is used to stimulate happy chemical: serotonin in Brain. When kissing, hugging, doing good, recognizing.. can stimulate Serotonin in the brain.

Things are so simple but people try to make it complicated.

All in one: behavior, gut feeling, heartbeat, state of mind, mental illness, quality of sleep, genes are one.
Forget useless things which we are coded as facts: many of us also are the victims of stress we created even we are Ph.D., professors: let count how many professors you meet who good in remembering stuff but poor in acting, applying and self- controlling. They have a good memory but poor attitude: action full of greed and anger with high emotion, rapid heartbeat, and scrap in the face, stomach.

My writing based on these pieces of evidence: I go first to solve human problems, and scientists will prove it latter as Einstein ‘s theory.

Just one of this can save our victims.Sorry because I write it so simple that every one can read, practice and understand.Scientists and Ph.D. will make it complicated latter. It also the philosophy in the Socratic paradoxes, Benjamin Franklin, Elbert Einstein, Lincoln, Montessori, Gandhi, Teresa, and modern leadership, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, art of winning people of Dale Carnegie, vital role of mind taught by Napoleon Hill, Jame Allen, Principles of Stephen Covey, Drive of Abraham Maslow, AND THE PRINCIPLE OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONS. Letting go thinking, assumptions of Peter Drucker: help us think better, manage better.And the philosophy of hundred self-help books is in my simple academic writing. Have you read Blink of Malcolm Gladwell: Reading this will make you understand all phenomena raised in Blink of Malcolm Gladwell – the book have left a lot of question for me to find. Best of all, write by a

non-native English-speaking pharmacist, non-sophisticated languages so all can read it: all my ideas have the support facts, articles. What else do you want me to show?


DISEASES: autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide, Chronic diseases, and DISASTERS: flood, Tsunami, Earthquake… and its increasing TREND is the interdependent phenomena?
All are suffering stress because of treating poorly with each other. She/ he/ kids do not suffer alone. All can check to see the state of the world.Stressed in the family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns:

+ Father with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction.

+ Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.+ kids under stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms. or Autism, ADHD, over-react, rebelling and/ or junior autoimmune diseases.

People: live in stress, eat in fear, sleep in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wear luxury clothes in discontentment, study with pressure, and sexing with contempt, and hysterically getting the lifesaving vaccination. They never find the real joy, happiness.Lack of vital few in society in the world creates hysteria. Not cold, not flu, kill People but stress in mind, body, organ, brain, because of lacking Love, Connection, free stress environment, and Ability or Understanding.The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billion on buying a weapon for finding safety, certainty or peace. Then they spend $ thousand billion on expensive medicine, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance, with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the artificial comfort and happiness?Men are searching for satisfied feelings – which can be coded or conditioned.A stressed moment can kill a student      A stressed moment can kill a soldier A moment can kill a banker,A stressed moment can kill a CEO, A stressed moment can kill a politician.They are strong but the severe stress moment can have affected all their life. It embeds in their brain, cell, the organ that we do not consciously know but the subconscious mind know that moment: smell, sound, noise, invisible signal then create the conditioned responses to it.You see: Soldiers in the war ended 1950 are still under stress with any mild unwanted triggers.

Real need and real lack

1. Unconditional love:

2. Connection: people, animal, diversified nature, understanding with parents.

3. Unstressed environment: happy, warm, cheering; then make them have the feeling of safety, certainty to work, try, play, do and fail… they have more skill and abilities to deal with the needed problems, challenges in life 4. Ability to deal with fact of life – the fact that some people may think is a big threat, problems, or danger.- The combination of these four factors describes the big difference in boy and girls in autism, ADHD: the instinct of female make an infant, the cute make girl do not get problems.Father said: “the day autistic child happy he will less over-react than the stressful day.” If gen, food, chemical or … there will have the same percentage of boy and girls, city, and countryside.With normal development, 2-3 months old children have the responses, interested, pay attention to the talking and smile back, shaking hands and body when parents talk directly to them. Do this regularly, you if you see the signs of not paying attention or indifference: the early signs of stress, over time children, may get more severe problems in the brain and mental problems. Observe the pattern of sleeping, eating, crying, and emotion to realize early signs since 1-2-3 months old to have an early simple intervention.You should pay attention to provide more love, peaceful environment, sing, dance, play music with joy, create the natural energy of the young for kid, not the stupid quiet, silence and too much tidy of the nursery home, you are peace of mind to kiss, hug, embrace, chances of creating abilities, and more connection to the diversity of nature, animal, and real fruit.

The variation of these for factors and the combination of them are the answer for all problems that scientists do not pay attention:

– In ADHD, Autism: boy much more than girls because Girls from the instinct are more cute, more communicable than boys.- ADHD, Autism in the city is significantly higher than in the countryside, even the city has a better standard of living, eating,.. but they lack connection, freely play, learn from nature and other kids. Children in have more abilities to adapt to stress than in the city. But they got another stress, problems.

– Dogs, cats can create the contact with kids and help autistic kids- Scientists see that Oxytocin can help the autistic child, they are doing more research to carry it on the autistic child in the future. – Children in the orphanage may have enough food, protection, and less stress but they lack love, intimate connection with parents so most of them have problems with social skills.

– ‎UNFORTUNATELY, THE LEVEL OF STRESS IN THE MIND IS UNLIMITED, BUT THE PREPARE OF THE PHYSICAL BODY IS LIMITED.When the blood pressure high, glucose high, the organ may send the feedback signal for the brain to stop creating hormone, and self-regulation mechanism activated. The brain still wants to raise the preparation of the body to a higher level to prepare for fight and flight. The brain may see other organs as the preventer or enemy. The immune system starts to attack its own organs: the autoimmune diseases.– Only the beta cell in pancreas be destroyed by the immune system– other strange, could not understand the mechanism of the autoimmune system: why it only attack ignorantly or intelligently attack one kind of cell, and let the nearby cell un-touch.

Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone, So Stress symptoms are:

– Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,

– Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin

– Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,

– Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.IF MIND IS UNDER STRESS:- Cardiologists may die because of high blood pressure or stroke.

– Psychiatrists may be the victims of mental illness.- Gorge Oshawa found microbiology died because of the Heart attack.- All other the therapies: NLP, hypnotic, placebo, Meditation, yoga, and stress releasing will make the mind calm and at peace to correct all illness, problems that we do not consciously know, but one thing we know that their mind is in the better state, happier, and more positive. Better mind state help with all other therapies.- In the stress situation, the important interview, the important test, we all experience symptoms of stress caused by epinephrine, norepinephrine that we cannot control. Under stress, cardiovascular medication only makes the

temporary relief.

Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying. “If you think you can or cant you are right” – Henry Ford – the man without any formal education but created the giant industry. And I never think autism, ADHD cannot be solved, prevent or treated like most Ph.D. here. They want me to show the proofs backed up by tons of paper but have no values in dealing with problems. I Find the way to direct their research, maybe can save the world. MAN SEARCH FOR FEELING (SATISFIED FEELINGS). But if lack of wisdom, enlightenment or mindfulness, their desires, possessions, feelings can be coded: NLP masters, Religious leaders, Hitler… are the master of the coding mind.

Awaken You Wonderful We on Amazon

1. Awaken parents, teachers, leaders, – the saving for Autism, ADHD, Failure, Depression, Suicide, Mental illness and other problems learned from the conversations of the Old
2. Awaken You Wonderful We – Letter to Readers, Parents, Politicians, Scientists to save the victims of Autism, ADHD, Depression, and Suicide3. Awaken You Wonderful We – When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, world. 4. Awaken You Wonderful We: Save the kids from autism, depression, ADHD5.  BÍ MẬT CỦA HỌC TẬP BÍ MẬT CHƯA BIẾT CỦA THẤT BẠI: Và SAI LẦM CHƯA BIẾT CỦA NGƯỜI VIỆT, BỐ MẸ VIỆT

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