Contents of the Book: Awaken you wonderful we

Contents of the Book:

Just remind: in the family, if parents arguing, attacking each other: they do not want to eat, sleep, play or enjoy thing because of anger. Their good kids will suffer more stress than the total stress of both parents. How on earth they can feel safety and encouragement to learn, try, fail, learn, try and fail to gain vital social skills from society. kids left in Jungle raised by wolves tend to move by 4 legs (hand and foot) and barking like Wolves. Golden time of learning may be lost because of useless argument. no need to do research, just remember your childhood, observe and ask kids about that.

All can be possible, you can open the mind to see all can contain information: the hologram of the brain is an explanation that no specific part of the brain contains information of specific memory or function. Ledux has proved that when destroying each part of the brain of the mouse but the mouse can still find out the way to get out the maze. Face have information in muscle: we read character via faces, heart and other organs also; and genes, behavior, quality of sleeping and eating also give us much information about the experience the people have gone through. If kids are the happy and peaceful mother or you can sense it or hear it via all of this. All in one, one in all. Do you think so

A kind of conditioned responses. In love, seeing, hearing, touching, receiving a note, listen to the familiar melody can create happy feelings with happy chemical: serotonin, oxytocin – which are the focus of anti-depression medication. Getting married, couple with full of selfish, hatred, anger and greed are the creator of their own stress. Time of living together for just a short time, they may be conditioned responses with anger or contempt when seeing, hearing or smelling with the old things. They burn letters, pictures, throw or break the old gifts.
Kids are beating a lot will have conditioned responses of Fight or Flight to find their safety: a kind of weird responses to normal things. Reychel Ann Dagami Lardino, There are a lot of simple but very practical and helpful ideas in my web and book. Nobel is too small if you can solve Just get one of these. You and your friends can discuss based on these. Copy any part of it for fair use or charitable use are approved.

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1.  Awaken You Wonderful We – Letter to Readers, Parents, Politicians, Scientists to save the victims of Autism, ADHD, Depression, and Suicide2.        Awaken You Wonderful We – When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, world. 3.        Awaken You Wonderful We: Save the kids from autism, depression, ADHD

Part I: State of Mind: Stress and Happiness.

1. What happens in the body when we are in the happy state?Table 1: the symptoms of excessive dopamineReferences:2. What is happening when we are under stress?Table 2: Side effects of three stress chemicalsSerious side effects cortisolTable 3: bad effects of short-term stress on body, mind, and performanceTable 4: The effects of long-term stressTable 5: The early warning signs of mental disorders are also the  symptoms of stressTable 6: The most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patientsTable 7: The symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasiaTable 8: The symptoms of epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and depressionReferences:

Part II: The Potential of Brain: Intuitive Mind and Gut Feelings

3. How people and experts talk about gut feelings?References:4. Review structure of human brainReferences:5. Multiple IntelligencesReferences:6. Immeasurable phenomena in one single factReferences:7. Mirror neuron, sleep, and EEGReferences:

Part III: Hologram: Brain, Mind, Body, Physical Heath, and Ego

8. New understanding of telepathyReferences:9. The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomenaWe are interdependence for our happinessThe real world around usYin and Yang theoryTaijitu.Table 9: Yin and Yang in all phenomenaFirst is Socrates:Second is Jim Rhon:The third is Adolf Hitler.Fourth is Michael Jackson.Fifth are the kings and warriorsSixth are you.Seventh is an imagined story.References:10. New philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical health, egoMind, body, health, life, and environment.Questions to ponder to help people gain wisdom and enlightenmentThe story of selflessness and emptiness:11. Outliers: new level of brain, mind, physical body, and healthReferences:

Part IV: Conditioned Responses

12. All things we have are the results of conditioned responses13. Beliefs, religions, taboos and conditioned responsesTable 10: food, animals, religions and conditioned responsesThe weird traditions and strange customsSome Japanese customs that are shocking to foreign travelers from business insiderUnusual death ritualsReferences:14. Brief history of humankindCosmic calendarEvolution of life on EarthThe start of human evolution is on the last day of the year of the Cosmic calendar:Begin with human history is the last second in the New Year’s Eve of the Cosmic calendar.The current second of cosmic calendarFacts of human history reveal mysterious of humankind:Table 11: Some religions in the worldThe relation between religion and committed suicideReferences:15. Obsessing with characters and concepts of living environment, we forget who we areRaised by monkeys in ColombiaRaised by goats in RussiaRaised by feral cats and dogs in SiberiaRaised by wild cats in ArgentinaRaised by wild dogs in ChileRaised by wolves in IndiaA. YouTable 12: relativities between human being, cell, atom, electron, earth, solar system and the Milky WayB. Other people:C. The World is a giant hologram of interdependent phenomenaInternational System of UnitsReferences:16. Hysteria and conditioned responsesReferences:17. The relation between mental problems, environment, and conditioned responsesDefinition and understanding of mental disordersHow living environment and adult people can create changes in children?References:

Part V: Belief System, Obsessed Desires, and the Work of Potential Brain

18. Coding the mind, the role of practicing in learning skillsConditioned drivingNegative self-talk19. The brain with obsessed desiresHuman needs explaining by Abraham Maslow:Human needs explained by Tony RobbinsWhat do these human needs mean?20. What influence the belief system of individuals?The wrong opinions of a child may become the child’s beliefThe good opinions of a child may become the child’s belief21. The work of the potential mindThe need of moreRight understanding of adjectivesThe teaching of great men about misery that needs may bringTable 13: The videos on help people understand the needs of human beings.The top ten leading cause of AmericaReferences

Part VI: Real Hunger in Abundance Living and Countless Problems

22. The real hunger of modern people and its consequencesTable 14: The four causes of human problemsPicture 1: the influence of environment on the state of mind of the individualAutism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by:Table 15: Basic symptoms of autism accompanied by other medical conditionsReferences:23. The real cause of mental problems and social problems in older kidsDeeply communal, family oriented, friendly, kept these people healthyKey Finding of  Mental Health in the United States24. Still ignoring? Autoimmune diseases and suicides are inevitableTable 16: Relief uncomfortable and best-selling OTC drugs in Britain in 2015Table 17: The top best-selling groups of the over-the-counter and natural supplements in the United States in 2016Table 18: The top ten medications by sales in America areBrand with active ingredientCostTotal national health expenditures of America in 2015 are $ 3200 billion. What do these numbers mean?The power of the focusing the mind, the power of thinkingTable 19: Summarization of some autoimmune diseasesTable 20: Relation between signs of autoimmune disease and stress“The tragedies do not happen to me; I do not care”A. Stars and Famous people who committed suicideB. Some Millionaire businessmen who committed suicideC. Famous people who have battled drug addiction and alcoholismReferences:

Part VII: Game of Mind Masters

25. God does not bless any of human beings.Table 21: The cost of human life in the human World War II26. The killing of Jews27. Some are cheated and codedRapingWomen’s hell – Please bless them!How have women and men been code?28. Worst of the worst: concepts in the funeral ritualsSatiSelf-Mummification – Buddhist mummiesThe Viking Funeral: heaven or hell?29. The karma we have created for ourselvesUnfortunately, intelligent human beings are wrong.30. God does not need their blood to wash the human sins.Famous assassination in history31. Our gods, our Holy spirits also died because of the ignorance of his peopleThe death of Jesus:Death of Nguyen Trai (1380 – 1442)The Death of SocratesDeath of Maudgalyayana32. How are some coded?Table 22: Their farewells of warriors33. How did Hitler seduce the mind of millions people and soldiers?The answer can find in his quotes:References:

Part VIII: A Stressed World with Rainbow of Stress

34. Stress syndrome and rainbow of stress35. The geographical of diseases in the worldCardiovascular diseases in Europe:Cardiovascular diseases in Canada:Cardiovascular diseases in China:Cardiovascular diseases in the United States and its characters:Why Japanese men have far less heart disease than American men do?The problem of JapanStress and diseases in Animals:36. The stressed worldHow factors: love, connection, ability, and stressful environment affect the longevity?In nursing home:Alarming the distribution of stress results all over the world:Seasonal stress in developed worldCancer and seasonal stress because of stressed mind in the United States.Table 23: Top 10 American children’s health concerns, 2011Seasonal stress in AmericaAmerican misery index of 2014 searched on the GoogleThe rhythm of stress during the week:The South African Stress and Health (SASH) studyThe problem of the rich: substance abuseSeason of stress, not season of heat and cold kills peopleWorldwide FactsThe top five countries with the highest rates of heart disease deaths are:The top five countries with the lowest rates of heart disease deaths are:Rainbow of stressHeal thyselfTable 24: Attributions of cause and recurrence in long-term breast cancer survivors, 200137. Nature does not answer or revenge human beings38. The hidden correlationReferences:

Part IX: Paradoxes of Mind and the Science of Achievement

39. Real learningTable 25: The process of learning40. What do create human beings?41. Paradoxes of the mindPsychology focus on paradoxes of the mind to overcome itHow do we rule the mind?The miracle of nature:42. Science of achievement: mastering the mind by goals, visions, virtues, and principlesFrom reward and punishment to achievement:

Part X: The Art of Happiness: Emotional Management and Meditation

43. Mastering the mind by mastering the emotionTable 26: Differences between ordinary people and successful peopleSome powerful techniques to control emotionsA. The first way is to remove the personal assumptionB. The second way is the power of time.C. The third way to control emotion can find in Buddha’s and Confucius teaching.D. The fourth way to control emotion is by taking action.44. The role of meditation to have healthy, happy lifePicture 2: sitting postures of meditationA. Buddhism meditationB. Simple mediation practices for busy people:C. Mindfulness prevents us from making mistakesD. People may be lead to crazy emotion if they lack mindfulnessMindful reading to emotional management

Part XI: Teaching of the Old

45. The teachings of BuddhaHigher Buddhism meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen mastersHow to stop greed, hatred, and angerThe Noble eightfold Paths: eight rightSixteen breaths in Buddhism meditation taught by Thich Nhat HanhA. Contemplation of the bodyB. Contemplation of feelingsC. Contemplation of the mindD. Contemplation of mental phenomena- mental statesSeven Factors of Enlightenment46.  Understand the teaching of the old, great men from their quotesMother Teresa taught:Masters teach:Table 27: Discretionary spending 2015 of America47. The Gods and religions have taught us.Table 28: Core teaching of some religions48. The teaching of Lao Tzu, Aesop, and Socrates:Te Tao ChingLao Tzu Quotes:Teaching of AesopTeaching of Socrates49. Teaching of Benjamin FranklinThirteen virtues50. Educators taught about the miracle of mind, principles, and lifelong learningThe United States ConstitutionSix basic principles of government areTeaching of Stephen Covey: seven habits of highly effective people,Earl Nightingale: teaching the thinkingJim Rohn’s quotes: twenty of his greatest life-changing thoughts and personal development51. Teaching of Dalai Lama52. Teaching of educators about the educationRevising the formal education from the educatorsThe world needs great teachers; whoever has these ten characters:53. We are the creators of our lives and the creators of our childrenThe journey of finding “Why”Looking, watching and contemplatingTable 29: The relation between abilities, problems, and stress54. Time to create heaven on earthReferences:

Part XII: Questions, Answers, and some advice

1. The ten effective ways to help children with problems2. Love is the verb, right understanding is unconditional love, how to get the right understanding?3. Problem-solving skills: are you learning the root or learning tops? New view4. How do parents affect their children?5. I AM SORRY VICTIMS, WE ARE WRONG.

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Awaken You Wonderful We

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