Immeasurable phenomena in one single fact – The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomena

Immeasurable phenomena in one single fact – The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomena

Extracted from Awaken You Wonderful We

Chapter 6. Immeasurable phenomena in one single fact

There are countless phenomena in just one single event. One single event happens to us can create countless changes as responses in our body that we do not know at all. The changes as conditioned responses in the human body depend on the characters and varieties of subject, event, and environment.How potential the human brain is will never know. Each fact has countless varieties; the quantity and quality of varieties perceived by the brain depend on the ability of each individual. Inside the mind, these varieties interact with each other to create a million phenomena, in returns, these phenomena interact and transform to million other phenomena that human being can never know.Luckily, people can sense, can have the gut feeling about the phenomenaThe fact is that most of the Holy spirits, all angels, great men, the God, the Buddha, and great philosophers in all in temples and pagodas were the real people in history. They had the strengths and weaknesses as many other ordinary people until one day they could gain a new level of understanding in the mind and have the transformation in the connections and communication between neurons inside their brain through training. There is no magic formula for extreme success except massive practicing.How much information can our brain receive each day is immeasurable. How talented people will be if they spend the time to digest this information by quiet contemplating? Look back to history, we can have the answer about how talented people are, how potential people might become. In fact, every second our brain absorbs perceives and digests a million varieties from the body and from the outside environment automatically, with and without the noticing of the conscious mind. One single event or single object has countless frequencies in it that modern technology cannot describe it exactly. Seeing, watching, or re-experiencing an explosion by modern technology, observers only perceive tiny information about the real fact. They will never have the same perception as the participants because of countless varieties in the smell, emotion, the pain, the noise, the temperature, the crying, the shouting, the blood, the burn, the ashes, the weather, the electromagnetic field, the humidity, etc…

·         “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”      Heraclitus·         “No one ever has delicious taste twice with the same food, for it is not the same food and he is not the same man”·         “No man ever tastes the sweetness of the first kiss twice with the   same girl, for the girl is not the same and he is not the same man.”·         “No one ever smokes one taste twice with the same cigarette, for it is not the same cigarette: countless unrecognized differences; and he is not the same man because of countless changes in the body, emotion, thinking, health, state of mind and the environment; so he can never create the same conditioned responses.” 

With shallow looking, we may not know much about the differences between the two similar objects. With deep looking, deep understanding we may perceive the big differences from similar events, repeated events, the twin brothers, the real flowers with the plastic flowers. Strangers do not know the differences between twin brothers as their parents or their relatives; twin brothers have many differences, the strangers do not know but the differences still exist. Most of the time, the parents of twin brothers can know exactly what the child is going home just by hearing the sound of opening the door.Our unconscious mind constantly helps us perceive the countless information, understand the differences then make some judgments, and create conditioned responses inside our body. If a spy and his friend – an ordinary man- come to a party, they will have totally different perceptions about the joy of party, the taste of food; especially, the safety and danger of the party.It is true with a father and young son, if they go to a garden with sand, bugs, chickens, cats, and dogs, the perception, and joy of the young child are much different with the perception of the father. Most of the time, our conscious mind cannot know these judgments about the environment and countless unconscious responses to the environment unless we pay close attention. Each perception of environment leads to emotion, actions, and results. Rarely the two people have the same perception of the same event.Why many times is it very difficult to express our feelings in words? Why do we have feelings and emotions long before we understand what is happening? The answer is the structure of the brain and the function of the mind. The structure and activation of brain summarized well in the book Emotional intelligence of Daniel Goleman, the finding of Joseph Ledoux, and the sleep, the brain waves from Wikipedia.According to Daniel Goleman, human being proceed up the phylogenetic scale from reptile to rhesus to human, the sheer mass of the neo-cortex increases; with that increase comes a geometric rise in the interconnections in brain circuitry. The larger the number of such connections, the greater the range of possible responses is. The neocortex allows for the subtlety and complexity of emotional life, such as the ability to have feelings about our feelings. There is more complex of the neocortex and limbic system in humans than in other species suggesting why human beings are able to display a far greater range of reactions to our emotions and more nuanced. The limbic structures do most of the brain’s learning and remembering, and the amygdala is the specialist for emotional matters. Without an amygdala, people seemed to have lost all recognition of feeling, as well as any feeling about feelings. The amygdala acts as a storehouse of emotional memory. Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist at the Center for Neural Science at New York University, has discovered the key role of the amygdala in the emotional brain.

Incoming signals from the senses let the amygdala scan every experience for trouble based on people’s obsessed desires; with one kind of question in mind, the most primitive: “Is this something I hate? Does that hurt me? Is something I fear? Does something destroy our property? Something destroys our safety?” If “Yes”—the amygdala reacts instantaneously, like a neural tripwire, telegraphing a message of crisis to all parts of the brain. When it sounds an alarm of fear, it sends urgent messages to every major part of the brain: it triggers the secretion of the body’s fight-or-flight hormones, mobilizes the centers for movement, and activates the cardiovascular system, the muscles, and the gut. Other circuits from the amygdala signal the secretion of emergency dollops of the hormone norepinephrine to heighten the reactivity of key brain areas. Simultaneously, cortical memory systems are shuffled to retrieve any knowledge relevant to the emergency at hand, taking precedence over other strands of thought.Daniel Goleman explained, the traditional assumption most scientists believe is a visual signal first goes from the retina to the thalamus, where is translated into the language of the brain. The message goes to the visual cortex, where is analyzed and assessed for the meaning and appropriate response; if that response is emotional, a signal goes to the amygdala to activate the emotional centers. But Joseph Ledoux has found a smaller portion of the original signal goes straight from the thalamus to the amygdala in a quicker transmission, allowing a faster but less precise response. Thus the amygdala can trigger an emotional response before the cortical centers have fully understood what is happening. Ledoux’s research has shown that sensory signals from the eye or ear travel first in the brain to the thalamus; then a small part of the signal across a single synapse to the amygdala, second signal from the thalamus routed to the neocortex – the thinking brain. This small branching allows the amygdala to begin to respond long before the neo-cortex. The neo-cortex mulls information through several levels of brain circuits before it fully perceives and finally initiates its more finely tailored response.Owning for the finding of Ledoux’s research, we can gain the revolutionary understanding of our emotional life, and understand why most of the time emotion mind is overwhelm conscious mind in human behavior. According to Ledoux, there is a small bundle of neurons that leads directly from the thalamus to the amygdala, in addition to the larger path leads directly from the thalamus to the neocortex. This smaller and shorter pathway allows the amygdala to receive some direct inputs from the senses and start a response before information fully registered by the neocortex. The amygdala can trigger an emotional response via this emergency route even as a parallel reverberating circuit begins between the amygdala and neocortex. LeDoux found “anatomically the emotional system can act independently of the neocortex, and some emotional reactions and emotional memories can be formed without any conscious, cognitive participation at all.” The amygdala can house memories and response repertoires that we enact without quite realizing why we do so because the shortcut from thalamus to amygdala completely bypasses the neocortex. This bypass seems to allow the amygdala to be a repository for emotional impressions and memories that we have never known about in full awareness.The finding of LeDoux, the precious finding to prove for the theory of conscious mind and subconscious mind of Freud, can explain how powerful subconscious mind is, can explain many strange phenomena and mysterious events in the human world. In fact, the small bundle of neurons that leads directly from the thalamus to the amygdala and the independence of forming the impressions, responses of the amygdala over the time can create a huge repository for emotional memories.How deep the impressions and memories are stored in the amygdala and limbic system? We can never measure or imagine exactly how deep it is. Because there are billions of living cells in the body, each changing in each cell can send out the signals of changing caught by the autonomic nervous system. Receiving the signals, the autonomic nervous system creates corresponding responses. Some cells can create signals strong enough that might be caught by the amygdala and limbic system then the automatic nervous system can create the conditioned responses, but these signals are not strong enough to be recognized by the conscious mind. Because of the short connection between thalamus to the amygdala, the amygdala can perceive the signals below the absolute threshold of seeing, below the absolute threshold of hearing, below the absolute threshold of feelings, below the absolute threshold of tasting, below the absolute threshold of irritating – these are called the subliminal messages. The finding of LeDoux and the explanation of Daniel Goleman is the greatest importance of understanding the mind and.How deep is the subconscious mind? We will never know because human brain not only perceives information through eyes and ears, but also it receives information from billion cells in the body; all of these processes are done by the autonomic nervous system. For example, the cells in skin, mouth, and tongue can feel the frequencies of temperature, pressure, humidity, tastes, density, and many other characters of objects, the surrounding environment and inside itself. Then these cells send the signals to the autonomic nervous system in the brain. Owning for the small connection between thalamus to the amygdala, the eyes can catch many signals of images that we do not consciously know, and the ears can catch many auditory signals that we do not consciously know. In facts, each second the mind can perceive so much information that we cannot know how much it is. We may perceive the moment with phenomena has specific energy, which is out of our perception in words and conscious thinking. The signals from the living cells in the body are so small that only the amygdala and many parts of the limbic system can be caught and have corresponding responses without any noticing of our conscious thinking.Many times, our autonomic nervous system sends out conditioned responses that we do not consciously know. With strong responses, we may sense some strange feelings inside the body, these feelings called gut feelings. There are many types of research done by scientists to measure the responses and changes in the body with the flashes of images; the images are flashed so fast that the participants do not know what it is but the researchers can measure the small changes in the body of participants with sophisticated machines. Moreover, researchers, psychologists, and trainers can measure the influences of subliminal signals to the decision of participants in a moment of blink and in the lifetime.Many of these researchers described well in the book Blink of Malcolm Gladwell.Old men said: “When looking back to little things in my life, I suddenly realize that they are not the little things anymore.” These little things may left marks in subconscious mind then control our behaviors that we do not consciously know.

“When looking back to little things in my life, I suddenly realize that they are not the little things anymore.”

The role of the hippocampus is recognizing the signals, and the role of the amygdala is remembering the impression about the signals. The hippocampus remembers the dry facts; the amygdala retains the emotional flavor that goes with those facts. The imprint of memory is strong with a high degree of emotional arousal. That is why we are more likely to remember where we went on a first date, remember the impression during childhood, and remember what we were doing when we heard the news of the death of a relative. The more intense the amygdala arousal, the stronger the imprint; the experiences that scare or thrill us the most are among our most indelible memories. A special system for emotional memories makes excellent sense in evolution ensuring that animals would have particularly vivid memories of what threatens or pleases them to have the corresponding responses.

It is time to change the old concept that the heart controls the emotion. The old concept said the heart controls the emotion, especially people usually advice that we should love by heart, not my head. This concept is totally based on the fact that most of the time with the high emotion we usually have some obvious changes in the heartbeat like tachycardia, angina, palpitation, bradycardia, vasoconstriction, hypotension, and hypertension. In addition to slow or uneven heart rate, trouble breathing, speech balance difficulties, nervousness, anxiety, and mydriasis. The amygdala will form the judgments and emotions with information it receives. Each feeling, the brain stimulates to create the corresponding stress and happiness chemicals that induce the changes in the heart. The heart is the organ that we can easily observe its activity with the physical signs like the heartbeat, the rhythm, and the blood pressure. Any changes of emotion in the brain are easily observed by the change the heartbeat and blood pressure. This is the reason that we can easily match the changes of emotion with the changes of the heartbeat, this leads to the wrong assumption that the heart controls the emotion. Some situations of high emotion are:·         With a couple, they will feel joyful, happy and thrilled when dating, talking, and staying near each other. They cannot conceal the happiness. The signs of happiness are most obvious in the heart.·         When a girl sees, thinks or hears about a man that she loves, she will have the signs of shyness and the obvious signals are in her heart.·         When a man struck by the ideal concepts or the breakthrough ideas for his obsessed problems. He can feel the changes in the heart with the obvious signs above.·         The woman may fear with increase heartbeat if she sees her ex-husband who used to beat her.·         Before important events, important check-ups, or important tests the un-experienced people may have feelings of anxiety and nervousness with the obvious changes in the heartbeat.The change of emotion caused by the amygdala belongs to the autonomic nervous system and does not belong to the conscious mind. Most of the time, these individuals cannot conceal these changes inside the body by their conscious mind. Even worse, some of these changes in the heartbeat and blood pressure can make people fail in some health check-up before important events. Some people even take the lowering blood pressure medication before the health check-up still have the high blood pressure during the check-up. This is the proof that the changing in heartbeat and blood pressure, before important events, not caused by the heart, but caused by the head. In fact, in the emergency room in the hospital, doctors usually use the sedative medication in addition to other medications to stable the mind and to reduce the complication of the stress chemicals to the organs like the heart, blood pressure, and stomach. The fact is experienced people such as policemen, spies, soldiers, and politicians are the masters in controlling the emotion, concealing and suppressing the changes caused by the emotional mind. We will discuss later the way of controlling the emotional mind.


Goleman, Daniel. (1995). Emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam.LeDoux JE. (1996).The Emotional Brain. New York: Simon and Schuster

Chapter: 7. Mirror neuron, sleep, and EEG

Scientists use electroencephalography (EEG) to observe the activity of the brain during the activation of neuron cells in the brain.

EEG Frequency bands

BandFrequency (Hz)
Delta< 4
Theta≥ 4 and < 8
Alpha≥ 8 and < 14
Beta≥ 14

           Scientists find that during REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep, the brain of human and all created beings is activating as same as the awaken state. Moreover, in NREM (Non-rapid eye movement) sleep or deep sleep, some parts of the brain still silently activating. Many theories support that these two types of sleep work to consolidate memory, to reach the new quality of connections between neurons and different areas of the brain for specific functions.The first time of practice and study any new skill, the brain has high brainwave like the beta wave and gamma waves. It means that the brain has to take a lot of effort to establish the connection and exchange information among many areas of the brain to control the body’s activities. The more individuals practice, the more of connections established between different areas of the brain and the better of exchanging information. The more quantity of connections inside the brain makes the better quality of the brain’s function and less energy for function. Enough quantity of connection leads to the giant leap in quality of the brain’s function and quality of thinking.“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”                                                       Albert EinsteinAfter taking the action, in REM sleep the brain reactivates the areas of the brain involving in the behavior. The involved areas: pre-motor and visual cortex areas are active during REM sleep. Scientists suggest that this process strengthen the connections between areas of the brain. In non-REM sleep, the brain enhances declarative memory. During deep NREM sleep, also called slow wave sleep, activity in the cortex takes the form of large synchronized waves, whereas in the waking state it is noisy and desynchronized.The hippocampal neocortical dialog refers to the very structured interactions during SWS (slow wave sleep) between groups of neurons called ensembles in the hippocampus and neocortex. In EEG, the sharp wave patterns dominate the hippocampus during SWS and neuron populations in the hippocampus participate in organized bursts during this phase. These observations, combined with the knowledge that the hippocampus plays a role in short to medium term memory whereas the cortex plays a role in long-term memory, have led to the hypothesis that the hippocampal-neocortical dialog might be a mechanism through which the hippocampus transfers information to the cortex. Thus, the hippocampal-neocortical dialog said to play a role in memory consolidation during sleep.Moreover, the fact is there are many patients with chronic diseases, with unknown causes and cannot be treated, usually, have problems with genotype and brain structure. Combined these understanding, I think the activity of the brain, limbic system, and the autonomic nervous system will create some changes in the gene, brain, and body as the dots to store information. Creating dots in the body are done well during the sleep state.With the finding of mirror neurons and its functions for learning by Eldon Taylor, it is time to forget the advice that best of learning is by doing and by experience.“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”                                                      ConfuciusOwning for mirror neurons, we have the innate ability to mirror and assimilate the desirable thoughts, feelings, and inspiration of others. Mirror neurons allow us to tune into, link-up, and reflect – within our mind – the thoughts, feelings, and energies of people we love and admire, and those who we find fascinating and inspirational. Mirror neurons help individuals adopt new skill fast to their heroes and adapt well to the new environment. The children growing up in one commune will not only have the accent of that area but also have all habits, behaviors, and way of thinking of that commune unconsciously. Mirror neurons simply mirror and allow us to assimilate energetically the behavior of people we are holding in our minds. Hence, if we obsessively think about a person who we do not like, then we are linking-up with him, reflecting his mind, and energetically assimilating his feelings into ours … making his psychic and emotional realities a part of ours.Knowing how our mirror neurons work, we are free to decide who we want to connect with, feel, and absorb. We also know the ones we have been connecting with and assimilating; as their thoughts, feelings, and subtle energies are blended into our own. The brain’s mirroring ability is the best proof that most of us are the products of the living environment.Interestingly, mirror neurons are a certain type of brain cells that activated when a person performs an action and also when he observes, hears and even reads about the same action performed by another person. These neurons actually “mirror” the behavior of another person, as though the observer was performing the action himself. That is, the mirror neurons in an observer’s brain replicate the electrical signals and brain chemistry of the person that he is observing or even reading about. New brain imaging from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) demonstrates that specialized brain cells, known as mirror neurons, activate both when people observe the actions of others and when they simply read sentences describing the same action. When we read a book, these specialized cells respond as if we are actually doing what the book character is doing. This is the way of we absorb the information from the environment we interact with; this learning is conscious or unconscious, with or without noticing of the conscious mind, but the information is stored deep in unconscious mind and control all of our behaviors.

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Part III: Hologram: Brain, Mind, Body, Physical Heath, and Ego

Chapter: 8. New understanding of telepathy

The other mysterious of the brain is the communicating information between brain cells; scientists also have not really understood. Many researchers may be familiar with the experiment: late in the 1990s, Russian scientists made an experiment with a female rabbit and her newborn eight kits. The experiment described well in by Jerry.A group of Russian scientists in the late 1990s made an experiment with a female rabbit and her newborn eight kits near seashore where a submarine was also ready to go deep and far away inside the sea. The mother rabbit was tied at a platform on the beach and then and put to sleep with an injectable sedative with the full arrangements for measuring the blood pressure, blood sugar, blood adrenaline, and some other biochemical parameters of her blood also.The eight kits of the mother rabbit put in the submarine. Without starting the engine of the submarine, the scientists slit the throat of one of the kits, and the kit died. As soon as the kit died inside the submarine, the unconscious mother at the seashore showed an increase in the blood pressure, sugar content, and anger-raising adrenaline hormone.Then the engine of the submarine was started, the submarine traveled to a place several miles away from the site of the experiment. Then another of the kits was slaughtered. As soon the second child of the mother rabbit died, the unconscious mother turned more agitated, and her biochemical parameters showed further enhanced readings. In the same manner, while the submarine was covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers, the remaining kits of the mother were also slaughtered one-by-one, but each time when the child was killed the unconscious mother turned more and more agitated and restless with increased readings of the biochemical parameters. And as soon as the last of the eight kits of the mother rabbit was killed, several hundred kilometers away from the unconscious mother, she suddenly regained consciousness and started crying with grief as if she had got a full realization that her kits were no more in this world. The grief-stricken hapless mother started showing enormously increased blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood adrenaline, and then she suddenly collapsed and died.This is not a popular publishing, but it gives a lot of meaning for the scientists who research about telepathy and communicating information between neurons and parenthood connected individuals. The experiment may help us understand that in some circumstances some people may have gut feelings, transient pain, slightly throbbing around the eyes when our relatives are in danger, died or killed. If we do not understand these events, we may think that there is Holy Spirit and Great Power helps us to have incredible abilities in the crucial circumstances. People in every country have their own religion and their own ritual with their own Holy Spirits. They easily believe all strange good or bad things happen to them is the intention of their Holy Spirit or goshThere is a way of communicating information in the world that people have not yet fully known. The signal the mother rabbit perceived about the kits is by the subconscious mind and the changes in the body are by the autonomic nervous system. The strength of signals is highest when:·         There is a strong bond among subjects; here is the bond of mother and kits.·         The mother rabbit obsessed with the safety of the rabbit kits; if rabbit kits were mature, scientists would not saw any changes in biochemical parameters.·         The mother rabbit put at sedative state, the conscious mind put to rest so the unconscious mind and autonomic nervous system are in the highest state of alertness to focus on obsessed desires. I think If the mother rabbit were chasing objects or doing other activities, scientists would not notice the big changes in biochemical parameters; they might be observed a little lack of concentration.·         The changes in biochemical parameters of the mother rabbit can be sensitive to atropine (atropine sensitive). Putting mother rabbit to sleep with an injectable sedative is same as the first stage anesthetization in human for operation. In anesthesia, physicians use many medications, affecting the cortex and autonomic nervous system, to control the conscious responses and unconscious responses of the patients during the operation.·         In fact, physicians and scientists have observed that the wishes or the pray of relatives have some good effects on recovering of patients, even the patients do not know at all about the wishes or actions of their relatives. It means that there is another way of communicating information among individuals that scientists do not fully know.According to Michio Kaku, quantum teleportation already exists, he thinks within a decade we will teleport the first molecule. Humans we have already achieved this at an atomic level, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy with the giant sophisticated machines to entangled particles. Quantum entanglement permits links to be made between atoms, with their information being directed to others further away. In particular, the entangled particles are linked in such a way that the action of one openly affects the others, even if they are parted over huge distances. Quantum teleportation triggers big question for scientists that the speed of sending back and forth information between particles is faster than the speed of light. According to Michio Kaku, physicists at the University of Geneva achieved teleportation by teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 km of optical fiber. Dr. Kaku said teleportation is actually possible; it does come with a set of decent problems that would need to be solved.

In the future, scientists will have a deep understanding of the telepathy of human being and perhaps creature beings also. The neuron cells in the human brain of an individual and the brains of individuals with strong bonds have gained the ability to use telepathy communication. Telepathy communication is the function of the autonomic nervous system so that only well-trained people with quite a mind can understand the perceived information. The more people train themselves, the stronger bonds between individuals, the better telepathy communication is.We do not see the connection but there always have invisible connections between the beings. Especially, the deepest connection created by love and parenting hood, and science has not found how deep and how strong the love can make. Doctors will never dare to make an operation for a mother who is anxious about the safety of her children. With an anxious mother, physician have to calm down her anxiety by love, support and breathing exercise, then they have to use sedative medications to make her totally calm before the operation.Around everybody, there is the invisible field but it contains the invisible energy that the science has not fully known or detected. This energy can be sensed by the intuition. The more trained powerful men, there stronger the energy around them are. Just sitting next to a good man, bad man, religious leader, warm leaders, greedy leaders, people can have the gut feeling about these people in a blink. People change, environment changes but these invisible energies may still linger on that we do not know, but we can sense. Cover the eyes and ears of a group of people and take them to the churches, pagodas, universities, battlefields, war zone, hysterical community, stressed families, and happy families they will have gut feelings in the bodies; interestingly, the varieties of their bodies may according to the environments that they do not consciously know. Western therapists do not see the flow of invisible energy run through the body, but Eastern therapists can sense and feel it. So that in Eastern countries, therapists use a lot of alternative medicine to treat chronic diseases, some of them are acupressure, acupuncture, affirmative prayer, aromatherapy, autosuggestion. In Eastern philosophy, mind and brain is the kind of the body.Readers can test the invisible around their handThe first way is by hanging a ring by a thin thread above your palm then slightly swing the thread, the rings will move in a specific pattern according to the energy on your palm. The most obvious signs are there the big different moving pattern of the ring over the boy’s palm and girl’s palm

Chapter: 9. The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomena

 I will summarize some experiments and finding of scientists for a theory that the world is a hologram, so is the human brain. Thank for the writing of Michael Talbot “Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm?” He has summarized well the complicated theory of hologram. Michael Talbot was the author of “The Holographic Universe”.In 1982, a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris, a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed the most important experiments of the 20th century. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to communicate instantaneously with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It does not matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow, each particle always seems to know what the other is doing.The problem with this finding is that it violates Einstein’s long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, so it is not accepted by most scientists, but this finding has inspired others to offer many radical explanations for some mysterious event around the world. I hope that one day the scientists can prove this theory of instantaneous communication.University of London physicist David Bohm believes Aspect’s findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.To understand why Bohm makes this startling assertion, we must first understand a little about holograms. A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser. To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern is captured on film. When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears. The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose. Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

“The whole in every partEvery part contains the wholeOne in all and all in one”

Eastern philosophers said: “whole in every part” and “every part contains the whole”; the nature of a hologram provides us with an entirely new way of understanding organization and order.According to Bohm, the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them not caused by sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth; but because of their separateness is an illusion. He argues that at some deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are actually extensions of the same fundamental something. Bohm says this is precisely what is going on between the subatomic particles in Aspect’s experiment. According to Bohm, the apparent faster-than-light connection between subatomic particles is really telling us that there is a deeper level of reality we are not privy to, a more complex dimension beyond our own that is analogous to the aquarium. He adds we view objects such as subatomic particles as separate from one another because we are seeing only a portion of their reality. Such particles are not separate “parts”, but facets of a deeper and more underlying unity that is as holographic and indivisible as the previously mentioned rose. Since everything in physical reality is comprised of these “eidolons”, the universe is itself a projection, a hologram. In addition to its phantomlike nature, such a universe would possess other rather startling features. If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. Perhaps most religious leaders in the world perceived the infinite interconnection of all things in the universe so that they all behaved differently compare to most of the ordinary people. Moreover, all the principles they taught people contained love, fairness, kindness, and respect. The theory of Big Bag gives us to understand that the electrons in a carbon atom in the human brain are connected to the subatomic particles that comprise every salmon that swims, every heart that beats, and every star that shimmers in the sky. Everything interpenetrates everything. There is no separate self, there is no I, no you; all things are in the infinite interconnection of all things in the universe. All apportionments are of necessity artificial and all of nature is ultimately a seamless web.Why human beings seek the way to categorize, pigeonhole, and subdivide the various phenomena of the universe? Categorizing all phenomena and combination of phenomena in the universe into specific concepts, which are perceivable by five senses is the human nature. This is the big evolution of the human brain, which the huge information about the universe is concrete, and effectively and effortlessly communicated to other individuals. By categorizing and subdividing the huge information, huge phenomena into words forming concepts, definitions, nouns, verbs, adjectives; human brain can easily absorb information and mix this information to create many more new phenomena, many more new invention from the previous information. To illustration, most of the ordinary people live in the twenty-first century easy understand the concepts of the airplane, Mercedes car, Toyota car, Ford car, the Sun, the Earth, computer, television, and smartphone; just hearing the word television, modern people can have detail perception in mind. However, it would take months or years and thousands of books to explain one of these concepts to the scientists of the fifteenth century or scientists of eighteen century, even we would fail to explain normal functions or characters of these things for them. Because there were no perceivable concepts in the eighteenth century which have the same meaning with the concepts of the twenty-first century, and there were so many wrong religious concepts controlled the perceiving of natural phenomena. The lack of right understanding the phenomena created a lot of difficulties for scientists in the eighteenth century, some scientists even died to prove the new concepts for the governors; which turnout are obvious to the student of the twenty-first century. Categorizing and subdividing phenomena into words and concepts helps reduce the burden on the mind and brain from overloading information for cognitive thinking and cognitive behaviors. Concepts, words, and definitions are the products of conscious thinking to try to categorize phenomena into perceivable things. Gradually, owning for better understanding, the perception of people about these concepts may change substantially. Scientists in the twenty-first century are freely explaining and talking about some religious taboos of the eighteenth century.From some simple phenomena, these phenomena freely interact with each other create many more phenomena. Compound over time, the interaction of some simple phenomena can immense phenomena. These phenomena interconnect into the seamless web.The interaction of phenomena is the best explanation for the forming of the universe and the best explanation for the creating of living on earth. The earth only had only some inorganic elements described in Mendeleev’s periodic table around four billion years ago. The names of these inorganic elements are the perceptions of the human mind to concrete the characters of the combination of specific phenomena inside inorganic elements. These inorganic elements freely interacted have created organic elements. Immense phenomena created over billions of years. Over billion years, some simple form of life included human being created from the chemical reactions that produced many of the simpler organic compounds, including nucleobase and amino acids.Bohm is not the only researcher who has found evidence that the universe is a hologram. Working independently in the field of brain research, Standford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram has also become persuaded of the holographic nature of reality. Pribram was drawn to the holographic model by the puzzle of how and where memories are stored in the brain. For decades, numerous studies have shown that rather than being confined to a specific location, memories are dispersed throughout the brain. In a series of landmark experiments in the 1920s, brain scientist Karl Lashley found that no matter what portion of a rat’s brain he removed he was unable to eradicate its memory of how to perform complex tasks it had learned prior to surgery. The only problem was that no one was able to come up with a mechanism that might explain this curious “whole in every part” nature of memory storage excepting adopting the theory of Hologram. Pribram believes memories are encoded not in neurons, or small groupings of neurons, but in patterns of nerve impulses that crisscross the entire brain in the same way that patterns of laser light interference crisscross the entire area of a piece of film containing a holographic image. He believes the brain is itself a hologram.Pribram’s theory also explains how the human brain can store so many memories in so little space. Similarly, it has been discovered that in addition to their other capabilities, holograms possess an astounding capacity for information storage simply by changing the angle at which the two lasers strike a piece of photographic film, it is possible to record many different images on the same surface. It has been demonstrated that one cubic centimeter of film can hold as many as 10 billion bits of information.You can test the concept of the hologram by observing the mind and thinking, what comes to your mind when your friend says the word “dog” “wolf” and “smartphone.” You do not have to clumsily sort back through some gigantic and cerebral alphabetic file to arrive at an answer. Instead, associations of all senses about these words pop into your head instantly. Indeed, one of the most amazing things about the human thinking process is that every piece of information seems instantly cross-correlated with every other piece of information. This is another feature intrinsic to the hologram. Because every portion of a hologram interconnects with every other portion, it is perhaps nature’s supreme example of a cross-correlated system. Another is how the brain is able to translate the avalanche of frequencies it receives via the senses like light frequencies, sound frequencies, temperature frequencies, humidity frequencies and so on, into the concrete world of our perceptions. Encoding and decoding frequencies are precisely what a hologram does best. Hologram functions as a sort of lens, a translating device able to convert an apparently meaningless blur of frequencies into a coherent image, and coherent words.Researchers have discovered, for instance, that our visual systems are sensitive to sound frequencies. In fact, the cells in our bodies are sensitive to a broad range of known frequencies and unknown frequencies. Such findings suggest that it is only in the holographic domain of consciousness that such frequencies sorted out and divided into conventional perceptions.In a universe in which individual brains are actually indivisible portions of the greater hologram and everything is infinitely interconnected, telepathy may merely be the accessing of the holographic level. It is obviously much easier to understand how information can travel from the mind of individual ‘A’ to that of individual ‘B’ at a far distance point and helps to understand a number of unsolved puzzles in psychology.In particular,  Stanislav Grof feels the holographic paradigm offers a model for understanding many of the baffling phenomena experienced by individuals during altered states of consciousness. In the 1950s, while conducting research into the beliefs of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) as a psychotherapeutic tool, Grof had one female patient who suddenly became convinced she had assumed the identity of a female of a species of prehistoric reptile. During the course of her hallucination, she not only gave a richly detailed description of what it felt like but noted that the portion of the male of the species’ anatomy was a patch of colored scales on the side of its head. After confirming with a zoologist, Grof was startled that although the woman had no prior knowledge about such things she knew it exactly. During the course of his research, Grof encountered examples of patients regressing and identifying with virtually every species on the evolutionary tree. He also had patients who appeared to tap into some sort of collective or racial unconscious. In other categories of experience, individuals gave persuasive accounts of out-of-body journeys, of precognitive glimpses of the future, of regressions into apparent past-life incarnations. In later research, Grof found the same range of phenomena manifested in therapy sessions, which did not involve the use of drugs. As Grof noted, if the mind is actually part of a continuum, a labyrinth that is connected not only to every other mind that exists or has existed, but also to every atom, organism, and region in the vastness of space and time itself.Such a turnabout in the way we view biological structures has caused researchers to point out that medicine and our understanding of the healing process also be transformed by the holographic paradigm. If the apparent physical structure of the body is but a holographic projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much more responsible for our health than current medical wisdom allows. What we now view as miraculous remissions of disease may actually be due to changes in consciousness, which in turn effect changes in the hologram of the body. Similarly, controversial new healing techniques such as education, visualization, affirmation, meditation, imagination, hypnotherapy, subliminal messages may work so well as treatment with medicine because, in the holographic domain of thought, outside is ultimate as real as inside. All authors of personal development confirm the power of thinking.  To understand the role of thought in people life, you can find these books.The second way is to place the opened palms parallel before the body, then you slightly move the palms far away then move back much time, do not touch the two palms together. The more you move your hand back and forth, the stronger you feel there is an invisible force pushes your palms away. If you do in the strong wind, you will not sense the force clearly.

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–  “As a man thinketh” of James Allen-  “The strangest secret” of Earl Nightingale-  “Think and grow rich” or “Hill’s golden rules” of Napoleon Hill-  “The power of positive thinking” of Norman Vincent Peale “As above so belowAs within so without”The fact is non-medicine healing techniques are very effective in treating chronic diseases, which are untreated by modern medicine. Moreover, these healing techniques have created many myths and miracles of recovering with many seriously ill patients. Understanding the hologram of thoughts, all myths, all religious belief, and all religious concepts will no longer seem so mysterious as before.Adopting the theory of hologram, we can understand the teaching of Buddha. In the book, “Old path, white path” of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhism is no longer a mysterious religion, Buddhism become applicable in daily life for every people to have a good life. The book is the story of Buddha as an ordinary man gained enlightenment, and contains many teachings of Buddha. People find Buddha statue in pagodas usually is in the gesture of Zen sitting. Buddha was a prince gained enlightenment by vigorous practicing of meditation.Buddha’s teaching instructs people to focus powers of concentration to look deeply at their body. They will see that each cell of their body was like a drop of water in an endlessly flowing river of birth, existence, death, and they will not find anything in the body that remained unchanged or certain that can be said to contain a separate self.Intermingled with the river of their body was the river of feelings in which every feeling is a drop of water. These drops also jostle with one another in a process of birth, existence, and death. Some feelings were pleasant, some unpleasant, and some neutral, but all of their feelings were impermanent: they appear and disappear just like the cells of his body. Look deeper, we will find the river of perceptions, which flowed alongside the rivers of body and feelings. The drops in the river of perceptions intermingle and influence each other in their process of birth, existence, and death. If one’s perceptions are accurate, reality reveals itself with ease; but if one’s perceptions were erroneous, the reality is veiled. People will be caught in endless suffering because of their erroneous perceptions: they believed that which is impermanent is permanent, that which is without self-contains self, that which has no birth and death has birth and death, and they divided that which is inseparable into parts.Following the teaching of focusing concentration to observe the body of Buddha, we will find that our awareness on the mental states, which are the sources of suffering: fear, anger, hatred, arrogance, jealousy, greed, and ignorance. Mindful awareness of people is like a bright sun to illuminate the nature of all these negative mental states. People will be enlightened that they all arise due to ignorance. They are the opposite of mindfulness.Buddha taught that the key to liberation is to break through ignorance and to enter deeply into the heart of reality and attain a direct experience of it. Such knowledge would not be the knowledge of the intellect, but of direct experience, of understanding.Thinking, paradoxes that make me write the book:

The brain is the most important organ in the body: accounts for 3% of body weight but consumes 20% of the body’s energy. The quality of the brain determines the quality of mind or thinking. And the food of thinking is ideas. What is the food you feed the mind of you, your spouse, and kids every day?How and What effect if kids suffer silently long-term stress. They will never learn all their social skills to live well in society. English, Vietnamese, walking, driving, skating, talking, discussing is never easy at all to learn. but kids in happy and suitable support can have all of this and make it as the kids’ instinct, Belief that all do not know. But these skills will be very difficult to learn. Golden time for forming the brain and learning may be lost. They may live under stress for years. Who else may be lack of social skill or EQ? The advantage of living may make the disadvantage of thinking and abilities.The brain is the most important organ in the body: accounts for 3% of body weight but consumes 20% of the body’s energy. Any small defect in the brain can make mental and physical health in poor quality.The quality of the brain determines the quality of mind or thinking. And the food of thinking is ideas. What is the food you feed the mind of you, spouse, and kids every day?The mind is irrational, AI cannot create the human mind, because of its irrationality. Why scientists, statistic try to put the mind and mind function in the diagram, number, and equation?The mind is different from bacteria, gut, stomach, bone, tissue. The first is Irrational, the second one is logical. So the same problems with the second ones can be treated with the same pills but the first one.The mind is irrational, so that who sense the most, feel the most can understand and control the mind. They are leaders, religious leaders, artists, composers, educators, and philosophers. The ones understand least maybe scientists and statistics, they try to rationalize the mind.The Time of mind is the time of creativity, time of irrationality, and time of illogic. Maybe the fearful time for the logical ones: scientists, statistics, autistic, ADHD, depressive ones, and mentally ill ones.Maybe this is the proof that we are wrong when trying to logic the mind, and mind characters in to same pills, rigid protocols, without compassion and understanding: economic soaring, pharmaceutical industry soaring, standard of living is highest, But the number of people commits suicide, homicide, gunfire, taking mental medication, taking all other medications are soaring also, problems in family, school, society, world are soaring also. With logical mind and number, we will never know what is happening.Maybe this is the proof that we are wrong when trying to logic the mind, and mind characters in to same pills, rigid protocols, without listening and understanding: economic soaring, pharmaceutical industry soaring, standard of living is the highest ever, But the number of people commits suicide, homicide, gunfire, taking mental medication, taking all other medications are soaring also, problems in family, school, society, world are soaring also. With logical mind and logic number, we will never know what is happening.MY answer is YES to Autism, ADHD, Depression, and Suicide can be predicted, prevented and better intervented.Some thoughts, paradoxes of healing that makes me want to find the answer and put in this book”EMOTION IS FROM HEAD, NOT HEART. This is the key to open the door to prevent and cure Autism, ADHD, and Suicide. WHAT DO YOU THINK?””Stress creates mental illness, depression. What’ mechanism? What happens if newborn kids, infants suffer the same stress? Autism/ADHD?”If you think you can or can’t, you are right” Henry Ford. Do you think Autism, ADHD are preventable and solvable?”Golden time may be lost:A story: my 1-year-old kid wake up and start to play, talk Gugu gaga in bed, my wife wakes up, got a cramp in leg and very painful, she lies in pain for a moment, my son nearly burst into tear so we have to kiss, hug and make fun of him for him to laugh againThis triggers me what if for infants, kids if their parents usually arguing and beating. Just remind: in the family, if parents arguing, attacking each other: they do not want to eat, sleep, play or enjoy thing because of anger. Their good kids will suffer more stress than the total stress of both parents. How on earth they can feel safety and encouragement to learn, try, fail, learn, try and fail to gain vital social skills from society. kids left in Jungle raised by wolves tend to move by 4 legs (hand and foot) and barking like Wolves. Golden time of learning may be lost because of useless argument. no need to do research, just remember your childhood, observe and ask kids ab to do research, just remember your childhood, observe and ask kids about that.Will the infants/kids develop well in the stress environment? The facts are there are many mothers got depression after giving birth every year.Our angels“They live in stress, eating in fear, sleeping in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wearing luxury clothes in discontentment, studying with pressure, getting lifesaving vaccination hysterically, and sexing with contempt. They never find real joy and happiness. Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisone created countless side effects on patients, which listed in any medical book.”• “You do not teach healthy kids to learn the languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese… but kids can make it become their instinct. That is the nature of learning without learning, Kid under three years old can do this as instinct.
Will the infants/kids develop well in the stress environment? The facts are there are many old never have to sit in the table to learn, but they learn every time with joy”• “Nature of learning is learning without stress, learn just with joy, enthusiasm, with love, endless energy, and participate of all intelligence. The environment just supplies Unconditioned Love, Connection – Understanding, Encourage Environment, and Chances of Building Abilities.”• “Walking, thinking, speaking native languages, studying countless skills: one-year-old kids, two-year-old kids, three-year-old kids never have to sit at the table to learn. But that time kids can learn more than anybody can imagine. Think about that before any blind intervention.”• “Playing is learning, watching is learning, sleeping is learning, and doing are learning… Kids may experience “Flow” from the early stage of life. Kids’ most powerful tools are the weakness, beloved, cute, enthusiasm, pay attention, curiosity, asking, imagining, and learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think With Joy and safety. Think about that before each time of intervention.”• “Best for kids: accept we may wrong to learn to create chances for kids grow. Socrates smart because he said he did not know anything. I feel cramp of Gut feelings when seeing the parents of kids with lots of problems said they know all things and start to blame all things except themselves for their problems.”YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE AND STUCK WITH YOUR PROBLEMS.BUT YOU NEED WISDOM AND ENLIGHTENMENT”You ask which research or publication my writing based?”I go first to solve human problems, and scientists will prove it latter as Einstein ‘s theory.”Yes, brain. When the brain is forming most: fetus and infant: what will happen if the immature brain formed in Stress, severe stress.””I mean always shouting, blaming, crying, beating.””If the brain can mature enough to overcome the stressful childhood. What the brain will be conditioned if they experience beating, shouting, separating, raping, … SOME MOTHERs SO STRESSED THAT THEY GOT DEPRESSION AFTER BIRTH.””The fact is many people in wealthy countries are using antidepression medication to find the relief. Most of the anti-depression medication is used to stimulate happy chemical: serotonin in Brain. When kissing, hugging, doing good, recognizing.. can stimulate Serotonin in the brain.””Things are so simple but people try to make it complicated.””All in one: behavior, gut feeling, heartbeat, state of mind, mental illness, quality of sleep, genes are one.””Power of simplicity: Book that teaches wisdom, enlightenment: Te-Tao Ching with 5000 words equal to 30 pages is much profound and useful than five thousand pages of psychology books and psychiatry books that students have to become psychologists or psychiatrists.””If you think you can or can’t, you are right” I have met many Ph.D.s said Autism,  ADHD cannot prevent, sooth or cure. DO YOU?””Do ADHD, Autism, mental problems, insomnia, headache, suicide problems, social problems, stomach, heart,… the War HAVE RELATION?””Strength from inside is the best power that no need to cover my expensive phone, luxury bag, big degree to find safety, importance.””Awaken You Wonderful WeAwaken Parents Wonderful KidsAwaken You Wonderful Kidwaken Teachers Wonderful studentsAwaen Politicians Wonderful world””Stress can make mental illness, depression, what is the mechanism? What will happen if newborn kids, infants suffer the same stress?””Stress creates mental illness, depression. What’ mechanism? What happens if newborn kids, infants suffer the same stress? Autism/ADHD?”My work can give the ideas to understand for all of these concern.”I am Van, a pharmacist, personal development lover, meditation practitioners, and lifelong learner. My projects want to have your advice and suggestions:When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, and world? In mind, the brain we called mental problems, insomnia, ADHD, a headache, suicide problems, social problems.effects of stress on the stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, gastrointestinal problems; and heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases.Stress on the school: school problemsStress on the world we called human problems, which may lead to World War.””Do you know: when you are sleeping, your brain still works to review, correct, and create the changes side the brain and body, genes that we do not know. But we know how brain/ mind works by observing the pattern of sleeping with changing the pressure from the environment: EEG, Slow-wave sleep, REM sleep. We know that some chronic patients have some things strange with their genes, does its changes first or state of mind, environment create it then diseases are the perceivable symptoms.”Stress start from the state of mind”It is not cold, virus, flu make American ill, but the stressed mind. January is the most stressed month because of tired working, pressure from work, pressure from the deadline of the credit card, mainly from Stressed, Discontented, Hysterical MIND.””If yes, only medication, pain reliever, opioids are useless; punishment is useless, prison is not enough. We need to think of an alternative technique to calm the mind, soothe the pain and find inner peace for all: meditation, and lifelong learning.””Use a smartwatch to record the changing of the body to know the changing of the state of mind, emotion: hatred, anger, stress, depression, and love.”Stressed in the family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns:+ Father with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction.+Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.+ Kids under stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms. or Autism, ADHD, over-react, rebelling and/ or junior autoimmune diseases.”Check these symptoms to know you are under stress or not, only by SMART WATCH.”AUTISM, ADHD…‎What would you do if you have to live like them?IF THEY MAY LIVE, EAT, GET VACCINE UNDER STRESS, FEAR, ANXIETY, AND HISTERIA, DISGUST, CONTEMPT. PLAY IN FEAR, BORING SAFE-SIDE. EXHAUSTED IN A RACE THAT NEVER ends”Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone, and its effects are the best explanation for varieties of problems or rainbow syndrom.- Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,- Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin- Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of the skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,- Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.Under stress state, cardiovascular medication only makes the temporary relief.Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying.- The combination of these four factors describes the big difference in boy and girls in autism, ADHD: the instinct of female make the infant, the cute make girl do not get problems.Father said: “the day autistic child happy he will less over-react than the stressful day.”If gen, food, chemical or … there will have the same percentage of boy and girls, the city, and the countryside.With normal development, 2-3 months old children have the responses, interested, pay attention to the talking and smile back, shaking hands and body when parents talk directly to them. Do this regularly, you if you see the signs of not paying attention or indifference: the early signs of stress, over time children, may get more severe problems in the brain and mental problems. Observe the pattern of sleeping, eating, crying, and emotion to realize early signs since 1-2-3 months old to have the early simple intervention.You should pay attention to provide more love, peaceful environment, sing, dance, play music with joy, create the natural energy of the young for kid, not the stupid quiet, silence and too much tidy of the nursery home, you are peace of mind to kiss, hug, embrace, chances of creating abilities, and more connection to the diversity of nature, animal, and real fruit.The variation of these for factors and the combination of them are the answer for all problems that scientists do not pay attention:- In ADHD, Autism: boy much more than girls because Girls from the instinct are more cute, more communicable than boys.- ADHD, Autism in the city is significantly higher than in the countryside, even the city has the better standard of living, eating. But they lack connection, freely play, learn from nature and other kids. Children in have more abilities to adapt to stress than in the city. But they got another stress, problems.- Dogs, cats can create the contact with kids and help autistic kids- Scientists see that Oxytocin can help the autistic children, they are doing more research to carry it on the autistic child in the future.- Children in the orphanage may have enough food, protection, and less stress but they lack love, intimate connection with parents so most of them have problems with social skills.- ‎UNFORTUNATELY, THE LEVEL OF STRESS IN THE MIND IS UNLIMITED, BUT THE PREPARE OF THE PHYSICAL BODY IS LIMITED. AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES STARTED SILENTLY, IGNORANTLY BUT COLLECTIVELY.The stress comes from 4 things: lack unconditioned love for them to be the kids, lack of connection with nature and social: all normal activities that kids in the countryside have: these activities will build their skill and abilities: social skill or EQ, Lack of suitable problems to learn, try, fail to study and gain skills. and lastly is stress or problems. If their abilities above the problems, they will not stress at all. 1000$ may be the big problems for a student in Vietnam, but not you, but 1000.000 $ is big problems for you but not for Bill Gate, Does Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Lincoln born with their talents. The answer is No, they Build on the year after year. my web will give you some understanding of it. If too much protection from blind love, Kids will lose all chance of Building skills. Self-made Millionaires know.Stress comes from 4 things: lack unconditioned love for them to be the kids, lack of connection with nature and social: all normal activities that kids in the countryside have: these activities will build their skill and abilities: social skill or EQ, Lack of suitable problems to learn, try, fail to study and gain skills. and lastly is stress or problems. If their abilities above the problems, they will not stress at all. 1000$ may be the big problems for the student in Vietnam, but not you, but 1000.000 $ is big problems for you but not for Bill Gate, Does Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Lincoln born with their talents. The answer is No, they Build on the year after year. my web will give you some understanding of it. If too much protection from blind love, Kids will lose all chance of Building skills. Self-made Millionaires know this so they let their kids do all work that kids should do.Sorry because I write it so simple that every one can read, practice and understand. Scientists and Ph.D. will make it complicated latter. It also the philosophy in the Socratic paradoxes, Benjamin Franklin, Elbert Einstein, Lincoln, Montessori, Gandhi, Teresa, and modern leadership, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, art of winning people of Dale Carnegie, vital role of mind taught by Napoleon Hill, Jame Allen, Principles of Stephen Covey, letting go thinking, assumptions of Peter Drucker, hundred self help book. You will understand all phenomena raised in Blink of Malcolm Gladwell – the book have left a lot of question for me to find. Best of all, write by non-native English speaking pharmacist, unsophisticated languages so all can read it: all my ideas have the support facts, articles. What else do you want me to show?”This is part of the extract in my project. If you curious about this, read it then give your feedback, please

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