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[Following is an official review of AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE
The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems:Most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, social problems and how to solve them: Ability, Autoimmune diseases, Belief system, Gut feelings, Hysteria, Learning, Learning difficulties, Mental problems, ADHD, Alcohol use disorders, Anxiety disorders, Autism, Behavioral disorders, Depression,…

by Van Duy Dao.]

Feedback from many people:

Wow! I find your posts amazing and very interesting. For years I’ve thought my son, who is 31, was on the autistic spectrum because he doesn’t get on with others too well, you know he picks and chooses who he wants to be close to and there are times he likes being alone. He works as a motorcycle instructor and is very happy. After reading your stuff, I know now that he is just selective in his life. Thank u for helping me out.Inner peace.Peace comes from within, not without. Stillness in chaos is only come from inside when we know the mind and win it. We know that there are some principles in life, do it steadily, even slowly; we can benefit, success, happiness: with many names or definitions of it. These are the virtues, principles taught by great men, religions, and in many subjects in schools.Do against it or violate it, we may suffer from many names. So I do see autism, Asperger, ADHD, depression have hidden relations. I do learn about these principles or laws. So I feel it. I am not the specialists, but philosophy and all other knowledge make me think better to see the same hidden cause. Pharmacy and science mind help me prove the relation. feedback from a mother to”The hidden relations of autism, ADHD and depression reveal the cause, prediction, and prevention …”Văn Duy Đào Agree. I was a bit anxious being pregnant and had no support system which also increased stress. I also had generational stress within my body (unprocessed emotions from childhood trauma, lack of love, etc). I was a very engaged parent but had to learn from books (no internet, no doctor dx, just books and as I had my guard up on who to trust in the world, I was always skeptical of just any old information, ie my sister tried to tell me about food allergens but I was resistant to understand. The baby was born with low white blood cell count, liver jaundice, and had to stay at the hospital without me. Hospital gave her formula when I wanted to breastfeed only. I was overweight and undernourished because of my (as mentioned) unprocessed emotions which affected my digestion/ability to absorb nutrients. I thank God I was able to be as engaged despite my health issues. She was my everything. However, despite my best efforts, the energy wasn’t as good as it could have been because my energy was waning. I tell her how sorry I am and to please forgive me. She had a great childhood, but she wasn’t happy despite our efforts. She had trouble making/keeping friends. I do feel she is toxic and has an inability to detoxify due to her emotions (anger – liver stagnation. She has gallstones). I try to love her more as she needs extra. We all need extra! Thank you!************************************Nguyen Hoa btw my children are adults now and I know what caused their autism. Their father was exposed to chemicals in the gulf war and our government will not admit the connection. It is called the new agent orange and the government is treating the victims as they did agent orange victims. The sad part is it is ones like my children who bare the price. Thankfully I have been able to reach my children and they know mom is there for them. We have problems but work through them. My kids know if I don’t understand something I won’t give up till I do. This has allowed us the luxury of not having to deal with the physical outburst.Nguyen Hoa you are right my son didn’t learn to talk sitting at a table. I used things he understood. I cut out pics from a book that showed sign language, drew pics and wrote the word. These were all over my house. He learned by applying what was all around him. I just had to learn to teach him just as one would a neurologically typical child. You ask do you want a drink they say yes you hand them a cup with something to drink. We just do it so naturally with children, we do not understand we are teaching them. Teaching a child with autism ADHD(which I was dxed with) or any nontypical dumb down child is learning what stimulates their desire to learn. Some need verbal instructions, others need to be shown and yet others need a combination of this. A very few just need to be let go and they will learn on their own. My daughter has some of the latter learning need. I tried to teach her to crochet at her request. She was excited but could not get it. We watch youtube videos, bought books etc. She finally one day just sat and played with the yarn with no hook. She figured out how to crochet without hooks then added in the hook but held it different than any examples she saw. Each child is different whether autistic or any other condition or neurologically typical.**************************************No it is a reaction to shots the mother received during pregnancy and to medications and shots the mother received growing up. Many over the counter medications can have these effects as well as chemicals in food. Notice the trend in disadvantaged children being born. Earlier times babies were coming out deformed physically. After that, babies began to be born with down syndrome. After that babies were becoming born autistic. There are babies that have enameless teeth and missing extremities in that mix after the down syndrome effects. After these birth deformities, we started seeing more cases of children with ADHD/ADD and more children were becoming gender confused. The only way to intervene in such cases. Is genetic modification prior to being impregnated or avoid doctors and any unnatural food products throughout pregnancy. Do research on personal family medical charts to determine what medicinal practices were used to treat anything in the past of the same genes, with injections or tablet medicines.***********************************Thank You, Duy.I am happy there are more people who know we are all humans and we can all heal.As you might have read, I already healed part of my ‘autism’ ��And still integrating more towards oneness with all of myself and with all that is. I am so thankful for this experience and happy to share this with the world. Because I have been there I can show the world it is possible!!And yes, I’m into meditation, healing, energy work. Many experiences of Oneness/Dao /Source… We all are one.Thank you for your offer, and your message,You also are doing great work for humankind!Love, Els

Awaken You Wonderful We: How do we create heaven on earth? The secrets of one-page table reveal the real causes of all phenomena and problems by Van Duy Dao is a nonfiction book that displays all the elements to prove that the world is a giant hologram of interdependent phenomena. It tackles the most popular health problems, causes, symptoms, and recommendations. While most of the modern medications only make temporal relief, Van introduces readers to the Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, healing techniques, and the advantages of using them. Aside from not having a harmful side-effect, the knowledge compiled in this book can save the readers from spending a great amount of money. Curious? Read it!

Children with autism, developmental delays nearly 50 percent more likely to be overweight, obese

October 18, 2018, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The information in this book came from a wide variety of educational and research sources. All references were detailed enough with citations and website links without stepping on the copyright-infringement gray zone. The weird traditions and strange habits from around the world were also cited. All of them were new to me other than the use of Henna art during Muslim weddings and the foot-binding issue in China. Scientific research, experiments, and theories were mentioned, too. My heart was squeezed when the Russian scientists in the late 1990s, were experimenting on telepathy using a mother rabbit with her eight newborn kits. The 9 rabbits were killed in the process. 
The book’s detailed presentations involved not only a lot of quotes from both less popular and known personalities, but also an image, poems, song lyrics, informative stories, and tabulations. The author did a great job at listing the alternative medicines and healing techniques to achieve a happy and healthy life. I found the traditional medicines and healing techniques very useful because I am using them. I am not dependent on modern drugs. Among the quotes in this book, I liked this self-explanatory quote from Confucius: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is the noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” 
Even though I lauded the author for his efforts in compiling every little detail, there were matters noted which I didn’t agree on. To name one, the author wrote that “our gods” died due to the ignorance of the people and used the death of Jesus (peace be upon him) as an example. Jesus (peace be upon him) is not my God. In Islam, he was Allah’s messenger. All the messengers were mortals. My God, Allah (S.W.T.), is the Almighty, the Ever-living, and the Self-subsisting One. I noticed that this book’s table of contents was found at the back. It would have served its purpose if it had been in the front pages. A plethora of subjects overwhelmed me. I suggest keeping the most related matters only and making the book succinct. The grammar errors and syntax problems prevented me from giving this book a perfect rating. My final rating for this book is 

3 out of 4 stars. I will not hesitate to bump it up after a round of thorough proofreading and editing. I recommend this book to the mature readers only because there were matters tackled that young minds can’t understand yet. Those who are interested to know more on the Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, and healing techniques should start sinking their teeth on this book. However, those who are not into lengthy reads and those who are not interested in the topics I stated above should better find other books to read.******Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all …

View: on Bookshelves | on AmazonSource

Useful ideas in my book on Amazon and free read on KDP library.

Contents of the book Awaken You Wonderful We

Part I: The cause and possible cure for cancer and chronic diseases from applying Papaya, baking soda, aspirin, sugar, Vietnamese Qi Gong breathing and traditional medicine.

Chapter 1: Cells with metabolic reactions are the basic structure of all tissues and organs

Table 1: Catabolic reactions

Table 2: The factors that impact the catabolic reactions in the body

Table 3: The signs and the effects of hypotension.

Chapter 2: Hypoglycemia and hypothermia

Table 4: The signs and the effects of hypoglycemiaHypothermia

Table 5: The signs and the effects of hypothermia

Chapter 3: Possible results of metabolic disorders proves that metabolic disorders are the real cause.

Chapter 4: Science of the Qi

Table 6: Balancing Qi

Chapter 5: Effect of deep breathing, Vietnamse Qi Gong exercise and smoking on the glycemia.

Table 7: Experiments of quick, strong and deep breathing in respiration therapy

Table 8: Experiments of slow, gentle and deep breathing in respiration therapy

Table 9: Vietnamese Qi Gong instructed by master Do Duc Ngoc:Clapping on pain areas when having heat and enough sugar in the blood.

A. Ten minutes to remove trigger points cause pain in the back, neck, head and shoulder.B. 10 minutes to reduce irritation bowel, irritation on the stomach or pain in the liver.

C. 10 minutes to make warm the hand and feet and the whole body

D. 30 minutes to have a natural sleep for the people with insomnia.

E. Control glucose in the blood, blood pressure, metabolism of the body

F. Remove trigger point and balance metabolic reactions simply in three steps·

The first step: eat and drink first· The second step: lie down and place an object on the lower abdomen

Chapter 6: Changing lifestyle, adequate diet is the advice for most diseases

Table 10: Mechanism of alternative therapies that help to prevent and heal chronic illness

The health symptoms and diseases can be benefit from these exercises:

Table 11: Top ten causes of death in high income/affluent countries – lifestyle diseases


Part II: State of Mind: Stress and Happiness.

Chapter 7: What happens in the body when we are in a happy state?

Table 12: the symptoms of excessive dopamineReferences:

Chapter 8: What is happening when we are under stress?

Table 13: Side effects of three stress chemicals

Table 14: bad effects of short-term stress on body, mind, and performance

Table 15: The effects of long-term stress

Table 16: The early warning signs of mental disorders are also the symptoms of stress. The fifteen most common causes of death in the United States

Table 17: The most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients

Table 18: The symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Table 19: The symptoms of epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and depressionReferences:

Part III: The Potential of Brain: Intuitive Mind and Gut Feelings

Chapter 9: How people and experts talk about gut feelings?

Chapter 10: Review the structure of the human brain

References:Chapter 11: Multiple Intelligence


Chapter 12: Immeasurable phenomena in one single fact’


Chapter 13: Mirror neuron, sleep, and EEGEEG Frequency bands


Part IV: Hologram: Brain, Mind, Body, Physical Heath, and Ego

Chapter 14: New understanding of telepathy

Chapter 15: The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomenaWe are interdependence for our happinessYin and Yang theory

Table 20: Yin and Yang in all phenomena

The first is Socrates:

The second is Jim Rhon:

The third is Adolf Hitler.

The fourth is Michael Jackson.

The fifth is the kings, heroes, and warriorsThe sixth is you.

The seventh is an imagined story.

Chapter 16: New philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical health, egoMind, body, health, life, and environment.

Questions to ponder to help people gain wisdom and enlightenment

Chapter 17: Outliers: a new level of brain, mind, physical body, and health

Part V: Conditioned Responses

Chapter 18: All the things we have are the results of conditioned responses

Chapter 19: Beliefs, religions, taboos and conditioned responses

Table 21: food, animals, religions and conditioned responses


Chapter 20: Brief history of humankind

Table 22: Some religions in the worldReferences:

Chapter 21: Obsessing with characters and concepts of living environment, we forget who we are

Table 23: relativities between human being, cell, atom, electron, earth, solar system and the Milky Way International System of Units


Chapter 22: Hysteria and conditioned responses


Chapter 23: The relation between mental problems, environment, and conditioned responses

Definition and understanding of mental disorders

Chapter 24: Coding the mind, the role of practicing in learning skills

Chapter 25: The brain with obsessed desires

Chapter 26: What influence the belief system of individuals?

The wrong opinions of a child may become the child’s belief

The good opinions of a child may become the child’s belief

Chapter 27: The work of the potential mindThe need for more

Table 24: The videos on help people understand the needs of human beings.


Part VII: Real Hunger in Abundance Living and Countless Problems’

Chapter 28: The real hunger of modern people and its consequences

Table 25: The four causes of human problems

Table 26: Basic symptoms of autism accompanied by other medical conditionsThink out of the boxes:


Chapter 29: The real cause of mental problems and social problems in older kids


Chapter 30: Still ignoring? Autoimmune diseases and suicides are inevitable

Table 27: Relief uncomfortable and best-selling OTC drugs in Britain in 2015

Table 28: The top best-selling groups of the over-the-counter and natural supplements in the United States in 2016

Table 29: The top ten medications by sales in America are The power of the focusing the mind, the power of thinking

Table 30: Summarization of some autoimmune diseases

Table 31: Relation between signs of autoimmune disease and stress“The tragedies do not happen to me; I do not care”


Part VIII: Game of Mind Masters

Chapter 31: God does not bless any human beings.

Table 32: The cost of human life in the human World War II

Chapter 32: The killing of JewsChapter 33: Some are cheated and coded

Chapter 34: Worst of the worst: concepts in the funeral rituals’

Chapter 35: The karma we have created for ourselves

Chapter 36: God does not need their blood to wash the human sins.Well-known assassination in history

Chapter 37: Our gods, our Holy spirits also died because of the ignorance of his people

Chapter 38: How are some coded?

Table 33: Their farewells of warriors

Chapter 39: How did Hitler seduce the mind of millions of people and soldiers?


Part IX: A Stressed World with Rainbow of Stress

Chapter 40: Stress syndrome and the rainbow of stress

Chapter 41: The geographical of diseases in the world’

Chapter 42: The stressed world

Table 34: Top 10 American children’s health concerns, 2011

Table 35: Attributions of cause and recurrence in long-term breast cancer survivors, 2001

Chapter 43: Nature does not answer or revenge human beings

Chapter 44: The hidden correlation


Part X: Paradoxes of Mind and the Science of Achievement

Chapter 45: Real learningTable 36: The process of learning’

Chapter 46: What do create human beings?

Chapter 47: Paradoxes of the mind Psychology focus on paradoxes of the mind to overcome it

Chapter 48: Science of achievement: mastering the mind by goals, visions, virtues, and principles


Part XI: The Art of Happiness: Emotional Management and Meditation

Chapter 49: Mastering the mind by mastering the emotion

Table 37: Differences between ordinary people and successful peopleD. The fourth way to control emotion is by taking action.


Chapter 50: The role of meditation to have a healthy, happy life

Picture 1: sitting postures of meditationPart XII: Teaching of the Old

Chapter 51: The teachings of BuddhaThe four foundations of mindfulness are:

Chapter 52: Understand the teaching of the old, great men

Table 38: Discretionary spending 2015 of America

Chapter 53: Gods and religions have taught us.

Table 39: Core teaching of some religions

Chapter 54: The teaching of Lao Tzu, Aesop, and SocratesThe teaching of AesopThe teaching of Socrates

Chapter 55: Teaching of Benjamin Franklin

Chapter 56: Educators taught about the miracle of mind, principles, and lifelong learning

Chapter 57: Teaching of Dalai Lama

Chapter 58: Teaching of educators about education

Below are the invaluable suggestions of educators.

Chapter 59: We are the creators of our lives and the creators of our children

Table 40: The relation between abilities, problems, and stress

Chapter 60: Time to create heaven on earth’

Part XIII: Questions, answers, and some advice

1. The ten effective ways to help children with problems

2. Love is the verb, right understanding is unconditional love, how to get the right understanding?3. Problem-solving skills: are you learning the root or learning tops? New view ‘

4. How do parents affect their children?


The book is available on Amazon:

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: One-page table reveals all the real causes of phenomena and problems: Ability – ADHD, Autism – Depression – Belief system – Gut feelings – Learning -Talent.

Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...
Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...


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