Awaken You Wonderful We – Letter to Readers, Parents, Politicians, Scientists to save the victims of Autism, ADHD, Depression, and Suicide Part 1

When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, world? In mind, the brain we called mental problems, insomnia, ADHD, headache, suicide problems, social problems.I am from Hanoi, a pharmacist, a personal development lover, meditation practitioners, and life-long learner. My projects want to have your pieces of advice and suggestions:  Effects of stress on the stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, gastrointestinal problems; On heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases. Stress on the school: school problemsStress on the world we called human problems, which may lead to World War.Do you know: when you are sleeping, your brain still works to review, correct, and create the changes side the brain and body, genes that we do not know. But we know how brain/ mind works by observing the pattern of sleeping with changing the pressure from the environment: EEG, Slow-wave sleep, REM sleep. We know that some chronic patients have some things strange with their genes, does its changes first or state of mind, environment create it then diseases are the perceivable symptoms. 

Stress start from the state of mind It is not cold, virus, flu kills American, but the stressed mind. January is the most stressed month because of tired working, pressure from work, pressure from the deadline of the credit card, mainly from Stressed, Discontented, Hysterical MIND. Check these symptoms to know you are in stress or not, only by SMART WATCH.If yes, only medication, pain reliever, opioids are useless; punishment is useless, prison is not enough. We need to think of the alternative technique to calm the mind, soothe the pain and find inner peace for all: meditation, and lifelong learning.Use smartwatch to record the changing of the body to know the changing of the state of mind, emotion: hatred, anger, stress, depression, and love.Stressed in a family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns:+ Father with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction.+ Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.+ kids in stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms. or Autism, ADHD, over-react, rebelling and/ or junior autoimmune diseases.


They live in stress, eat in fear, sleep in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wear luxury clothes in discontentment, study with pressure, and sexing with contempt, and hysterically getting the lifesaving vaccination. They never find real joy, happiness.Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone, So Stress symptoms are:- Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,- Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin.- Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of the skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,- Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.


– Cardiologists may die because of high blood pressure or stroke.- Psychiatrists may be the victims of mental illness.- Gorge Oshawa found microbiology died because of a Heart attack.- All other the therapies: NLP, hypnotic, placebo, Meditation, yoga, and stress releasing will make the mind calm and at peace to correct all illness, problems that we do not consciously know, but one thing we know that their mind is in a better state, happier, and more positive. Better mind state help with all other therapies.- In a stress situation, an important interview, an important test, we all experience symptoms of stress caused by epinephrine, norepinephrine that we cannot control. Under stress, cardiovascular medication only makes temporary relief. Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying. 

“Because of youI never stray too far from the sidewalkBecause of youI learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurtBecause of youI find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around meBecause of youI am afraid” – Kelly Clarkson

Lack of vital few in society in the world creates hysteria. Not cold, not flu, kill People but stress in mind, body, organ, brain, because of lacking Love, Connection, free stress environment, and Ability or Understanding,The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billion on buying the weapon for finding safety, certainty or peace. Then they spend $ thousand billion on expensive medicine, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance, with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the artificial comfort and happiness?

A stressed moment can kill a studentA stressed moment can kill a banker,A stressed moment can kill a CEO, A stressed moment can kill a politician.They are strong but the severe stress moment can have affected all their life. It embeds in their brain, cell, the organ that we do not consciously know but the subconscious mind know that moment: smell, sound, noise, invisible signal then create the conditioned responses to it.You see: Soldiers in the war ended in 1950 are still under stress with any mild unwanted triggers.

Real needs of human being and real lack of modern people:

1. Unconditional love.2. Connection: people, animal, diversified nature, understanding with parents.3. Unstressed environment: happy, warm, cheering; then make them have the feeling of safety, certainty to work, try, play, do and fail… they have more skill and abilities to deal with the needed problems, challenges in life.4. Ability to deal with fact of life – the fact that some people may think is a big threat, problems, or danger.

– The combination of these four factors describes the big difference between boy and girls in autism, ADHD: the instinct of female make an infant, the cute make girl do not get problems.Father said: “the day autistic child happy he will less over-react than a stressful day.” If gen, food, chemical or … there will have the same percentage of boy and girls, city and countryside.With normal development, 2-3 months old children have the responses, interested, pay attention to the talking and smile back, shaking hands and body when parents talk directly to them. Do this regularly, you if you see the signs of not paying attention or indifference: the early signs of stress, over time children, may get more severe problems in the brain and mental problems. Observe the pattern of sleeping, eating, crying, and emotion to realize early signs since 1-2-3 months old to have the early simple intervention.You should pay attention to provide more love, peaceful environment, sing, dance, play music with joy, create the natural energy of the young for kid, not the stupid quiet, silence and too much tidy of the nursery home, you are peace of mind to kiss, hug, embrace, chances of creating abilities, and more connection to the diversity of nature, animal and real fruit.

The variation of these four factors and the combination of them are the answer to all problems that scientists do not pay attention:- In ADHD, Autism: boy much more than girls because Girls from the instinct are more cute, more communicable than boys.- ADHD, Autism in the city is significantly higher than in the countryside, even the city has a better standard of living, eating,.. but they lack connection, freely play, learn from nature, and other kids. Children have more abilities to adapt to stress than in the city. But they got another stress, problems.- Dogs, cats can create contact with kids and help autistic kids- Scientists see that Oxytocin can help the autistic child, they are doing more research to carry it on the autistic child in the future.- Children in an orphanage may have enough food, protection, and less stress but they lack love, an intimate connection with parents so most of them have problems with social skills.- Because of stress, lacking skill, if wrong and poor intervention, kids may develop many other diseases: depression, psychotic problems, … that we do not know why. Check and relate reading:

Check it here:

– Check the symptoms and mechanism of Stress


The Stressed World: the facts to show our problemsIt is not cold, it is not heating, it is not flu but Seasonal Stress determine our life: Birth, Death Rate, Stroke, Month of Heart Diseases, Suicide, and so on Dopamine: chemical of getting, satisfying and happiness can change the size of the pupil in the eyes.When people get anger or stress: norepinephrine flush on the body. It can change the size of the pupil in the eyes.Moreover, reading the effect of the: adrenalin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to the whole body in any medical books we will understand the emotion and thinking of people: stress, joy, anxiety, depress or happiness and GUT FEELING: When people can sense the changes in the body with these chemicals- it call Gut Feeling: tighten muscle, throbbing in head muscle, sweatings or chill. It is the gut feelings.

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Who will make them pain most?

The Stressed World: the facts to show our problemsIt is not cold, it is not heating, it is not flu but Seasonal Stress determine our life: Birth, Death Rate, Stroke, Month of Heart Diseases, Suicide, and so on.Americans are so much stressed after overeating, overspending, and discontent with stressful work after the long holiday. So that the flu season in America in January and February. There are a lot of incidences of deaths, flu, and strokes at the beginning of the year more than another month of the year. Even the weather of spring is better than the weather of winter.· The incidences of death rates and heart diseases in The United States at the beginning of the year are significantly higher than another month of the year and similar to with other developed countries.· Americans are so much stress with the burden put on them so that the month of heart diseases is February.American misery index of 2014 searched on the GoogleLook at the daily misery index, 2014 by the keywords searched on Google are depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and fatigue. The fluctuation of the searches is also the fluctuation of stress in the United States in 2014, retrieved from “The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed” by Christopher Ingraham on The Washington Post:- The searches rise in the spring and fall, ebb during the summer months, and drop sharply during holidays. Christmas is the least miserable days of the year, with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

The rhythm of stress during the week:

Peaks and valleys in the raw reflect the rhythm of the workweek. People are more stressed on weekdays, less so on weekends. Weekends are the best day of the week:· Pain and anxiety peak on Mondays, these numbers suggest that people literally hurt more on Mondays or afraid of boring stressful work.· Stress and depression are high on Tuesdays. Fatigue is high on Wednesday.· Searches for all terms drop sharply going into the weekend and then edge back upward on Sunday.· The gap between weekends and weekdays shrinks in the summer months (summer holiday): those peaks and valleys are a lot closer to each other in July than they are in March and April.· The annual trend in searches for “seasonal affective disorder,” we will find that these peak in December and January. But the broader terms like “depression,” “anxiety,” and “stress,” all show a pronounced dip in December. It means that shopping, preparing, planning, waiting and expecting, and enjoying the important and exciting days of the year make people happier than another day.· At the daily level, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Year are all among the year’s least-miserable or least stressed days.After long and expensive holiday has made people more frustrated with work, but they have to bear the financial burden of the overspending credit card for the shopping season, Black Friday, and the spending during the holiday has made the people suffer the worst stress. These may be the trigger of the stress that they have suffered for a long time.Randomly, on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 the large upper-level of stress words searched were accompanying cold front draped across the Central United States on April 18. Formed April 15, 2016, and dissipated April 23rd, 2016. With snowfall, ice accretion, and rainfall near 51 cm around the Houston, Texas areas. Damage $ 2.7 billion. On 23rd April 2016 was the highest search with the stress words.· 4/7/2016 is the National Day of America. People enjoy and celebrate so the stress words search on Google is the lowest.· Perhaps, people glad and treat well with each other on Valentine day, so the Saturday after valentine day of 2016, the stress words search on Google is the lowest.· Days on New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas was the happiest day of American. So the stress words search on Google is the lowestResearching the life of people with highest life expectancy, we will hardly find the proof for economy affect directly on longevity.Jeanne Calment died at age of 122 years. Calment suggested that her longevity was to have credited her calmness, saying, “That’s why they call me Calment.” After her admission to the nursing home “Maison du Lac” in January 1985 at the age of 109, she initially had a highly ritualized daily routine whereby. Seated on her armchair she did gymnastics wearing her stereo headset. Her exercises included flexing and extending the hands, then the legs, and her caregivers noted that she moved faster than the other residents, who were 30 years younger, despite her blindness.

In a nursing home:

Lack of love, lack of connection, lack of compassion make the old are more stress and do not have much enthusiasm in life.According to the statistic of the length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old, if the old come to the nursing home, the chance of the old living in the nursing home is nearly zero percent. It means that if your healthy 60-year-old enter the nursing home, the chance for them to live to 70 years old are very rare let alone they can live to 78 years old as the USA life expectancy.Length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old is less than 120 months. Most of them died during the first six months and the first thirty months.The statistic shows that the health of the old in a nursing home has some relation to the love, caring and visit of their children, grandchildren.There are stories that before the important day like national holiday, birthday and New Year, the death rate of the old reduces substantially. Perhaps, the hope, the wait, and expectation the important event with a reunion with their family members make them healthy enough to live.Alarming the distribution of stress results all over the world:It is lack of love, lack of connection, lack of ability, lack of understanding, and lack of compassion that cause people to live with lack of guiding by virtues, lack of gender equality, misunderstanding phenomena and causes countless bad causes. Worst of all, everyday life is covered by greed, hatred, anger and ignorance, and lots of violence, contempt for interaction, lots of violence in the act of helping others.Let look at the geographical global distribution of some factors by the search on Google. Readers can easily search the articles and images on Google.1. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes, 2012 around the world.2. Alcohol consumption by per capita consumption (liters) around the world3. The attitude of population toward foreign visitors: most and least welcoming to foreigners4. Average daily suicide rate per month around the world5. Child poverty in the developed world6. Corrupt across the world visualized: countries and territories ranked on perceived public sector corruption in 2014.7. The discrepancy in education around the world8. The discrepancy in secondary education around the world in 20159. Distribution of the diseases by countries around the world10. Economic inequality around the world11. Global gun deaths12. Infant mortality rate per 1000 birth around the world13. The probability of dying from the four main non-communicable diseases between the ages of 30 and 70 years, comparable estimates around the world in 2012.

14. The rate of chronic hepatitis B virus infection around the world15. The best and worst countries to be a mother16. The best and worst places to be born17. The distribution of heart diseases, diabetes around the world18. The global overview 2014: people internally displaced by conflict and violence around the world19. The health and chronic diseases of newborn babies depend on the month they are born.20. The prevalence of heavy episodic drinking or binge drinking among male drinker around the world in 200421. The rate of equal education between male and female around the world22. The rate of mental illnesses of adult and children around the world23. The rate of suicide and homicide around the world24. Geographic distribution of death sentences in the United States and around the world.25. Women in politics around the world26. World map of annual cannabis use

Tự kỷ, tăng động và chậm nói mối liên hệ ngầm giúp chỉ ra nguyên nhân, dự đoán, phòng và can thiệp hiệu quả from Van Dao Duy

Seasonal stress in America and world kill the most, not cold, heat or flu from Van Dao Duy

The hidden relation, clues of autism, ADHD and depression which reveals the cause and possible cure from Van Dao Duy

Tự kỷ, tăng động và chậm nói mối liên hệ ngầm giúp chỉ ra nguyên nhân, dự đoán, phòng và can thiệp hiệu quả from Van Dao DuyThe health and chronic diseases of newborn babies depend on the month they are born. The chronic diseases babies will get in the future will not the same as the diseases that adults get the most that month. This is the indicator that the stress puts on the pregnant women will have an influence on the fetus and the chronic diseases children will get in the future. Chronic diseases children might get depend on the development of the fetus, the stress, the stage of fetus suffering stress, the abilities of parents, the stress after being born the fetus have. It has countless varieties so I hope that science will.

27. Age-standardized death rates due to cardiovascular diseases in 2013 around the world.28. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes around the world in 2012.29. Consanguinity (%) around the world30. Distribution of child and adult mortality around the world.31. Education index around the world 2009.32. Gini index or inequality in the distribution of and economic wealth among a population around the world.33. Global gun deaths per 100000 populations around the world.34. Gross enrolment ratio, primary, gender parity index (GPI) around the world in 2016.35. Mental disorders span the globe: “Prevalence of mental disorders: anxiety, mood disorders, impulse-control, and substance abuse around the World.36. Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010.37. The equality of receiving education between men and women around the world.38. Worst of all is the “stroke mortality per 100000 populations around the world in 2010”

“Intimate partner violence” The strange people first meet treating well, nicely, kindly and respectfully each other as the independent beings. After a hard time of courting, they become lovers with the serving heart. Getting married they have an assumption of becoming husband and wife. After getting married, what is the hell here! The social assumptions, social paradigms put on them that make the husband has the total right to demand many things from the wife. Even the wife, from the independent being, becomes the possession of the husband. The strange man after getting married, coded by social paradigms become the dictatorial man, he has the total right to treat whatever ways he like with his wife – a strange woman previously.Watching the “Distribution of unsafe abortion per 1000 women aged 15 to 44 years around the world” and “Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010” to understand better how ignorant human beings have rightly made with other human beings.

39. Distribution of unsafe abortion per 1000 women aged 15 to 44 years around the world40. Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010Global burden of disease study & the Lancet, 2014 with the leading causes of death are Heart diseases, Lower respiratory infection, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Malaria, Diarrhea, Preterm birth, Birth defects, Stroke, Road injuries, and War. Looking at “The distribution of leading causes of lost years of life around the world in 2013” will give us a deeper understanding of the causes.41. Differences in national homicide rates exist within regions and between regions.

42. Distribution of trafficking of females around the world.43. Prevalence of female genital cutting around the world scaled 201144. The distribution of leading causes of lost years of life around the world in 2013Going everywhere in the world, you will experience physical and/or sexual violence by a partner or sexual violence by a non-partner. “What is happening, what is the curse for human beings when the prevalence of women suffered intimate partner violence by WHO rouse around lowest is 23.2% in high income countries and highest are 36.6% in the African region, 37.0% in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and 37.7% in the South-East Asia Region; it means one in three women. This is the tipping of the iceberg; we will have to suffer more if we do not eradicate the root.People in the stressed world find drugs like “cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine stimulants, opioids, solvents and inhalants, sedatives” to relieve pain and find temporary good state. Let look at “What drugs countries seek treatment for.” And “World Wealth level around the world in every year”45. What drugs countries seek treatment for46. World Wealth level around the world every yearThe pattern thinking of human beings can be found in the allocation of their asset on investment, spending, education or buying the protective weapon. We will understand the real world we are living because “all in one and one in all”. The spending of the United States on military in 2015 was $596.5 Billion that account for 54% of all spending of the United State in the year of 2015. All the major areas for stability and development like education, Medicare & health, veteran’s benefits, housing & community, international affairs, energy & environment, science, social security, unemployment & labor, transportation, and food and agriculture was less than the spending on the military.

“Do not ask me about the stability and development when people spend major resources on the minor military, and spend minor resources on all other major sectors”Death rate, suicide rate, homicide rate, the percent of gender committed suicide rate, the kind diseases, health problems, teenager’s problems, mental problems, social problems and quality of life are the reflection of the big hidden problem in society.It is the lack of virtue, goodness, kindness, and integrity in society. The stress in societySeasonal stress in the developed world.

The months of less stress in all developed countries is the summer holiday.During the summer holiday, children may not suffer much stress and boring at school from the study and test. They have time to go out and play. During this time, the rate of injuries is increased and teenage death is higher than in other months.Also, do adults arrange free time same as school summer holiday for the whole family to go somewhere for holiday? The words relating to stress like “pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue” searched on the internet from the United States drop substantially during the national holiday and summer holiday.During the summer month, people suffer the least stress so that the rate of deaths per 100000 people reduced substantially in every country compare with other months.Look at the mortality % of yearly average in the countries: United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Greece, New Zealand, and Cyprus. Low in the summer holiday, the rise during autumn and get a peak in the winter then go down in spring.The pattern of the monthly death of the group one: United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Greece, and Cyprus have nearly the same pattern of fluctuation of monthly deaths because they have the same summer vacation time around June to September. The death rate around these months: June to September is the lowest in the years.Luckily, the low stress in the summer vacation can affect the death rate by comparing the monthly death rate of group one with group two. In group two: Australian and New Zealand, they have the same pattern of death rate, but both countries have the opposite pattern of monthly death rate compared with group one. It is because the time of summer vacation of Australian and New Zealand is from the end of December to March. So that the death rate from December to March is the lowest in the year, and the death rate from May to September is the highest in the year.The pattern of the monthly death rate of these developed countries and the death rate and injury rate during the summer vacation tell us a lot about the pattern of stress in human society. It is the seasonal stress.Furthermore, the peaks of death, the suicide rate in America and all other developed countries are in the spring and autumn. These times are the times of important examination of students in schools and universities around the developed world.The important fact is all the previous researches have failed to indicate the correlations of temperature, wealthy, longevity, the standard of living, geographic factors with the fluctuation of death rate around the year.Does formal education is putting stress on children and stress on society is still an open question needed to answer in the future.Young people committed suicide account for a big portion of the suicidal number. Do these young people stress with the old education, money and reward culture?

Recording of the death rate in the last ten centuries in Europe shows that from 1000 to 1600, the death rate of summer, spring, and fall was always higher than the death rate of winter. Until the seventeenth centuries – the time of the first industrial revolution – the death rate of winter started to over the death rate of summer, spring, and winter. Do formal education and lifestyle living of industrialization have any contribution to the monthly death rate?There is a high number of people fail in the attempt of committing suicide. However, with the popularity of using guns in some countries, the percentage failing in committing suicide by using the gun to commit suicide is very rare.

According to the article “Gun control could save veterans’ lives” of Perry Stein in, in 2006, the Israeli Defense Forces made a relatively simple policy change that required soldiers to leave their weapons at their bases when they headed home for the weekend. The result: a staggering 40 percent drop in the suicide rate among soldiers aged 18-21, according to a November 2010 study.

“All in one, one in all” normally, if the young kid stressed from problems arisen from family, school, society, and friend, parents and other will invisibly fall to stress too. Stress will degrade the health of all people day after day.Cancer and stress from the discontented mind in the United States.Seasonal stressLook at the geographic distribution of wealth, health, hygiene, social problems, health problems, mental problems in America, we will understand the illogical pattern of stress caused by the mind and condition living that effect to human beings.The distribution of “food environment index” and “severe house problems” do not match with the mental problems, health problems, social problems, and teenage problems mean that mean stress and mental state do not have a direct correlation to the quality of food, eating, and physical living as most people assumed.

47. Geographical food environment index in the United States48. Geographical severe house problems in the United StatesStress problems, stress diseases belong to the mind so it has illogical patterns. Irrational stress or stress paradox is the best explanation for the American paradox of distributions of wealth, health, diseases, social problems, teen problems, mental illnesses, and death rate.They have suffered the outcomes of stress.Stress comes from: lack of love, lack of connection to all other beings, and lack of ability to deal with problems and stressful situations; these lacking lead lack of understanding, lack of compassion, and lack of virtues, characters, and integrity. Over time, people distrust all things, events, and news. They live all day in fear, doubt, suspension, frustration. Their mind is full of discontentment, stress, confliction, and irritation. Where there is little trust, people start to be the slave of greed, anger and self-centered. Countless problems arise because the mind does not find peace and safe in society. The result is people are exhausted because of useless work like preparing, alerting, suspecting, and accumulating for self-protecting. These people are very weak and hurt inside. Even when the people at home, they do not feel safe let alone higher feelings of happiness. The mind starts to activate destructive stress state to prepare for the fight and flight and destroy all others feedback signals or balancing correction. Instead of healing, the minds of stressed people blindly destroy themselves.49. The rate of cancer per 100000 people by the state is high in the southeast of America.50. Report of urbanization by state: high in South of America51. Cancer mortality rates by county in the United States52. Geographic of incidence rates for all cancer in America 2006-201053. Crime rates by state, 200854. Map of the United States showing the mean number of mentally unhealthy55. Prevalence of serious psychological distress among adults aged ≥18 years, by state, United States, 200756. Mean number of mentally unhealthy days during the past 30 days among adults aged ≥18 years, by state, United States, 200957. Map of diabetes prevalence by county from 2004 to 2012.58. Map of the United States. Divorce per 1000 people59. Homicides per 100000 populations by state.60. Percent of obese adults (body mass index of above 30)61. Heart attack death rates, 2011-2013 adult, age 35+, by county.62. Age-adjusted average annual deaths per 100000 populations.63. County-level prevalence of frequent mental distress among U. S adults: 2003 -2009 from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.64. The inequality make discontent mind can see in the percent state population living in poverty by state65. Childhood poverty rates, by the state also high in urban areas.66. The ratio of population to mental health providers is high in the southeast areas.67. Hazard distribution and frequency in the world.Food environment index is poorest in less developed areas in American. Astonishingly, the distribution of the food environment index seems to contrast with the health index of the population. This is the clue that food is not a key factor that influences the health of people.The other factor is “severe housing problems” are higher in less developed areas. This is proof that physical condition living does not influence much to mental problems, social problems, and health problems as people usually assumed.Discontentment comes from the fact that children in poverty are severer in urban areas.

The percent of preventable deaths per 100000 is American is highest with black American, and lowest in Asian American and Hispanic American. This fact may suggest to us that Black American are suffered the worst consequences of stress in society, and the Asian and Hispanic are suffered minor consequences of stress in society. Consequences are the combination of the love, connection, stress and ability of the individuals.

January is the month of death, and the trend is increasing year after year. There are seasonal fluctuations in United States deaths. I think it matches the seasonal stress in the United States. Let look at the top 10 American children’s health concerns from C.S Mott children’s hospital national poll on children’s health, 2011

Table 23: Top 10 American children’s health concerns, 2011

Top U.S. children’s health concernsChild health concern % rated as “Big problem” in 20111. Childhood obesity, 33%2. Drug abuse, 33%3. Smoking and tobacco use 25%4. Teen pregnancy, 24%5. Bullying, 24%6. Internet safety, 23%7. Stress, 22%8. Alcohol abuse, 20%9. Driving accident, 20%10. Sexting, 20%Ø County with the highest level prevalence of frequent mental distress among United States Adults: 2003 – 2009 is the Southeast United States or urban areas.Ø Heart disease death rates, 2008 -2010, adults, by county, highest in the Southeast United States or urban areas.Percentage of people in poverty for the past 12 months, by state in 2011; the 2011 United States poverty average is 15.9 %. The Southeast states have a high percentage of people live in poverty. The gap between standard living makes the poor become more discontent and more stressed when they compare with rich people. Arizona has 19% of people in poverty, Mississippi with 22.6% of people in poverty.According to Huffington Post, people live in urban areas of southeast America have the healthy life expectancy at age 65 is 13 years or less, whereas, people live other less developed areas have the life expectancy at age 65 is higher; some areas with 15 years or more.

Reading this article, the facts show the reader enormously how fragile modern people are! People in wealthy countries and all over the world are fall to the rhythm of stress on society. There are no direct root causes, stress is the accumulation of countless bad behaviors. Rare anyone can escape forming the effect of stress. All people are affected by stress directly or indirectly. Worse of all, the infants, babies, the young, the old, the weak are the most fragile creatures affected first, then all people in society and the whole world will suffer later directly and indirectly. The sages will show the way to get out the spiral of stress.

The South African Stress and Health (SASH) study

By observing, you will see people living in the city with a lot of facilities do not make them happy if they have a discontent mind. Even worse, by comparing with other, discontent mind can fall to extreme stress.People of South African are more stress than Nigerians are. Perhaps they do not accept or deal well with the problems as Nigerians do. They do not deal well with poverty and inequality as the Nigerians do. Lack of skills, abilities and discontent mind make them suffer more stress than Nigerian.Especially, people in cities are lack of connection with people and nature so that they fall to more stressful and mental illness compared with the people in the rural areas.People and children in cities are better facilitated and fed than the people and children in the rural areas so that they lack some vital skills to deal with stress, people in cities are more stressed and get more mental illness than people live in the city. It is the skill, ability, and environment have directly and indirectly caused people stressed.The Western Cape, which has the highest prevalence of common mental disorders, was the first region of South Africa to be colonized and has a high level of urbanization. In contrast, rural provinces generally have lower rates of common mental disorders, with the lowest rates in the Eastern Cape.

South Africa has a relatively high 12-month prevalence of anxiety and mood disorders when compared with the other countries in the World Mental Health Survey. Only Belgium, France, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Colombia, Lebanon, and the USA have higher rates of anxiety disorders than South Africa. And Belgium, Lebanon, Colombia, The Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Israel, New Zealand, and the USA have higher rates of mood disorders than South Africa. Hopeful that in the near future, scientists will find out detail the varieties in the cause and effect of stress on people.Only 1 in 10 Nigerians had a lifetime DSM disorder, compared with 1 in 3 South Africans. Compared with Nigerians, twice as many South Africans had lifetime anxiety disorders, 4 times as many had lifetime mood disorders, and almost 6 times as many had substance use disorders. Reasons for differences in the prevalence of mental disorders in high- and low-income countries belong to the varieties stress states in the mind of people.A recent study conducted by international research company Bloomberg, ranked South Africa as the second “most stressed out” nation in the world, following Nigeria. El Salvador was ranked third. “High-stress levels have been linked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and can also lead to substance abuse. In severe cases, these problems can lead to a person becoming suicidal,” says Viljoen, but if make a deeper investigation, people will be astonished by the results of stress, and the causes of stress that they are making and bearing.

The problem of the rich: substance abuse

Psychiatric illness on the rise: South Africa already has high rates of substance abuse with, for example, alcohol alone being the third-highest contributor to death and disability among citizens, according to a 2014 study published in the South African Medical Journal.Dominique Stott from the Professional Provident Society, an insurance company for graduate professionals, said: “Rates of major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia seem to be stable but cases of depression and anxiety are certainly escalating.” Perhaps, stability in major mental illness is own for the raising high standard of living, healthcare, and insurance so that they can treat the mental illness sooner and better. But the case of depression and anxiety are escalating because these above factors do not have any influence on the poor habitual living, poor cultural living, the stressful lifestyle and the poor abilities of the individuals.Season of stress, not the season of heat and cold.Summer break in the United States – Around 10-11 weeks, either from the end of May to early August, early June to Mid-August, or the end of June to the day after Labor Day in early September, or late June to the day after Labor Day – depending on region and state.

The death rate in Canada by month from 2007 to 2011 is the same. Whereas the incidents of injury are increased substantially during these months, and the teenage deaths during these months do not reduce as the total death.During these summer days, just the small fluctuation of the hot temperature below 35 Co degrees can make changes in the number of deaths in developed countries. Temperature with 35 Co degrees is the normal temperature during the summer of people in developing countries in South East Asia, India. And it can be seen as the cool temperature in India and Africa. People in these developing countries usually live with a shortage of electric and water during the hot summer.Lack of vital things leads them to lack of the adaptability with the small changes in temperature. The temperature is not the cause of deaths; perhaps, it is the trigger to worsen the stress of the stressedSCIENTIST FAIL IN PROVING THE RELATION BETWEEN SIZE OF ANIMAL WITH CANCER RATE. I THINK THEY WILL SUCCEED IF THEY FIND THE RELATION BETWEEN CANCER RATE AND LIFESTYLE, CHARACTER AND SAFETY COME FROM SELF PROTECTION. If doing this: Elephant, Whale, turtle and African naked mole rat will win.


TEACHING OF Lao Tzu help us understand our problem.

1. Tao and Primal Virtue:

All things arise from Tao.They are nourished by Virtue.They are formed from matter.They are shaped by the environmentThus the ten thousand things all respect Tao and honor Virtue.Respect of Tao and honor of Virtue are not demanded,But they are in the nature of things.Therefore all things arise from TaoBy Virtue, they are nourished,Developed, cared for,Sheltered, comforted,Grown, and protected.Creating without claiming,Doing without taking credit,Guiding without interfering,This is Primal Virtue. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

2. Rule a nation with justice.

Wage war with surprise moves.Become a master of the universe without striving.How do I know that this is so?Because of: The more laws and restrictions there are,The poorer people become.The sharper men’s weapons,The more trouble in the land.The more ingenious and clever men are,The more strange things happen.The more rules and regulations,The more thieves and robbers.Therefore the sage says:I take no action and people are reformed.I enjoy peace and people become honest.I do nothing and people become rich.I have no desires and people return to the good and simple life. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

3. Practice non-action.

Work without doing.Taste the tasteless.Magnify the small, increase the few.Reward bitterness with care.See simplicity in the complicated.Achieve greatness in little things.In the universe, the difficult things are done as if they are easy.Great acts are made up of small deeds.The sage does not attempt anything big,And thus achieved greatness.Easy promises make for little trust.Taking things lightly results in great difficulty.Because the sage always confronts difficulties,He never experiences them. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

4. Peace is easily maintained;

Trouble is easily overcome before it starts.The brittle is easily shattered;The small is easily scattered.Deal with it before it happens.Set things in order before there is confusion.A tree as great as a man’s embrace springs up from a small shoot;A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth;A journey of a thousand miles starts with one footstep.He who acts defeats his own purpose;Try to change it, ruin it.Try to hold it, lose it.The sage does not act, and so is not defeated.He does not grasp and therefore does not lose.People usually fail when they are on the verge of success.So give as much care to the end as to the beginning;Then there will be no failure.Therefore, the sage seeks freedom from desire.He does not collect precious things.He learns not to hold on to ideas.He brings men back to what they have lost.He helps the ten thousand things find their own nature,But refrains from action.Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

5. The good

A good soldier is not violent.A good fighter is not angry.A good winner is not vengefulA good employer is humble.This is the Virtue of not striving.This is the ability to deal with people.                                                                Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

6. Paradoxes of more

Too many colors blind the eye.Too many words deafen the ear.Too many flavors dull the taste.Racing and hunting madden the mind.Precious things lead one astray.Greed will destroy them.I have three things to teachSimplicity, patience, and compassionSimplicity, patience, and compassionThese three are your greatest treasures.Simple in actions and thoughts, You return to the source of being.Patient with both friends and enemies,You accord with the way things are.Compassionate toward yourself,You reconcile all beings in the world.                                                                                                           Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

7. Knowledge and humility             

Knowing others is wisdom;Knowing the self is enlightenment.Mastering others is a strength;Mastering yourself is true power.He who knows he has enough is rich.Perseverance is a sign of willpower.He who stays where he is enduring.To die but not to perish is to be eternally present.                                                              Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

8. Ridiculous aimless

Stop thinking, and end your problems.What difference between yes and no?What difference between success and failure?Must you value what others value,Avoid what others avoidFight what others fightDie what others die?How ridiculous!Other people are excited,as though they were at a parade.I alone don’t care,I alone am expressionless,like an infant before it can smile.Other people have what they need;I alone possess nothing.I alone drift about,like someone without a home.I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.Other people are bright;I alone am dark.Other people are sharp;I alone am dull.Other people have a purpose;I alone don’t know.I drift like a wave on the ocean,I blow as aimless as the wind.I am different from ordinary people.I drink from the Great Mother’s breasts.                                           

9. Embracing Tao, embracing love

Embracing Tao, you become embraced.Supple, breathing gently, you become reborn.Clearing your vision, you become clear.Nurturing your beloved, you become impartial.Opening your heart, you become accepted.Accepting the world, you embrace Tao.Bearing and nurturing,Creating but not owning,Giving without demanding,Guiding without interfering,This is love.                          Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

10. Unknown primal

Close your mouth,block off your senses,blunt your sharpness,untie your knots,soften your glare,settle your dust.This is the primal identity.     Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

11. Desire and peace

When there is no desire,All things are at peace. Hope and fear are both phantomsThat arises from thinking of the self.When we don’t see the self as self,What do we have to fear?                                                Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

12. Paradoxes of in and out, visible and invisible

True words aren’t eloquent;Eloquent words aren’t true.Wise men don’t need to prove their point;Men who need to prove their point aren’t wise.The Master has no possessions.The more he does for others,The happier he is.The more he gives to others,The wealthier he is.                                                Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

13. Look inside the heart

My teachings are easy to understandAnd easy to put into practice.Yet your intellect will never grasp them,And if you try to practice them, you’ll fail.My teachings are older than the world.How can you grasp their meaning?If you want to know me,Look inside your heart.                                                              Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

14. Aimless and purposeless

A good traveler has no fixed plansAnd is not intent upon arriving.A good artist lets his intuitionLead him wherever it wants.A good scientist has freed himself of conceptsAnd keeps his mind open to what is.Thus the Master is available to all peopleAnd doesn’t reject anyone.He is ready to use all situationsAnd doesn’t waste anything.This is called embodying the light.What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?What is a bad man but a good man’s job?If you don’t understand this, you will get lost,In grief and joy, losing and gaining, past and future.However intelligent you are!It is a great secret.                                                             He who stands on tiptoeDoesn’t stand firm.He who rushes aheadDoesn’t go far.He who tries to shineDims his own light.                                               Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

15. Non-desire, unlearn, but Tao

He who defines himselfCan’t know who he really is.He who has power over othersCan’t empower himself.He who clings to his workWill create nothing that endures.If you want to accord with the Tao,Just do your job, then let go.Rushing into action, you fail.Trying to grasp things, you lose them.Forcing a project to completion,You ruined what was almost ripe.Therefore the Master takes actionBy letting things take their course.He remains as calm at the endAs at the beginning.He has nothing,Thus has nothing to lose.What he desires is non-desire;What he learns is to unlearn.He simply reminds peopleOf who they have always been.He cares about nothing but the Tao.Thus he can care for all things.                                                      Not-knowing is true knowledge.Presuming to know is a disease.First, realize that you are sick;Then you can move toward health.                                                      Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


Under stress state, cardiovascular medication only makes temporary relief.Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying. Check it can be easy by doing on animals.Check it can be easy by observing the gen, mind, and health of the defect men: Nick Vujik, Hellen Keller, President Franklin Rosevelt, and millions of other people.We know too little about our brain- the king of the body and its state.IN CHRONIC STRESS = ALWAYS READY FOR FIGHT AND FLIGHT:UNFORTUNATELY, THE LEVEL OF STRESS IN THE MIND IS UNLIMITED, BUT THE PREPARE OF THE PHYSICAL BODY IS LIMITED.

When the blood pressure high, glucose high, the organ may send the feedback signal for the brain to stop secreting hormones, and self-regulation mechanism activated. The brain still wants to raise the preparation of the body to a higher level to prepare for fight and flight. The brain may see other organs as the preventer or enemy. The immune system starts to attack its own organs: the autoimmune diseases.– Only the beta cell in pancreas be destroyed by the immune system– other strange, could not understand the mechanism of the autoimmune system: why it only attack ignorantly or intelligently attack one kind of cell, and let the nearby cell un-touch.

Luckily, Meditation can help calm your mind, get inner peace. Moreover, the act of kindness, goodness, selfless action brings peace for all: doers, receivers and watchers.At home, you can sit cross legs on flat, on a small cushion under the bottom to avoid falling backward or sitting on the coach; where you can have enough quiet and uninterrupted time. Practice daily five to ten minutes in a quiet place. Straighten your body like a feeling of direct force pulls from the head to make upright; then let the body relax in a straight position. Practice some of these exercises of observing. There are people practice meditation for the first time, a lot of thoughts jump out and disappear. It is normal because this is the normal function of the mind. Do not worry, just identifying and naming thoughts like past, future, positive, negative, nonsense, selfish. After recognizing and naming, thought cannot be self-sustaining, thoughts only sustain when we let ourselves breed and chase the thoughts. Just recognize and name the thoughts then come back to the observing. Practice each of these exercises from five to ten minutes. Whenever you want to stay focus, you can practice observing one of the following exercises.

Exercise 1: Observe the relaxation of whole the body.

Stop the thinking process; observing the comfort, relaxation, and lightness of the body. Just breathing in and breathing out with the observing. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise 2: Observe the breath.

Observe the breath in and out, inhalation and exhalation through the noses. Just recognize and observe the breath, do not try to control or adjust the breath. Observing, watching the breath, sensing the path of the breath. Feel the moving of the chest and abdomen when taking a breath. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise 3: Count the breath during meditating

With the position of sitting for meditation, breathe in count one, breathe out count one; next breath, breathe in count two, breathe out count two. Then breathe in count three, breathe out count three. Do count less than five and do not count more than ten. When count to ten, we can count back from one. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise 4: observe the lower abdomen

Observe the lower abdomen when breathing. Breathe in with the observation of moving of the lower abdomen and exhale the observation of moving lower abdomen. Watching the rising and falling of the lower abdomen. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise 5: Observe the lower body in meditating

Observe the lower body when breathing. From the chest down, observe and sense the sensations of the hands, feet, and abdomen. Just observe the parts of the body; just realize the sensation of that lower part. Observe them as empty space cavity moving with the breath. We can feel joy with a feeling of lightness and empty. Practice for at least three to five minutes.If when you observe the body, thoughts appear, this is a normal function of the mind. Just realize the thoughts, do not follow thoughts. Come back to observe the breath. There are people first-time practice meditation, a lot of thinking jump out because of normal function of mind, do not worry, just identify and name the thought like past, future, positive, negative, nonsense, selfish. After naming, thinking cannot be self-sustaining. Just recognize and name the thoughts, then come back to observe the body and the breath. This is the characteristic of mind. Understanding the mind, we can control the power of the mind.In this practicing of you can practice some of the following breathing …..We can easily CHECK IT: do they have: GREED, ANGER, and IGNORANCE? If yes, everything is just an event in series events of dangerous hiding ulcer.


AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WEThe secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems:Most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, social problems and how to solve them: Ability, Autoimmune diseases, Belief system, Gut feelings, Hysteria, Learning, Learning difficulties, Mental problems, ADHD, Alcohol use disorders, Anxiety disorders, Autism, Behavioral disorders, Depression,…

The real cause of human problems: Autism, Depression, and Stress

The four causes of the human problem

Simply Using smartwatch we can know the state of mind, the state of mind, the rhythm of feeling: love, hatred, stress or anxiety. To know the world are HYSTERICALLY STRESSED OR NOT?

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Thank you, mom and dad, friends, sorry for the pain and hurt that you are experiencing.

One thing I know is your child is in stress, extreme stress by themselves or adults unconsciously. We need to understand them.Stress season of US is highest in January: with the soaring of death, and cardiovascular stroke. Maybe they are too stress because enjoying time passed, boring stressful work begin and stressful paying credit cards for the amount that overspend before Holiday, New Year’Eve, and black Fridays. School also make American stress. The number of death reduced substantially during summer vacation, and the number of injury for kids is increased, maybe the kids play more freely than other time. One thing to check about the effect of schooling in society: look at the diagram of the death rate between America and Europe with Australia and New Zealand. The pattern is so obviously opposite according to the different school schedule and summer vacation.

Best of all

Embrace him with love, connection, free stress environment, and chances of joy, happiness to build his abilities. Stress dominates him that he is out of control. Think of meditation. All of these will soothe the overactive or stressed mind. Think of the moment you are in extreme stress, you may react like him, you may hurt other unconsciously.         The four causes of human problems          Lack of connectionAll beings: parents, people, adults, kids, brothers, nature, trees, animals, and natural living environment; technology devices make this lacking worsen.     Lack of loveUnconditional love, unconditional support, and love come from understanding. Most of the love they received are angry love, blind love, ignorant love, greedy love, selfish love, and conditioned love; receiving these love making them more painful and stressful.  Stressful environmentStress from family: parents, sibling, and adults; school: teachers, friends, subject, and tests; environment: all things they see as the threatening. They do not get enough love, connection, ability and understanding to overcome the mild unwanted problems.    Lack of skill, knowledge, right understanding or ignoranceLack of essential skills and ability make them left behind. Conditioned love, lack of connection and many threatening make them do not feel safe enough to learn more, do more, try more, ask more and play more to gain real powers, strength, and abilities. They misunderstand many essential things, and conflicts in human society as threatening.They are not understood by adults that they real things they need is unconditional love, connection, close contact, and supportive environment to feel safe to gain essential skills to understand and deal well with the problems they meet.
The best combination of love, connection, and good understanding creates an individual’s ability. Love, connection, and understanding from the environment create inspiration, motivation, and safety for children to learn more, do more and risk more. These lead to strong abilities of the children. The best combination of love, connection, and understanding helps ordinary children become geniuses; and help them achieve far more success in life than ordinary people can imagine. On the other hand, the worst combination may create pain, fear, sadness, disappointment, hurt, wound, depression, and anxiety to the children. The smart children may affect extremely stressed if they live under the worst combination of these four factors. The lack of love, lack of connection, lack of understanding, stressful problems, and stressed state of mind interact with each other form a circle of cause and effect or a dot of cause and effect. Gradually, countless vicious circles are formed. The connection of these circles creates a downward spiral or downward life. The circle of cause and effect leave mark on thought, belief, brain structure, emotional life, spiritual life, cognitive thinking, gene, physical body, metabolism, skills, talent, ability, cognitive behaviors, and habits of the children. Gradually, children may affect some mental diseases, social problems, health problems, and bad characters.On the bright side, we live in a society where there are talented people, genius, the saints, great men, and successful people; all of them grew up from naked small children. On the contrary, there also are the criminals, the slaughters, the poor, the disabled, the ill, and many miserable people in our society; all of them also grew up from naked small children. Some people are the sufferers of the living environment; in other words, they are the creators of their destiny.What is the best combination of these four factors, what is the worst combination of these four factors? There is no exact answer, the combination is not only the science of achievement but also is the art of living well. Parents and leaders have to use the head and the heart to get the understanding; then they need to use the head and heart in serving and using the art of reward and punishment.“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy AdamsI will prove the assumption in table fourteen “The four main causes cause most of the problems” by the theory and the knowledge that I know. I hope that researchers and statisticians will quantify these causes, and carry out the treatment to the needed people.First, I will use mental disorders with the known symptoms of the disorders but do not fully know the causes. The mental disorder is increasing substantially in our modern society. Most concerns are autism, depression, and ADHD happening to many healthy children without any previous indicators. Especially, autism causes most of the worry in parents. Even worse, these problems happening to small children seem out of control, it creates stress and worries for many parents. I chose autism as an example because autism has some characters that are not understandable for the researchers, physicians, and scientists. On the other hand, the autistic characters easily explained by the assumption of the four causes in table eight.

I AM SORRY VICTIMS, WE ARE WRONG.The signs of Autism, from National Autism Association with my explanation in brackets and italics.Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by:· Social impairments (“Lack of interacting skill or social skill, these skills need a lot of effort to study and master”).· Cognitive impairments (“Lack of cognitive thinking, this skill is very hard to form and master”)· Communication difficulties (“How hard if you have to learn a new language or to live in a new country where there is only has a danger? It is harder for autistic children to learn to speak and read other emotion if the children have no joy or no safety in learning”)·  Repetitive behaviors (“The signs of the children have very little skill or learn just a few behaviors, they tend to repeat a few behaviors they learned”)

Early Signs:A person with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) might:· Not respond to their name (“They do not have much impressed with their name, they do not have the feeling of joy or happiness when hearing their name”).·  Not point at objects or things of interest (“Lack of interest in things. What is your interested when you are fearful, tired and stressed”)· Not play “pretend” games (“This game need a lot of cognitive thinking and imaginative thinking, the ability belong to emotional thinking. How hard to play pretend game with police officers, technical engineers or serious people? How easy to play pretend game with healthy children – the ones who have a highly imaginative mind, irrational thinking, and little of prejudices?”)· Avoid eye contact (“Autistic children do not know to read information from the eye as normal children do”)· Want to be alone (“Lack of all vital social skills so the best way is to stay away from the crowd. They have suffered enough how painful when they contact with other. Sadly, this pain may come from the beloved ones”)·Have difficulty understanding or showing understanding, or other people’s feelings or their own. (“Autistic children lack the emotional intelligence so that they lack understand others and understand themselves”)· Have no speech or delayed speech (“How hard for children to learn to talk? Lack of love, connection, understanding, and a lot of stressful problems make children afraid to learn to talk. The slower start of speech makes them more stressed than healthy children also”)·  Repeat words or phrases over and over (“It is very hard to learn, so when they learn anything, especially learning with joy, they tend to repeat that words: let observe the emotion or feeling when the autistic children repeating words”)· Give unrelated answers to questions. (“They do not have the cognitive thinking or intelligence to understand the questions and words of questions. They may give unrelated answers. Unfortunately, if autistic children get pain from answering, they may be so much more fearful with the learning that they choose to withdraw from learning”)· Get upset by minor changes. (“Living under the constant stressed state caused by living environment, they will be over response or upset with minor changes: minor changes can stimulate the fight or flight in autistic children. You can understand this when you are stressed or angry because of fear, overwork or in a stressful situation. How much love, connection, and understanding you need from your beloved ones?”)· Have obsessive interests. (“Autistic children only know very little things, like or love very little things, and these things may bring joy for them. So that they may obsessive with these interests.”)· Flap their hands, rock their body or spin in circles. (“Perhaps they learn these behaviors by mimic the behaviors of characters in the shows on television”)· Have unusual reactions (over or under-sensitivity) to the way things sound, smell, taste, look or feel. (“The things with sound, smell, taste, look or feel may have some similarity with the stressed situation they have suffered. The familiar sound, smell, taste, look, and feel may appear in the situation that caused negative events in their family. Their unusual reactions are just the conditioned responses”)· Have low to no social skills (“Social skills are the hard skills learned from the environment. The autistic children are so much stressed that they learn very little or no social skills, on the other hand, the healthy children have enough joy, love, and connection to learning these social skills”).· Avoid or resist physical contact (“Physical contact creates many emotional signals; they will avoid and resist if they do not feel joyful, happy, and peaceful with physical contact. Quick-tempered parents usually make their children do not feel safe with any of their behaviors. Unfortunately, if they do not get enough physical contact, they may be indifference with other people”).·  Demonstrate little safety or danger awareness. (“The show of lacking abilities”)·  Reverse pronouns (e.g., says “you” instead of “I”)

People with autism may also:· Have unusual interests and behaviors. (“This is because of lacking skills and poor learning abilities”)· Have extreme anxiety and phobias, as well as unusual phobias (“Any normal things in the living environment that created or related to their previous the stressed state will become their phobias. New Office workers may fear many things during their first day at work; they may have a lot of phobias. Experienced workers are less fearful than new workers are. Phobias come from not understand, misunderstand or previous experience”)· Lineup toys or other objects. (“Perhaps this is the mark of logical intelligence and spatial intelligence the autistic boys have”).· Play with toys the same way every time. (“They learn only a few ways to play with toys”)· Like parts of objects (e.g., wheels)· Become upset by minor changes. (“Minor changes can be interpreted into big threats with stressed people”).

Other Symptoms:·  Hyperactivity (“A way of reducing the stress that they suffered in unusual ways; Moreover, constant acting help release enormous energy in small children”)· Impulsivity (“Acting without thinking, they lack emotional intelligence, lack of compassion so that when they are irritated, they usually act with little thinking”)· Short attention span (“The stressed state in mind and stress chemicals in the body make them lack of concentration.”)· Aggression (“Another word of expressing the overreact of hurting people”)· Cause self-injury. (“To some extent, the self-injury activities may help them relief with pain in their brain and bodyWho likes tattooing? Who like hurting themselves and others? Do you have any experience that you are so stressed that you want to hurt yourself?”)· Meltdowns (“The tension in mind, thinking, and brain will lead to exhaustion very quickly”)·Unusual eating and sleeping habits (“Eating and sleeping are affected by the feeling they have. Unusual feelings lead to unusual eating and unusual sleeping habits. Autistic children normally eat in fear, eat in sorrow and sleep with fear”)· Unusual mood or emotional reactions (“This is the results from stress and hurt that they have suffered”)·  Lack of fear or more fear than expected. (“This comes from lack of understanding from the environment.”)When I read these symptoms of autism, I got a chill. I visualized that these autistic kids had been gone through serious stress. Moreover, they are still being so stressful that they upset by minor changes. Observers can easily see and feel the stressed state through their actions, their reactions to the environment, and their reactions to stimulations of the environment. They can sense the stress chemicals available in autistic children. The effects of adrenalin, nor-epinephrine, and cortisone in table three: “the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients” may found in every autistic child.

Scientific of early signs:

Table 2: Side effects of three stress chemicals

People who are in stress always have symptoms inside the body described in table two: side effects of three chemicals creating stress, this also the signs of Gut Feeling. If people usually have high levels of stress chemicals, they will have symptoms or diseases caused by short-term stress and long-term stress, they will have stress symptoms in physical health and mental health. Reading the table two, ordinary people can understand the symptoms of stress explained by physicians and therapists in medical books or medical websites.In everyday activities, people may get signs of short-term. The short-term stress can affect your body in any way, some of them include:

Table 3: bad effects of short-term stress on body, mind, and performance

The physical symptoms of short-term stress
    1.  Making heartbeat faster, this may lead to increase blood pressure in short term.
    2.  Making breath faster
    3.  Making sweat more
     4.  Leaving with cold hands, feet, or pale skin
    5.  Making feel sick to your stomach
     6.  Making feel sick to your stomach
     7.  Tightening muscles or feel tense
     8.  Dry mouth
     9.  Intestine problems
    10.    Increasing muscle spasms, headaches, and fatigue
     11.    Shortness of breath
 Bad effects on mind and performance of short-term stress
1.  Interfering with judgment and causing to make bad decisions
    2.  Reducing the ability of logical thinking
   3.  Act irrationally and emotionally; easily fall to irrational thinking and irrational behaving.
    4.  Seeing normal situations as threatening
    5.  Reducing enjoyment in many activities, unable to laugh with funny things
    6.  Negative feelings: anxious, frustrated, or mad
    7.  Awake during sleep, nightmare or screaming during sleep with children
    8.  Loss of apatite
     9.  Making it difficult to concentrate to solve the problems and often have the distraction.
    10.   Feel of rejected with a group.
    11.   Afraid of free time, time to stay alone; like to spend time do many useless activities or kill time
    12.   Irritate inside
     13.   Unable to work, and not willing to discuss their problems with others.

Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...I want to find out what are the real causes of autism, I cannot satisfy with the presumed causes by some researchers: A genetic basis to autism, environmental pollution, or the Valproic acid – a medicine for seizures. If one of these causes is true, they can create autistic mice in the laboratory. In fact, mice with autism have not yet successfully created; some researchers believe that the mice injected with Valproic acid have some autistic symptoms are not autistic mice. Moreover, if one of the above causes is true, so how can we explain the ratio between the numbers of autistic boys and autistic girls. Most of the living areas of autistic children are in cities, the very rare case of autistic children in the countryside, or rural areas. The fact there is all the above assumptions are wrong because these assumptions fail to prove the character of autism.I think the real causes must belong to the lifestyle of family members (love), the caring for autistic children (connection), the energy in their families (peace – stress) and the ability of children; these are the four causes combine each other and create the effects on children.The first health problem individuals possibly affect at the early stage of life is autism. If the infants’ needs for connection and love are not satisfied, the infants may become irritation, anger, and stress. Even worse, the stressful atmosphere in their family caused by parents can make the stress of children more severe. Close observation can easily realize the stressful atmosphere in the families of autistic children. Their parents may be stressful with work, society, financial problem; lack of love and support from a partner or tired with the boring partner. Parents become stressed, make a lot of crying, a lot of blame, a lot of fucking, shouting; a lot of ruling of “have to”, a lot of contempt signals. Many parents also get the symptoms of stress in table three: the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients. One of my vivid moments was about my first child three months ago, in the morning, he woke up, making some fun activities, but when he saw my wife suffering pain because of scram in her leg, he nearly burst into the tear. We had to hug him and calm him down. This has triggered in me with the thinking of what happening with children in a stressful family. I have read a lot about many mothers got depression after giving birth. The depression of the mothers comes from the stressful atmosphere in families that many readers and people have seen. How about the small children and the infants in those families, what suffering they have to bear; finding out the effects of a stressful environment on small children are my main concerns. Some people in Vietnam said that the mother and father with over 30 or 35 years old are too old to giving birth and their children may get the defects and problems. This is just the people’s assumption because the Westerners do not think that and they do not find the scientific proof for the assumption. After searching I found out that the habits, thinking, lifestyle, and emotion of the parents over 35 years old are too rigid, too tidy, too boring and too stressful for the forming and developing of fetus and children. The main concerns for the development of the children are the lifestyle and energy of living environment, it is not the number of years old of parents.Lacking love, lacking connection combining with endless stress can create health problems in young kids. Depending on the varieties of stressful environment, of lacking love, of lacking connection, the infants can get a different degree of stressed state. The fact is the effects of stress on the physical ability and mental ability of children varies so much that scientists have to use the term of Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to describe the variety of autism.Children affect which symptoms in the list of symptoms depend on the degree of stress that they have to suffer from the environment. The ability of the individual depends on the stage of life, gender, characters, instinct, strengths, and weaknesses. The ability of individuals, the lack of love, the lack of connection, the degree of a stressful environment and the intervention of physicians will determine the variety of autistic symptoms. The above combination varies so much that the symptoms and progression of autistic children have so many varieties, scientists have to use Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to describe autism.The basic symptoms of autism, illustrated by the table below, are often accompanied by other medical conditions. These symptoms are the results of the constant stressed state that the autistic children have suffered. The varieties of each symptom depend on the environment and the abilities of children. Each specific group of symptoms with a right degree can create a specific definition of illness in medical care.Table 15: Basic symptoms of autism accompanied by other medical conditionsCore autism symptomsAssociated neurological issuesAssociated systemic issuesRelated disordersSocial deficitsSleep deficitsImmune dysfunctionSleep disordersLanguage impairmentMood disordersGI disordersMood disordersRepetitive behaviorsAnxietyAnxiety disordersHyperactivitiesAttention deficit hyperactivity disorderLack of attentionObsessive-compulsive disorderSeizures                Sources: autism and other health problems in young boys and young girls are the serious side effects of excessive stress chemicals; these excessive stress chemicals come from the bearing of extreme stress in life.Infants and kids are afraid of big noises, aggressive environment, beating, shouting, unsafe environment. Most of all they are afraid of a beating, comparing with others by their angry parents. They are afraid of the activities that harm the six needs of human beings. They are so weak and fragile that they need love, connection, peaceful environment to grow. Unfortunately, in modern society, there are plenty of technology devices, which attract the attention of children and family members; it means that these devices take away the connection and love from small children. Parents lost a large amount of time to connect with their children and other members. Children do not get enough love and connection they feel uncomfortable with some symptoms of stress. If not handle well, they may be stressed and make some bad behaviors like crying, shouting, and screaming. Making bad behaviors, children may receive back the anger of their parents and adults; which may make children more hurting and stressed. Their discomfort makes their unconscious mind misinterprets many unsatisfied things as threatens from the environment. It activates the stress system in children’s bodies. Each time of stress, a small number of stress hormones pumped in the body and brain by themselves. If stress continues, it compounds into severe stress with many complications.The complication at the first few years of life is autism; autistic children often have the stomach problem, which is the result of stress chemicals described in table three. Stomach disease usually occurs when people are worried, anxious and stressed. In the hospital, experienced doctors often prescribe psychotic medications with gastric medication for patients with acute stomach ulcer after some severe incidence. Patients with serious trauma in the hospital usually prescribed the gastric medication to protect the stomach because the stress from trauma may upset the stomach. In fact, people experienced serious stress usually got acute gastroenteritis. Worry and stress are some of the main factors cause stomach pain or intestine problems. Autistic children usually have digestive problems is proof that autistic children have been experiencing severe stress.Why the autistic children have been gone through severe stress? During infant time, children are soft and weak. They need the love and connection of parents to feel protected, safe and happy. Children are extremely afraid of their parents to abandon them. Scientists have done a study to show how much love, how much connection animals need. In the documental film: “Emotional intelligence” of Daniel Gilbert has a short video to record this test. Researchers confined a baby monkey in a separate cage, left him very hungry. When the door of the cage opened to free the baby monkey to run in a room, where there are milk and a sample model of mother monkey. The model of the mother monkey and the bottle of milk were parallel, separated by a panel. The little monkey rushed to the model of mother monkey; he twisted, hugged and played joyfully with the monkey model even he was very hungry. This video set a deep impression on me about the obsessed need of love and connection that small babies need. It creates a chill in me when I hear or see some parents punish their children crucially. The crucial punishment may relieve the anger for parents and make the children so afraid to obey the orders, but crucial punishment also leaves a big scar in children’s soul. Their ignorance and ego of parents are so big enough that parents do not know they are creating bad karma for their children and society.In some distressful families, parents always argue, blame, and shout at each other. They do not make enough love action, they do not care much for others to satisfy each other’s needs. Parents’ basic needs are not satisfied, it creates stress in the family. This is the beginning of the tragedy for their small children. To some extent, the financial situation makes them worried, along with lack of love, lack of support and lack of connection that make parents sad, angry and anxious. If the sadness, anger, and worry are not calmed down, parents may get severe stress. Some mothers even get depressed after giving birth. Because of being busy at work, spending time with technology equipment, parents spend very little time with their infants. This time is not enough to satisfy the need for love and connection of the infants. Even worse, not only lacking the number of time parents spend on their children but also is the quality of time they spend with their children is terrible. They hug their children in anger, sadness and contempt mood. Even worse, there are some breastfeeding mothers feed the child while they are sad and crying because of the stress and loneliness. These sources of milk are poisonous for their children’s physical and mental development. The infants lack love and live in a stressful environment with big noise, big cursing, big cry, less of hugging and kissing, lack of talking face to face. The subconscious of children is alerted and sensible to detect unwanted things and threatening signals. Moreover, they are too weak, too fragile; they do not have the ability and receive enough support to calm the arousing mind. These lead to over stimulate the mind, create an extremely stressed state, even worse, some children fall into seizures and panic state at the early stage of life. Full of chemical stress circulate around the young bodies. Repeated many times, children may be conditioned by the stress responses to the environment. After conditioning, children easily become stress as the responses to mild stimulations.Some watchful mothers can read these early abnormal signs. Children may have the early symptoms of overload adrenalin and norepinephrine and cortisone-like sweating, nausea, and vomiting, crying, pale skin, feeling shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness or tremors, headache, feeling nervous or anxious, a lot of crying, screaming, and sudden awake at night. These are the signs of stressed children. These symptoms may have long before the symptoms of autism. These symptoms listed in table three: the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients. The children start to cry a lot and or have some abnormal actions. If parents can intervene in time, they can save their children. They can calm the children with their love by hugs, time of contact, time of talking, and with a peaceful state of their mind.Autistic children do not have the ability to read the emotional signals, so they misinterpret and cannot understand well with the emotional signals they receive. To join the community, the most important skill is reading and understanding the thinking and feelings of opposite people by the emotional signals. Lack of connection and lack of love at the early stage of life, autistic children do not understand these signals and tend to afraid of these signals. People usually afraid of or overreact to things they do not understand.“In this world, there is always danger for those who are afraid of it”.George Bernard ShawAutistic children are not able to interact with and understand the other person’s ideas. It means they lack emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand human emotions, which formed in the early stage of human life. The infants have a premature brain, the brain is in process of developing to mature brain during several first years of their life. Children crave for human affection, love, and human connection to feel protected, safe and happy. The happy state during early childhood is the best condition for the perfection of the immature brain. On the other hand, the stress state during early childhood is the worst condition for the perfection of the immature brain. It is very dangerous if bad thing interferes with the perfection of the immature brain. The bad intervention can leave the defect in brain structures and brain functions.The role of connection and love to the development of newborn baby may found in the living of children in orphanages. During the early stages of life in the orphanage, the infant babies have cared well; they have enough support for physical development. Children in orphanages do not have to live in a stressful environment like autistic babies. Unfortunately, they do have enough love and do not have enough connection with the human being to form social skills in critical time. The lack of love and connection can abnormalities in the orphans’ mind and brain and create a little stress on them. The effects of abnormalities and mild stress are obvious after they adopted by their parents; some adopted children have a lot of difficulties to join in communities, new family and classes. These adopted children lack the critical skills to survive in human society. Joining in everyday activities in society is much easy with normal children, but it is very difficult and stressful for children from orphanages. At the early stage of life, children in orphanages lack love and connection with human being in the most important period of developing of the brain. The lack of love and connection during the development of the brain leads to the lacking of vital social skills. To some extent, the autistic children also lack these vital social skills as the children in orphanages because they lack love, lack of connection, lack of vital skills and living in a stressful environment. Fortunately, the children in orphanages do not have to live in a stressful environment like autistic children, so that they have different problems with the autistic children.Why these autistic children lack social skills but some autistic children have good abilities in logic and learning other skills. Most Autistic children like to look at cubic things and moving objects. They do not pay much attention to the emotion signals from the faces and eyes of people. Perhaps they lack emotional skill; they are not good at emotional intelligence so that they cannot understand the importance of eyes and faces in expressing information. Lacking the ability to understand messages, emotions, or feelings in people’s eyes and faces make them not interested in seeing it. Not seeing the face makes them miss many chances of learning, interacting to improve emotional intelligence. In human being, interaction skill is the most important skill for good living in a human society where people mainly communicate with emotional signals. Lacking social skill, autistic children find it is hard to integrate into the community. Early first signs, the children are indifferent, not concentrated, slow language and aggression, making strange behaviors, doing things unnaturally. These are the indicators that children are under stress and have emotional disorders. Autistic children cannot read other people’s emotions in the environment so they are afraid of interacting with people. They chose to stay away from the crowd to protect them from the harm.Most autistic children are in the cities, in industrial zones, rarely in rural villages. Because in cities autistic children have less time connecting with nature and other human beings, less time of playing freely, less time to play with other kids than the children live in rural areas. They only play with toys, televisions, phones in artificial spaces, these things only make interested for short time. These spaces have no vitality, no energy, no fun and nothing that stimulates and creates curiosity in children. The young children need the space of living, which is funny, freely, naturally and rich in energy to create more energy in children. The energy of children and environment exchanges in many ways we do not know. Therefore, there is little energy in artificial places of living. You see how tasteless when watching artificial flowers with closed, clean spaces versus how joyful for children plant a rose in the garden, watering it and watch its growing with blooming flowers. The difference between the energy in the countryside and the energy in the home of autistic children may be the same as the difference between the energy in kindergarten and the energy with nursing homes. I have worked with two Singaporean doctors; they made me rethink the role of the natural environment. One doctor shows very interested with a mantis in his flowers pot; he took a lot of pictures of the mantis and post on his facebook with excitement. I am very astonished by his works because, in the countryside of Vietnam, we see a lot of mantises on the trees. The other Singaporean doctor told that he is very like to live in Vietnam because after working hours, he can go to see hundreds of ducks swimming, birds singing, cows and buffalos on fields. You can sense that energy of joy by seeing the happiness in the eyes and actions of children; as a father, just seeing or remembering these kinds of actions of my child help me understand how important to give space for the children to playing freely with full energy. Forgotten philosophy reveal the real cause of human problems: Autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide, and Stress from Van Dao DuyIf kids are not satisfied with their deep need and have to live with the boring environment, they gradually lose interest, lack of vital skills and dull their instinct. Lacking energy from environment make kids uncomfortable, lose the interest in things, in life, lose the enthusiasm to read environment, do not feel happy, and do not feel energetic in living; they become indifferent with life. These are the signs of losing the vital fuel of life, lacking the active energy. If paying attention to the behaviors, the emotions and the reactions of the children, parents can have a better understanding of their children, their energy and emotions they have. If there are any abnormities in the behaviors and emotions of children, parents need to solve those abnormities as soon as possible. Parents should care for the fluidity and the natural manner in behaviors of young children; even parents should try hard to encourage their children to speak funny words, silly words, playing freely. Most importantly is making children smile; parents should make stressed children smile as much as possible. Because smiling is in action shows that children feel safe, secured, protected and extremely joyful. Parents should take precaution to unnatural signals every time like rigidity and stiffness in actions, lack of emotion in actions, lack of energy and enthusiasm in playing of young children; these signals are against nature, it means that children may feel unsafe. Parents have to get a real understanding and make their children feel safe.In the rigid environment, children’s needs are not satisfied, they may feel uncomfortable; their unconscious mind activates the chemical of stress in case of need for their safety. Live in a closed, rigid environment, children may lose all chances of forming some vital skills to deal with problems in real life, especially in a stressful situation. Small children in the countryside are more likely to play with nature, to play with one another, with friends of the same age; they have tremendous opportunities to learn, think, negotiate, play, and interact with other human beings; these activities sharpen their vital social skills. Gradually, owning for the supportive environment children can increase their intelligence; the intelligence may be the combination of emotional intelligent (EQ), adaptive intelligent (AQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ), social intelligence (SQ), and intelligent quotient (IQ). In my opinions, if the environment supports well for the children, they can develop these multiple intelligences astonishingly. Children in rural areas can gain some good skills from playing in nature that helps them adapt well to the changes and pressures from the environment. The disadvantage of children in rural areas is the lack of good education, lack of time and resources for studying. To some extent, the difference in living environments has helped children in rural areas overcome the family stress better than autistic children in the city.
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”                                                                             Albert EinsteinChildren in the city have less chance to interact with others; they spend most of the time on television, smartphones and playing toys. Time for parents in city play with children is very little. Most of the time children in Vietnam spend time with the domestic helpers who have little connection, compassion and little love with children; they only for care physiological needs. Most of the domestic helpers rarely talk, embrace and hug children with love like their parents do. These domestic helpers without emotion are like robots. The first important stage of life of autistic children in the city, they have far less time spent on direct contact, direct communication, close connecting and close interacting with other people than normal children do. If paying attention, parents can read the early signs of stress and indifference in their children. When parents and adults in the city arguing loudly, a lot of shouting and crying, the autistic children lie in bed with frailty, scare, intense, and trembling. They are in extreme stress state with a lot of stress chemicals run throughout the body. Early visible problem is stomach upset with a lot of vomiting and excessive acid. Each stress, cortisone, adrenalin, and nor-epinephrine pumped into the body. Children activate the stress system as if they are in a dangerous environment; all functions reduced, just putting all the effort into stress state like “fight or flight”. Unfortunately, they cannot fight and they cannot fly except crying and screaming. Stressed children may turn away, have feelings of insecure, indifferent to many things and do not look at their parents’ eyes. Because of fear and stress, when parents hug them, they resist with the stiffness in muscle, do not put their head on their parent’s shoulder comfortably; they cry more often, sudden awake during sleep. These are the signals that children are in problems. When there is stress in the family, the autistic children are the weakest member of the family, bearing the most consequences of the stress, conflict and negative emotions in the family. They have signals of stress with more watchful, awake and unsafe at home as if they are in the new environment. They need the love and connection of parents to calm negative feelings down. If parents misread the behaviors of children, they not only miss the opportunity for their children to gain the materials to support the development of emotional intelligence in the precious early life but also, they worsen the stress that their children have to bear. Observing children in safe, we will see they are stretching arms, playing freely and naturally; talking and singing endlessly, smiling all day, making many funny and silly actions; hugging comfortably and sleep comfortably on the shoulder of parentsWhy earlier stage of life is precious time? Precious time relates to the development of the brain. Infant’s brain lack lots of normal functions; infant babies cannot see, cannot hear; they just feel the emotions and energy from the surrounding. The first stage of life is the period of the rapid perfection of the brain. It will be very dangerous when the first phase of this life is interrupted, especially caused by panic or stress. If we look at the living conditions of autistic children, there is a lot of pressure and negative energy, which is harsh and stressful for the immature brain of the children.If we make statistics of direct interaction time between parents with autistic children and parents with normal children, we will see the relation. Epidemiology of autism also shows that when parents are older, their children are more likely to have autism. For me, this is evidence of poor energy in interaction and less connection and the bad lifestyle of living. The old people often prefer more silence, serious in action, strict in order and neatness than the young parents do. This also reduces the chance of playing for children and creates additional psychological pressure on the children.Why the number of autistic boys higher than the number of autistic girls, which is four times higher in the United States and eight times higher in Vietnam. This is the evidence of the advantage in individual ability; here is the instinctive advantage of gender. From ancient time, women were often at home, doing agriculture works, caring for and protecting their children from danger. Thus, they created a high degree of emotional intuition; quick understand the child feelings; and a comprehensive scanning the intention of strangers. Mothers have to have good judgment of stranger’s intention standing behind their children in a blink of an eye. Just listening to the crying of their babies, mothers can understand what the babies need, are they in danger or not. This ability is perfect for the instinct of mothers because it is formed from the early stages of life. With them, emotional skills and social skills are the most prioritized. Baby girls prioritize develop emotional and social skills earlier than baby boys do. With good interaction intelligence, baby girls tend to care for others, smile, make fun, talk and affection behaviors more than baby boys at the same age. In Vietnam, cute girls usually get more hugging, cuddling, loving action, kissing on cheeks and talking than baby boys do. In characters relate to gender, girls are familiar with the adjective “cute” which belongs to emotional intelligence and boys are familiar with the adjective “smart” which belong to logical intelligence. Baby girls usually like to play the game with emotions like playing with dolls, playing drama, when becoming older they like the work of caring for people. These are the reasons that the emotional intelligence of girls formed earlier than boys do.Ebook awaken you wonderful we available free on kdp library from Van Dao DuyOn the other hand, boys are different. In the ancient environment: men hunted, built houses and fought. Therefore, men need broad coverage, fast and accurate action with strength. The intelligence optimal for men roles and functions is logical and spacing, and reasoning intelligence. Most boys form IQ, logic, reasoning earlier than girls do. The most favorite games of boys are matching, fixing, repairing and playing number games, which require logical thinking. This is the reason why modern scientists, engineers, IT, mathematicians are mostly men. In boys, the development of logical thinking during the first year of childhood is the most prioritized. Emotional intelligence is not optimal for the roles of men so that emotional intelligence can develop later.
A team of researchers led by psychologist Stuart Ritchie, a date of an ongoing, long-term biomedical study of people living in the United Kingdom with 500,000 enrollees. Researchers found that women tended to have significantly thicker cortices than men have. Thicker cortices have been associated with higher scores on a variety of cognitive and general intelligence tests. Meanwhile, men had higher brain volumes than women in every subcortical region they looked at, including the hippocampus (which plays broad roles in memory and spatial awareness), the amygdala (emotions, memory, and decision-making), striatum (learning, inhibition, and reward processing), and thalamus (processing and relaying sensory information to other parts of the brain).The problem begins to happen to the small young boys, who have logical intelligence, spatial intelligence and do not have emotional intelligence, live in stressful condition. These young boys lack of love, lack of connection and have to bear the stress, conflict of the environment in the early stages of life. Because of sexual instinct, girls have the opportunity to develop emotional intelligence earlier than boys do, so they have the ability to resolve the conflict, calm stress so that, to some extent, stress or conflict does not harm them at the earlier stage of life. Otherwise, the earlier development of logical intelligence and spatial intelligence does not help many baby boys in dealing with stress; in a stressful environment, boys tend to fall into extreme stress. Owning for the difference in the instinct of gender, girls do not fall into the state of severe stress as most boys do. Only a small difference, formed earlier, have helped girls become more prominent than boys in combating autism.The habit of autistic children perhaps is the evidence that boys have formed the intelligence of space and logic before affecting autism. This logic and space intelligence have been showed when autistic children play; many autistic boys turn his gaze on cubic things; they like to put, match cubic things in stack or sequences. I wonder if the intelligence of the baby boys has any relation with the intelligence of their parents.
The difference created by emotional intelligence between boys and girls in dealing with stress may obviously found in the two situations of conversation. If given a task for a female comedian to ask her professor for letting her retakes the exam because of a bad result. Simultaneously, if giving a task for a male engineer to ask his professor for letting him retakes the exam because of a bad result. We will see many of the differences on their faces, the atmosphere of conversation, and the quality of conversations. The female comedian is more open-minded, more flexible than the male engineer is. The first conversation is flexible full of smiling, cheerfulness, and relaxation; the conversation is very interesting. In reverse, the second conversation is rigid with full of anxiety, rigidity, stress, a lot of mumbling; the second conversation is so stressful boring. The first conversation both people are relaxed, the unconscious mind detect the signal of safe and happy; the happy state is activated, so both people are happy, more open to talking. The positive energy of the first conversation creates a good result that satisfies both people in a natural way. On the other hand, the male engineer’s behaviors are so rigid that the conversation may make him have the feeling of stress, anxiety, boring and misery during the second conversation. These signals are caught by the subconscious mind of the professor so that it makes the professor in the state of alert; these alert signals also be caught by the engineer man. Both men in the state of a little stress, people can feel reserved and closed signals. The answer engineer man gets tend to fit with the atmosphere of conversation. The difference in EQ for both intelligent individuals can make different results in social life. Perhaps, these differences accumulating with time is the most contribution to create outliers.If look close to autistic children or children with other mental problems, we can see they are nervous, panic, startled, frightened and paralyzed and apathetic to many things in the environment. The nervous system of autistic children is not fully developed. First few years of life are precious time for children to complete the brain and nervous system. They need emotional materials from the interaction, from love, from the adoring eyes of loved ones, from cuddling, patting, from the warmth of hugs and many social behaviors to perfect the development of the immature brain. Moreover, there is always tensions and stress in the stage of developing the immature brain. That leads to the formation of the brain with many dysfunctional functions. Researchers have seen individuals with autism tend to use different areas of the brain to perform mobility tasks compared to normal groups.There are no same specific signals and symptoms in every autistic child. Autism is a disorder of the whole body system, evolving over time and constantly interacting with many factors from the environment. As a result, people use a rainbow ring as a symbol to describe the diversity of autism.How about the young babies left in the jungle, adopted by animals? These babies lack connection with human beings, lack of support for physical development, lack of love from parents so they lack social human skills. To some extent, they get a close connection, love, and care from wild animals. Through the imitation and the influence of the living condition, these children have learned some survival skills, which help them overcome the problems in wildlife. Living with the wild animals, these children have conditioned with the responses of these wild animals. The repeated responses in babies by the influence of the environment of living created the animal habits in the babies adopted by animals. From the adopted habits, repeated many times, the individuals will have specific adopted animal characters. These animal characters make them very difficult to live with other human beings.By experimental in mice, we can see these effects of lacking love, connection and excessive stress on the development of animals during the early stage of life. If the mouse is isolated and put in the over-stressful state by shocking at the early stage of life, we will get an autistic mouse. If the mouse is not isolated and being over-stressful, we will get a mouse with some of the side effect symptoms of stress described in table three. If the mouse is isolated from an early stage of life and not being stressful, it will be very difficult for the mouse to join in the normal activity with others mice because of lacking the interaction skills. These are also the problem with the animals in the zoo, the tamed animals; if we free these mature animals into the jungle, they will die soon because of lacking vital skills for survival and connection with other animals. If my guessing is right, this will be evidence of real problems in our modern society. Infants and young babies are the first victims of the problems.This can be a curse to our future generation who belongs too much to machines, artificial intelligence and robots, technology devices and living in the environment with lack of love, lack intimate action and lack human connection and lack of support. The new conditions of living from now on will entirely different to any conditions in the previous history. The new condition has conditioned the new responses, new skills for our future generations. Unfortunately, these new responses are not helpful for us to cope with stress. In fact, the conditioned responses children adopted from the condition of living make them more stress with the stressful environment and diminish the ability to learn new vital skills. Lacking vitals skills lead them to be more stressful; in return, the stress worsens the ability to learn vital skills. Gradually, the combination of a stressful environment and lacking social skills create many problems for personal, family and society.To this point, we can see autistic children have lost their emotions and defect in brains. Most autistic children have a less emotional expression, no attention to the emotions of the opposite person when interacting. So the brain affected, losing the function of the normal brain. If late in realizing the problems with children, it will be very difficult to help autistic children because the brain has already completed the basic development. The brain of autistic children lacks normal structures, the normal connection between the parts of the brain compared to the normal brain. Treatment by the specialist is very difficult, expensive and not much effective if not taking the roots of problems. Many accompanying symptoms in autistic children are treatable with some medicines. The most effective way is parents and adults can check themselves and their kids with the symptoms of overstress chemicals described in table three: “the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients”. If yes, they can make an intervention as quickly as possible with these real causes.I have taken the time to practice compassion with the feelings of any children I met who are punished severely by their children. Especially the children when their parents are quarreling. Sometimes I cannot stand the ten minutes in places of those children with the pain, fear, and injury they are bearing. Their parents dive into personal anger and stress so blindly that they do not pay any attention to their children who are extremely fearful and stressful. Furthermore, the conflicts make them less talking, less chatting, less making love action, less caring, less direct talking, and less interacting to soothe the stress of the child. The stress and pain they are bearing lead them to lack of interesting in studying, lack of supporting and lack of vital skills. These are the first step in endless circles of stress that they have to bear.In my mind, the overreacting, rebelling, indifferent responding, screaming and shouting with the anger of some children are not the intentional behaviors; they are the conditioned action as the responses to the stressful condition. They fall into the stressed state because of their wrong perceiving thoughts, their wrong perceiving opinions from the environment; and their overreactions to the environment. These kids are the individuals that need the love, connection, compassion, understanding and patience from their parents the most. Please do not hurt them anymore.Remember the moment you have a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, and fear when you are in a strange environment, difficult situations, and dangerous situations. How much love, how much support and how much caring, do you need in those situations? The autistic children have badly experienced the insecurity, anxiety, fear and extreme stress in early-stage life. The feeling of pain and insecure make children not only lost the enthusiasm, and refuse to learn new skills; but also make the results of learning is terrible. The children getting severe stress in the early stage of life lack a lot of essential skills for social interaction. The lacking of vital social skills makes them afraid of coming to a new crowd, a new environment, and new places. The autistic children mostly separated from nature and human interaction by the inadvertent or deliberate blind love of their parents; the isolation makes the children have less chance and less enthusiasm for learning social skills which leads to abnormalities in the mind and brain of the autistic children. The children lack some vital skills for social interaction. The lacking makes the child hesitate, afraid to interact with strangers, afraid the crowd; feel unsafe, unprotected in the condition need interacting. They seek security, safety by living alone.Sometimes, when kids hunger for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, they act in different or abnormal ways to satisfy the hunger. Parents and adults usually misinterpret these abnormal behaviors as the behaviors of spoilt children. They may disappointed and angry; even worse, parents may use violence to punish their children violently. The punishment of parents can make children so afraid that they stop the abnormal behaviors; but the hunger, cause of unwanted behaviors, is still in the children, furthermore, the punishment of parents can lead to severe stress for their children. I have heard many stories of naughty children transformed into good and talent ones by the love, the care for of parents or teachers; who have the empathy with the children and feel the deepen need of children. They use loving and caring action, compassion, patience, and respect to nurture the hidden talents of naughty children.Medications can relieve the symptoms, but cannot cure autism. Some researchers have figured out some ways to help to relieve the symptoms:Some researchers have injected autistic mice with oxytocin, and they found oxytocin has some good effects on autistic mice. They think of carrying out more researches to find a way to apply oxytocin to treat autistic children in the future. As we know, oxytocin is a natural hormone appears when people make close contact: make love, have sex, kiss, hug, playing between parents and children, and breastfeeding. These intimacy activities help create oxytocin in both parents and autistic children; which helps them feel more inspired and happy to overcome the stress. When the mothers give birth, oxytocin released in the highest peak. If mothers do not have much close contact with the children; do not make love and get affection from fathers, all parents and their children will be lack of oxytocin, this leads to lack of joy and happiness in family life and makes stress for all members. Some mothers are so stressful after giving birth that they may get depressed. Mothers and children in the family are the early victim of stress in the family. If test them with the question with the symptoms in table three, we will know how much stress they are.Some experts found that pets: dogs, cats, parrots can relieve symptoms in autistic kids. In fact, dogs, cats, parrots are emotional animal. I think pets create a little feeling of being loved, being cared for, being wanted for autistic children so that they can relieve the symptoms in autistic kids. In fact, these feelings so little compare to the feeling that parents can give to them.“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”                                                                                                        Abraham LincolnThese may be the sharing of the most successful people who have a happy childhood, their mother or father may not have a college education, but they may have their Ph.D. in parenting.These are the pieces of evidence show that the most effective way to help autistic children is eliminating the stress in children by the unconditional love, the connection, the caring of parents and family members. Infants, especially autistic children need much more love and connection by more hug, more intimacy talk, more talk eye to eye, more kiss, more skin contact, more caring, affection actions, more contact with other people. Parents can massage children more regular; help children exposing to nature more often, and make children happy by creating a peaceful and happy environment of living. When the children become older, if they may be more stressful because the four causes lack love, lack of connection, lack of vital skills for interaction and live in the stressful environment; they will get many other health problems or diseases. The seriousness of problems depends on the seriousness of stress, the lack of connection, the lack of love and the lack of social skills. They may get the diseases in the category of top ten diseases or the top ten causes of death in every country in the world.Citation:Van Duy Dao. AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE. The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems:Most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, social problems and how to solve them: Ability, Autoimmune diseases, Belief system, Gut feelings, Hysteria, Learning, Learning difficulties, Mental problems, ADHD, Alcohol use disorders, Anxiety disorders, Autism, Behavioral disorders, Depression,…. Amazon. 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Dao (2017) Awaken You Wonderful We: The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems: Ability – ADHD, Autism – Depression – Belief system – Gut feelings – Learning –Talent.
Awaken You Wonderful We – When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, world.from Van Dao DuyNew view of diseases that helps healing most chronic diseases, chronic problems:Autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide, and Stress from Van Dao Duy

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