Conditioned Responses – things that secretly control our mind, body and behaviors called RESPONSES

Conditioned Responses – things that secretly control our mind, body, and behaviors called RESPONSES that we consciously  or unconsciously know but still control our life

It is not gun-control but most important is control what makes the mind want to use the gun to fire.Forget the gun, arguing about it later, focus time to think to prevent the millions of healthy kids, workers, citizens, soldiers today from committing gunfire in the future.Pressure from Work, School, Study, Family. Ability smaller than PRESSURE leads to Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Headache, Distraction, Upset Stomach, and Blood pressure, blood glucose always raises for FIGHT & FLIGHT Mechanism.

Làm sai, áp lực trong ra, ngoài vào, công việc, gia đình, bằng cấp. Năng lực nhỏ hơn áp lực. Luôn mất an toàn: huyết áp, đường huyết luôn tăng cho CHIẾN & BIẾN. Thuốc vô ích!!!

Problems start from MIND, MINDSET.

They may suffer the minor or severe effect of STRESS.Problems come from Mindset, Symptomatic medication is useless, that is why patients have to take medication for weeks, months, years or the lifetime to calm the symptoms of Chronic diseases down.To some extent, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, relaxation therapies, Forgive, forget, Let it Go and Gratitude HELP better than medication.


:1. Indifference –

2. Fight. and Flight all days.

Dogs, instinctive creatures, have the park, out twice a day. If not it will get AUTISM, ADHD, DEPRESSION with felt signs: INDIFFERENCE, FIGHT, FLIGHT. Sadly, Kids is in boxes

Felt signs: INDIFFERENCE, FIGHT &  FLIGHT from IRRATIONAL MIND forgotten by RATIONAL scientists: Dog’s living maybe better than Autistic kid’s

Felt signs caught by the Religious leader, artist, Educator, better than Ph.D., Scientist & Autistic machine. So NLP, affirmation, meditation is better than medicine, punishment

How can we heal, prevent, treat the things we do not know? A lot of resources put in researching and carrying out but the trend of Suicide, Autism, ADHD, Gunfire are Soaring???(citation from Awaken You Wonderful We)

Part IV: Conditioned Responses

12. All the things we have are the results of conditioned responses
“Results do not come from the environment, but from the responses.

Responses come from thoughts and emotion.Feed the mind with good food, the mind will create good thought. Feed the mind with rubbish, the mind creates rubbishy thought

The best way is to care to feed the mind if to have a good life”*** *** ***When information and signals come to mind, our conscious mind focuses on analyzing the patterns of signals and information. The process of analyzing mobilize a lot of energy, the concentration, all senses, experiences, the known knowledge, the deepest desires and the feelings to draw out the patterns of information. After perceiving clearly the characters of information, the conscious mind sends the pattern of information to the unconscious mind to remember. It will be the material for subconscious mind use when they need to make the decision.People can create the behaviors or habits of other people by reward and punishment. In Pavlov’s dogs, the dogs have conditioned with the conditioned response by the ringing the bell and feeding food. Pavlov has rung the bell before feeding the dogs. After several times, the dogs have conditioned with the responses.

Next time, he only rung the bell but not fed the dogs, the dogs still salivated. The mind of the dogs has remembered the pattern of condition so well that just hearing the small part of the condition the dogs had the conditioned responses.In fact, we can create a conditioned response to our children, workers, employees and other people by reward and punishment. Moreover, the condition is much more complicated than our understanding, because the condition put on other people has so much more varieties and frequencies than we can imagine. There are millions of phenomena in one condition, which we use to condition responses to other people. Our neo-cortex only catches the perceivable information from the condition, but our limbic system can catch much more information form the condition that we do not know. All the information caught by neocortex and the limbic system can stimulate the conditioned responses inside the body. The conditioned responses help people and animals to adapt well to the environment, help people and animals to survive in the environment. Moreover, with the development of brain and mind, the conditioned responses directed to satisfying the needs of the human being to bring the feeling joy and happiness for them. The brain and mind function well and effectively owing to the condition responses. Unfortunately, the conscious mind only knows very little about the conditioned responses stored in the brain structure, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. People can consciously know these conditioned responses by mindfulness or observe the changes in the body before the changing of the environment.

To this point, we can know that many other conscious responses or unconscious responses are the conditioned responses people gain throughout life. The pattern of responses and information about the environment may be available in the brain, cell, body, genome, habit, and environment; and the information accumulated by one generation is heritable. The facts, which prove that the previous information that individuals met lie in the brain, cell, body, genome, and environment, are the chronic diseases, chronic health problems and social problems available around us. Scientists have made many investigations into chronic diseases and mental diseases; they have found that the patients with these diseases have problems or abnormalities in the structures of brain, cells, body, genome, habit. These abnormalities are not only the results of the previous problem but also the causes of later serious problems.

     Gut feelings are conditioned responses. The mind makes the judgment about phenomena in the environment; then it silently sends the corresponding conditioned responses about the environment for us via autonomic nervous systems without any noticing of the conscious mind. In danger situation, the autonomic nervous system has made some changes in our body long before we consciously know what is happening.Allergy is also the conditioned responses of the patient to the specific allergens despite patients known or unknown about the allergens. Allergy controlled by the autonomic nervous system.Homesick is also conditioned responses.

People who live far away from home can have the feeling of homesick if they meet part of the condition like the new year festival, the union day, the changing to cold temperature like Christmas in Western countries; and Tet festival (lunar new year) in the north of Vietnam; the changing of decoration on the road, listening the festival songs. Any of the perceivable signals or imperceptible signals created a happy feeling at home can create a feeling of homesick.Only adults grew up in the countryside can have the strong feelings, the surge of high emotion when they saw, watching videos or pictures, or hearing the familiar sounds from their countryside that make them miss countryside. During childhood, they have met millions of phenomena in the countryside with strong feelings.

The pattern of phenomena and feelings are stored in the subconscious mind. During their lifetime, they may relive the childhood memory and have the feeling of missing homeland whenever the limbic system catches any phenomena similar to the phenomena during their childhood. Vietnamese often have the feeling of missing home when they see the images of children playing in rural Vietnam like playing marbles, tug of war, mandarin square capturing, Bermuda grass fighting, skipping rope, playing with water at the village well, swimming in the river with buffalos, riding buffalos, playing on paddy field.      People in every country in the world also have the feeling of the missing homeland where they grew up if they meet part of the condition, which has created the feeling of joy and happiness for them.   

It is the same as the adults or old people live abroad, seeing, hearing, meeting any familiar things can make them have the feeling of missing their countries.      The interesting novels, poems, songs, films, and fictions can create high emotion in some specific readers. The fictions and songs written for wartime created the strongest feeling or vibration for the old people who had lived during the war and fought in the war. In peacetime, these fictions, poems, and songs do not create much emotion in the pupils, students and the youth as the experienced people. On the other hand, romantic novels, romantic films attract a lot of young audiences but rarely attract old audiences. Because the emotion, feelings as the conditioned responses caused by these products in young readers and in old readers are not on the same level with the different group of people.     

Anger, fear, stress, happiness, and all other emotions are the conditioned responses of the body controlled by the nervous system, most of the time the autonomic nervous system will dominate the body and behaviors with strong emotion if we lack awareness or mindfulness. Understanding conditioned responses can help scientists understand the behavioral psychology. The first kiss in love has total different feeling and taste with the last kiss in anger.With the addictions like opium addicts, chess addicts, gambling addicts, smoking addicts, game addicts, monetary addicts, sexual addicts, reward addicts, fame addicts, drinking addicts or food addicts, these people will have the condition responses in the body by autonomic nervous system when they see, hear, smell, or sense some of the signals related to satisfying addiction. That’s why if we want to make the addicts quitting the addicted habit, we should put them in a new supporting environment and help them stay away from the environment where had the condition relating to addiction. The conditioned responses caused by addicted patterns are the strong negative feeling of irritating, tingling, sad, anger, bored, pain, changing of behaviors, changing of emotions, extreme pain or loss of consciousness like crazy if the attack of addiction is not satisfied. They have the symptoms relating to excessive activation of the autonomic nervous system, the conscious mind is absent under the strong attack of addiction.Religious customs, taboos, and spiritual rituals have the strongest influences to its disciples.

Following or violating religious custom will create the strongest feeling in people’s mind as the conditioned responses. Some people even become hysterical if they violate their taboos or religious traditional customs. Even though, they and their friends, cousins in the same building have totally different opinions and behaviors in their own religion.Punishment and reward can create conditioned responses. The baby being beaten by his father, when the father goes out for work if someone threatens that if he does not sit and play in safety, his father will beat him. The words of threatening can trigger all the previous painful feeling in the kid that he is so scared that he will sit and play in safety unnaturally.Being beating or punishing for the rebelling behaviors that teachers, parents, and managers do not like can create the painful conditioned responses in the sufferers. So that each time the good chances come, the chances demand little of challenge, courage, and uncertainty. The children who were punished severely may hesitate or feel chill when taking 

chances. Gut feelings, small talk, and conditioned responses will prevent him from taking the risk. Because of pain and fear, they like to stay in the comfort zone.The taste of eating same food is never the same because the taste is the sum up of countless conditions. Seeing, smelling, imagining, or hearing can trigger the conditioned responses as real as that people are eating. Enough of repetition with emotion, we can create conditioned responses for ourselves and others.The sweet kiss and disgust kiss: depend on the opinion of the receivers about the partners. They fall in love is the sweet kiss. But if they get married, experiencing enough of crying, blaming, kicking, beating and shouting, the kiss may become painful or disgust because of countless conditioned changes inside the body.Having sex ends with conditioned responses ejaculation.

Ejaculation is the conditioned response. Masturbation also ends with ejaculation without sex partners. Famers usually make the male animal masturbate to take its spermatozoon. Doctors in Andrology usually make the order for male patients to masturbate to take the spermatozoon for needed tests. Scratching, warmness, touching, kissing, visualizing, sound, pressing, moving, and the emotional feelings, all participate in the forming conditioned ejaculation.sVisualization in the mind the exciting experiences or painful experiences vividly in sound, images, colors, words, environment, the atmosphere can make the people relive the previous moment. Participants may have some changes in the body as if they re-experience the situation. These changes in the body are the conditioned responses in the body created by focusing on the direction of the mind.

13. Beliefs, religions, taboos and conditioned responses

The more we read and visit other countries and other people the more we know that we have different perceptions about taboos, customs, and religious rituals. If there is an object that you and a group of people see as taboos, by searching on the internet, we may find that this object is the ritual object of other people. Why do human beings have so much different in the concepts of taboos, religious customs, and festivals?

The only right answer for this is thinking. No matter what you do in your festivals or taboos, if you strongly believe it will bring luck, health, and happiness, you will feel good with the joining in festivals.Trainers and therapists use all the techniques to bring back good thoughts and right beliefs for their participants.Religious customs has the strongest influences to its disciples. Following or violating religious custom will create the strongest feeling in people’s mind as the conditioned responses.Let answer the following questions to have a better understanding of religions.

Where were you born?-         

Which religion are you?

Why do you have that religion?

Why do you love your religion?

Why do you follow your religious rituals?

–          Why do you think your belief about your religions is different than your friend’s belief?

–          Are you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Atheist?

–          Where do you usually go to church, mosque, synagogue, pagoda or temple?

–          Do you believe in God? Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe in reincarnation? And why do you believe that?

–          Do you think that your religious belief is the belief you chose? Or have you been conditioned with your religious belief?

–          What happened with your religious belief if you were born in China, Vietnam, United State, Israel, Australia, Korea, or Singapore?

–          Would you still have the same religious belief as the major people in the community of these countries or still have the same religion as the present?

I usually wonder about these kinds of questions. The fact is I were born in the north of Vietnam, I am an Atheist. I have adopted the ancestor worship custom from my parents and my relatives since my childhood.

In my traditional custom, there is the mixing Ancestor worship, Buddhism, Chinese religion, Taoism, and Confucianism. We do all of these traditional customs in New Year Eve, Mid-Autumn festival, region festival, town festival, worship in pagoda and worship in temple; and the spirit of traditional custom available in many other important events, and important places like: giving birth, welcoming new baby, worship ancestors, commencement ceremony of building or projects, wedding ceremony, working, departures, and in funeral. All of us do all these traditional custom without any concerning or hesitating. We have our set of own taboos and set of acting to fit with traditional custom – which is quite strange with the foreigners- like:Here are some of our taboos in Vietnam that foreigners with the nickname Travelling kid and other foreigners discussed in the https://www.lonelyplanet.com. As a Vietnamese, I confirm that these sayings are the taboos in Vietnam.

Ebook awaken you wonderful we available free on kdp library from Van Dao Duy

· When visiting a graveyard, people place incense sticks on the tomb of their loved ones and on every tomb around in the area, regardless of who’s in those tombs.· The bed headboard in the house can point in any direction but out to the street because only the coffin head points out to the street. The Vietnamese often do the funeral in their homes·
On Fifth, fourteenth, and twenty-third of the months on Lunar Calendar are bad days to travel or to do anything major. The Vietnamese never never never travel far on those days. Never never never never open a business in those days. No one in Vietnam can answer me WHY. ( Perhaps he was too shocked by the think he encountered in Vietnam)·  When two people in a family died within 100 days from each other, that is a very bad sign for the family because there will be more death in a very short time after that. – I have witnessed a family spent all their saving – and even borrowed money – on several elaborate rituals to expel the bad spell.· You should never touch anybody’s head, nor point the soles of the feet at other people. Both are bad manners.·
Every three years of the lunar calendar, a leap month is added to bring it back into line with the solar calendar. Weddings and new contracts are banned due to bad luck superstition during leap months, but dead people must be buried.·  An Australian friend recently had a design problem when designing his bathroom: his Vietnamese wife insisted that the mirrors in the bathroom must not face the bedroom.· A girl often (99%) does not get married within a year after the death of her father or her mother. Any prearrangement has to be postponed.· 
Other person responded: I think it applies to guys, too. The death of a grandparent would mean no marriage for grandchildren within a year.· Travellingkid responded: Just a bit off the subject, in the article posted by one person, the author said: Confucius preaches, “Tam nhân đồng hành tất tổn nhất nhân” (Three men traveling will unavoidably lose one) – This is a wrong quote. The right quote is: “Tam nhân đồng hành tất hữu ngã sư.” Meaning: Three men traveling together, one is the mentor. That means every person that you encounter, there is at least one thing in him for you to learn.                                          Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.comWho to blame?
Who am I?Who are you?Why do you speak your language which is very difficult for  me?Why do you have your religious?Are you ok if someone mistakenly spells your name wrong?WHAT IS THE TIME? What time is it in your country?IS THERE ANY RELATION BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS?Time is the assumption of Relativity to make us understand the relatives of Phenomena. 

Time is the illusion/definition that let us know the relativity of things. 1 second equal the N times of an Electron traveling around it Atom. So time is the assumption of moment moving. From the second we have the hour and the day. Time is relative. If American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Germany goes to live on the Moon, What is the day they will have? When will they celebrate the New Year? In time there is motion. And some scientist can write the equation without time. Time, space, weight, length all of these appear in the definition of others.
They are interdependent factors.So the world is interdependent. We try to separate is to support for better of thinking, communicating, and developing. It is just an assumption.I am FROM THE WORLD. SOLAR SYSTEM, GALAXY. 2018. All in one; one in all. Do not forget that we are interdependent. We are one. We share the same sources.
Billions have died, born and disappear, events also. And the mass of the earth does not change. You exhale the air other inhale, you eat the things have sourced from the waste of others. …. When we realize, we will free from Depression, fear, anxiety, and anger, and free from the Fights and Flights at home, work and in bed.
WE WILL FREE FROM ALL TERMINOLOGIES OF PROBLEMS IN PHYSICAL HEALTH, WEALTH AND LIVING.Look at the wars, the wars of religions. We will find thatGOD DO NOT BLESS THEM, GOD DO NOT HELP THEM. THEY DO BLESS THEM. AND Mind masters like to play the game of thorn to code themind of millions of people.GOD DO NOT BLESS THEM. THEY BLESS THEM, WE BLESS THEM.The effects, side effects of stress hormones controlled by Brain cover all symptoms of ADHD, Gut Feeling, Autistic spectrum.
What do you think?Do you know the conditioned response? Your language, skill, driving skills, professions, the pattern of behaviors and pattern of emotion, fear or anxiety or excitement are CONDITIONED RESPONSES. Even Walking, naming, ritual, taboos are coded in the mind of people, dogs, or tamed animals as conditioned responses. infant left in Jungle will have the conditioned responses of the animals which adopt him.
Maybe he will like to crawl instead of walk.WHAT HAPPENS if golden time: formation of the brain and vital social skills lack vital things? Forget the useless assumption. As I know, many Ph.D. have the highest degree in psychology but do not live well with husband and family, rigid knowledge does not help us much.

Confucius teaching is the philosophy that all Vietnamese practice in everyday life. Vietnamese are influenced by the ideas of some philosophers in history.Food and luck, we can eat many foods, but some foods we should not eat at the beginning of the lunar month. We only should eat some foods at the end of the lunar month if we want to avoid bad luck.

The taboos change from region to region and religion to religion. It is much funnier that recently, most students have the belief of not eating a banana before exams because they may fail like slipping on banana cover; even we make worship with the banana. It is better for them to eat some beans because beans in Vietnamese spelled “đỗ”, which has the same homophone with “Passing”; and students can eat chicken but they do eat duck, eggs, or squid before an important exam.Other like Taking photos of three, perhaps it is relating to the story of three Kitchen Gods. No one can give the correct answer for when, where and why these taboos and traditional customs appeared, but these taboos and concepts are silently controlling all of our behavior.Understanding the conditioned responses, we can explain all the behaviors of the people around us. When children are young, they study by observing and practicing. Then they will remember the things that should do with the feeling of safety, joy, pain, and happiness. On the other hand, they will remember the things that should not do with the feeling of danger, pain, loss, and stress. They have formed the things that should do and should not do. Every day, they feed their mind with the stories, the myths, misinterpretation of the old teaching, which are the examples of good rewards, gaining with the obeying of should list and of bad punishment, or severe loss with the activity of disobeying should list. They feed their mind consciously or unconsciously with the information from the surrounding environment.

The things that should or should not do now become the things that have to do and have not to do to bring for them survival and safety. The concepts like should list and should not list adopted during childhood now may become the belief or strong belief in religious belief. Their unconscious mind and conscious mind embed the set of religious belief. The unconscious mind and religious belief control all other activities. People also introduce their adopted religious belief as a private possession, become part of their life.

The traditional custom and religious belief now become the part of their life, if the subconscious mind or limbic system can detect any things go against their religious belief, they may become upset, irritating, or even get mad to protect these beliefs; sometime they may fight with other, kill others or sacrifice themselves to protect the adopted belief. Each of thing that should do or has to do in the teaching of traditional custom and religious now become part of their life, they may unconsciously spend all things they have to protect that should do the thing. Each thing in should list seems like an invisible net put on them. The more of things in should list, the thicker and the stronger the invisible net of the web. The invisible web control all thinking and behaviors of people, and control all the process of thinking and working with the conscious mind and unconscious mind. The invisible web may distort all the view and perception of these people about the environment and event happened to them in the direction of supporting the belief.

The mind blindly becomes a good servant for the strong belief. If these people do any things against their traditional or religious customs, they may become anxious, worried, irritated and stressed by the arousal of the autonomic nervous system with the symptoms described in table two “Side effects of three chemicals creating stress”.Let see some of the examples to illustrate:

If two people in a family die within 100 days from each other, and the people in this family do not spend a large amount of money on several elaborate rituals to expel the bad spell. Most of the time, they will reinterpret any difficulties, problems as the indication of not making rituals to expel the bad spell. More often, they will feel uncomfortable, ill, tired, irritated; they will have more nightmare, and sometime they may get hallucination. Adopted the custom or taboo, they have the strong belief that the result of violating the traditional custom and taboos will appear soon. In fact, if people obsessed with taboos, the law of belief and law attraction will attract proofs to confirm the taboos. Obsessing with the taboos, the mind is conditioning to direct all of its power to prove what said in taboos.

This is the reason why all of the people who violated their religious belief and traditional custom will meet the problems in health, work and life.If before an important exam, students eat meals with egg, banana and duck meat, some of them will be more nervous than the student eat other food.I want to use the story: “tying up a cat in a monastery” as an explanation for many of human rituals, taboos or beliefs. “When the spiritual teacher and his disciples began their evening meditation, the cat lived in the monastery made such a noise that it distracted them.

So the teacher ordered his disciples to tie up the cat during the evening practice. Years later, when the teacher died, the cat continued to be tied up during the meditation session. When the cat eventually died, another cat was brought to the monastery and be tied up during the meditation session. Even centuries later, learned descendants of the spiritual teacher wrote scholarly treatises about the religious significance of tying up a cat for meditation practice.” To some extent, this story can help us to understand the origins of our adopted belief, taboos, and rituals. Most of us as human beings only follow these rituals without any wandering or concerning, even some of the rituals may cause pain, harm, and loss of ourselves and other people.Let see another example, when you come to a party in Asia, you eat delicious roasted meat; it is the most deliciously sticky, glazed exterior meat that you have ever eat. So that you want to ask the receipt and the name of meat you have to eat. You ask the cook to explain to you. What will your responses when you hear the answer? Do you think that your taboos, your religious belief or your belief have the influence on your response after hearing?

The cook answers, the meat is:–          Pork-          Beef-          Lamb-          Dog meat Do you recognize any responses in your organs? As personal research about the belief, I guess that:If your religion is Hinduism, you will vomit or have strange taste in the mouth when hearing that meat is beef. You will have the feeling of nausea, irritation, and discomfort with belief that you have committed a guilty.If your religion is Islam, you will vomit or have strange taste in the mouth when hearing that meat is pork.

You will have the feeling of nausea, irritation, and discomfort with belief that you have committed a guilty.If your religion is Christianity, you were born and raised in Europe or America; you may vomit or have strange taste in the mouth when hearing that meat is dog meat. You will have the feeling of nausea, irritation, and discomfort with belief that you have committed a guilty.If your religion is Christianity, you were born in Korea, China or Vietnam; you will feel good and tend to ask about the receipt when hearing that meat is dog meat. You do not have the feeling of nausea, irritation, and discomfort at all.

If you are a monk living in Korea, China, Vietnam, and other countries; you will vomit or have strange taste in the mouth when hearing that the food you eat made from any animal meat. You will have the feeling of nausea, irritation, and discomfort with belief that you have committed a guilty.The fact is if you are from China, Korean, and Vietnam, you will like to eat all delicious roasted meat made from any meat from pork, beef, lamb, and dog meat. Is that the meat make people have responses when eating the meat served as food around the world? The answer is no. With the human being, the belief and feeling in eating are much more important than the food.

To some extent, the belief and feeling can create the quality of eating more than the food can create. If people eat food, which is their belief or religious belief forbid or they think that this food is poisonous, they may have the symptoms of food poisoning. These symptoms may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, chill, and strange tastes in the mouth. With some people, the perception about the food may create many more conditioned responses than the food can create. I have heard a lot of story like that: many westerners visit Vietnam, after eating food, they like it and give a good comment about the food. However, right after people said the food made from dog meat; some of the foreigners immediately vomit and have the feeling of nausea.Most of the people are the products of the environment, of the regional customs and regional religions that they do not know. They have conditioned to become part of their community. They may think that the adopted religions, customs, and philosophy are part of their identity. Even worse, they force others to have the same belief and religious with us. Some people even use the violence, threatening or killing to force others. A lot of wars, fighting between individual to individual, village to village, commune to commune, people to people, and countries to countries because they have the conflicting perception of reality.

Worst of all is the wars between different religious, human beings are willing to sacrifice themselves and other lives to do the things that they perceive that they should do to protect their religion. Some human beings so blindly become the products of the environment that they have been conditioned by the environment with some evil actions like beating, destroying and killing other human beings to protect their belief, their tangible or intangible properties. The root cause of miseries in the world is ignorance; all miseries caused by violent actions, ignorant actions under the mask of noble purposes. The cover of noble purposes makes people so blind that the violent actions they make at home, offices, communities are the right needed action for noble purposes.In fact, human beings can create many good conditioned responses inside the body just by imagination or focus the mind on specific subjects. This is the mechanism of many techniques and therapies like art therapy, breathing exercises, chiropractic, dance therapy, guided imagery, guided meditation, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, meditation, music therapy, osteopathic manipulation, prayer, progressive muscle relaxation, Tai chi, and yoga, which help people to create wanting changes in health, performances and quality of living.

These therapies only bring the best result when it forces people in the way of the pursuit of knowledge to remove their ignorance. If the therapist applies one of these therapies to people, it is better if the close relative of these people to participate in the process of treatment.Let do this exercise by cross-matching column of meat with the column of regions, belief, and religions with you and your relatives With each matching, can you figure out the corresponding responses? Doing these exercise as often as possible will help you understand the responses of other people around you. With the right understanding of the belief and conditioned responses, you can create as many changes as you want in you and others.

Table 10: food, animals, religions and conditioned responses

MeatReligious, belief, regionsResponses
Dog meatTaoism
CrocodileWesterner: American, French, Italian, Australian
Shark FinEasterner: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, India

Let see the traditional custom and funeral rituals to understand how strange other people believe. If people traveling a lot, they will find out that the funeral rituals varies a lot from region to region, country to country, and religion to religion. I have attended a lot of funerals of my relatives and my friend’s relatives since my childhood. I have seen many strange rituals taken place. People do these different rituals without any hesitation or concern. You can follow the links below to understand how strange other people think and do with their traditions and funeral rituals.

The weird traditions and strange customs

You can review the weird traditions and strange customs and taboos around the world from “Twenty weird traditions from around the world” from lolwot.com some strange customs that you do not know:· Whipping women on the butt (Czech Republic)· Greeting Magpies (UK)

· Cinnamon on all the single ladies (Denmark)

· Boot tossing (Finland)· Wife carrying contests (Finland)

· Cleaning doorknobs on 30th birthday (Germany) if the women are unmarried.

· Congratulating the entire family on one person’s birthday (Netherlands)

·  Teeth tossing in Greece: people throw a baby’s recently liberated tooth on their roofs.

·   Avoiding using red ink to write someone’s name in South Korea, because the red ink was used to write down names of dead people.

Therefore, it is considered a taboo to write someone’s name in red

.· The Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

Tomato craze in Spain: La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday in August. People throw tomatoes at one another in the lighthearted good fun.· The Blackening and Henna weddings in Muslim countries: the bride’s family surround her and paint designs on her feet, arms and hands to symbolize womanhood, provide fertility and luck to the woman.

This happens two days before the wedding

· Camel wrestling in Turkey: Many spectators are delighted to watch two male camels fight

Footbinding in China: Young girls were compelled to go through the painful process of foot binding.· Eating The Ashes Of Loved Ones. The Yonamamo tribe of Brazil. When a person dies, his or her body is burnt. The bone and ash powder is mixed into a plantain soup that the people attending will drink. They believe that this pleases the dead soul as it finds a resting place in their bodies.

· Piercings in India: It is strange how Hindus show their devotion to the Lord through piercing their body parts including the tongue.

· Kanamara Matsuri in Japan is a fertility festival or the Penis Festival. In recent years, this festival has become really popular among foreign tourists; every year it gets bigger and bigger. Outstanding figures are the penis forms are the central theme of the event, and the penis-shaped lollipops are devoured by the young and the old.Some Japanese customs that are shocking to foreign travelers from business insider.· In Japan, the number four is avoided at all cost.

The number four is avoided because it sounds very similar to the word for death pronounced by Chinese. And the number 49 is especially unlucky, as it sounds similar to the phrase which means “pain until death “. In my understanding, this is the influence of Chinese culture with these number and the pronunciation of these world in the Chinese-Japanese world have the same spelling with bad luck. Vietnamese also have some same taboos relating to these numbers as Japanese.

·  Tipping can be seen as insulting. Tipping is considered rude – and can even be seen as a degrading.·  People will sleep on the trains with their head on your shoulder. If someone falls asleep with their head on your shoulder in Japan, it is common practice to just tolerate it.

· Pouring your own glass is considered rude. If you have poured for others, another guest will hopefully see that your drink is empty, and pour for you.

Unusual death rituals

Some unusual death rituals retrieved from “25 Unusual Death Rituals from Around the World” from http://cloudmind.info make me afraid of what other people believe about death and afterlife.

I dare not to see some pictures in the article. I just rewrite some rituals that do not cause fear for the readers. Reading these funeral rituals and reviewing Vietnamese funeral rituals, I know that people around the world have different belief and perception about death. So that they practice the funeral ritual based on the belief of the right thing to do. I wonder if a Vietnamese man, a Chinese man or you die, how about if the relatives use one of these funeral rituals. What will the relatives think? What is their emotion during and after experiencing one of these rituals applied to his relatives?

Sky Burials Tibetan Buddhist Celestial Burials “Sky Burials” — the tradition of chopping up the dead into small pieces and giving the remains to animals, particularly birds. Sometimes the body is left intact.

In Buddhism, a dead body is seen as an empty vessel and is not commemorated.Sati Sati was a funerary practice among some Hindu communities in which recently widowed women immolated themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre. The custom was seen as a voluntary act, but there were many instances in which women were forced to commit Sati. Although the practice is outlawed and illegal in today’s India, yet it occurs up to the present day and is still regarded by some Hindus as the ultimate form of womanly devotion and sacrifice. Interestingly, India was not the first and only culture to adopt the tradition. Other ancient societies that practiced something similar to Sati included the Egyptians, Greeks, Goths, and Scythians.

Self-Mummification Self-Mummification practiced seemingly exclusively by Japanese Sokushinbutsu Buddhist monks, the rite of self-mummification was intended as a means of demonstrating dedication and spirituality

EndocannibalismThe Yanomamo community in South America still eats the ash and ground bones of the deceased after cremation. The Yanomamo tribes of Venezuela and Brazil practiced endocannibalism by mixing the ashes of the deceased with a plantain soup and then drinking it.The chief tribesman of the West-African Junkun tribe eats the hearts of his predecessors, as a way of placing himself away from the normal society where he administers. Thus, many uncivilized tribes were known to practice this act within their communities. Today it has ceased in most places, but may continue in certain remote parts.

LifeGem – a dazzling death! People can now wear their loved ones on their fingers. To create the shiny crystal, this American company called LifeGem takes a person’s cremated remains, turns them into graphite then places it into a diamond press.

The Viking Funeral You should not know this inhuman funeral ritual. According to the historical account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan, a 10th-century Arab Muslim writer, the ritual following the death of a chieftain was exceptionally brutal.

Ritual Finger Amputation In West Papua, New Guinea, when a loved one passed on, the Dani people used to cut off their own fingers. This ritual is now banned but was allegedly practiced to drive away spirits as well as to use physical pain as a form of expression.

Funeral StrippersTaiwan showgirls are known to strip for the dead during religious events in order to “appease the wandering spirits.”In China’s Donghai region, funerals are actually status symbols. A dead man’s reputation and honor are considered to be directly proportional to the number of people who attend his funeral. So, the relatives hire strippers to pull the crowds. The Chinese authorities have started cracking down on the practice of incessant media glare. 

Famadihana – Turning of the BonesThe celebration is often held once every five or seven years and is a time of joyous family reunions. The Malagasy people of Madagascar have a celebration for the dead by exhuming the bodies and dressing them in new clothes or cloth. The spirit of the deceased joins the ancestors after the body has decomposed. Then, the Malagasy dance with the corpses around the tomb to live music.Tana Toraja in Eastern IndonesiaFunerals in Tana Toraja, in eastern Indonesia, are epic affairs that involve an entire village and can last anywhere from a couple days to weeks. The burial ceremony has music, dance, and a feast for a number of guests. Understandably, death here is an extravagant occasion with a huge price tag. The relatives of the deceased are given a reprieve. Sacrificial water buffalo are slaughtered to carry the soul of the deceased into the afterlife. But that moment could take years. In the meantime, they are considered one “who is asleep” or a “sick man” and are placed in special rooms within the home and symbolically fed, included in the daily routines and conversations, cared for and taken out-remaining a part of their relative’s lives. An actual burial takes place when the family is prepared for it and the coffin is placed in a grave, a cave, or hanging on a cliff. The Torajans do not consider physical death at the end of the line. Instead, death is considered only part of the gradual process toward “Puya,” or the Land of Souls.Torajan death ritual -“tomb sweeping,”- is taken to a morbid extreme. Depending on the village, every one to five years, families reunite to exhume the bodies of their deceased relatives, clean up the inside of their coffins, and, if the mummified bodies are in solid enough condition, give their ancestors a fresh change of clothes. Some parts of this ritual are the same as the ritual in Vietnam.

Santhara or Fasting to DeathIndia, Santhara begins after a person decides their life has served its purpose and they are ready for spiritual purification. This practice is often seen as a form of suicide or euthanasia. 

Fantasy CoffinsIn Ghana, the death of a loved one is a time to mourn for them as well as a time to celebrate their life. Instead of being buried in a traditional coffin, carpenters fashion out caskets symbolizing the deceased person’s life, including their character traits or status in society.

Some are quite creative and made into fish, coke bottles, animals, or beer cans.What happens if each group of people interchanges their funeral rituals with other groups? Will they feel fine, at ease by switching to the funeral ritual for their relative?

Autism -ADHD - Depression The hidden relation reveals the cause, prediction, prevention and ...


14. A brief history of humankind

“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men”  “We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities… still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.” “We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of the universe, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.”  Charles Darwin

Sometimes I wonder when seeing some discussions or forums discuss God is real or not. Many modern people are still arguing about the existence of God, the ideas of God and the creation of God. Many people still believe the story of “Seven Days of Creation” to explain creation on earth. Their religious belief is so strong that they ignore all the scientific experiments proved the evolution of the world. The “Theory of evolution by Darwin” gives the human a thorough understanding of the origin of creatures and the origin of human beings. All of the applications of human beings on agriculture, medicine, biology and many other sciences based on the theory of evolution.

Recently, I have met a man with bachelor degree try to convince me to believe the teaching of God in the Bible. He totally agrees with the concept of the world has been created in seven days. Moreover, he still insisted on the theory of evolution by Darwin is wrong. He is so stubborn to try to convince me what he believes. It is quite difficult for people who have two set of beliefs one for daily life and scientific life and one for religious life. The conflicting between these two beliefs sometimes make them getting stuck in problems, denying new ideas, or even creating pain for themselves and other people; bearing the conflicting is like bearing a heavy burden preventing from development. It would be great if people can combine these two beliefs into one. Science and religion are the two important parts that complement each other to create a good life. As an Atheist, perhaps I accept the theory proved by science easier than the people who obsess with the religious belief.We live in the seamless web of phenomena so that we never find a concrete or constant thing. We use the words, symbols, or definitions to make us the process of consciousness easier.

The process of consciousness like thinking, imagination, and many functions of the brain that process countless phenomena become easier with words, definition, symbols, and emotion. Words, symbols, definitions are the products of cognitive thinking, they make the mind easier to understand the situation by relating to the known things and the process of thinking is easier and much more effective. Even the words, symbols, and definitions change gradually by the raising awareness of human beings. To understand the process of thinking, let see some definitions from Wikipedia.The thought is a mental act that allows humans to make sense of things in the world, and to represent and interpret them in ways that are significant, or which accord with their needs, attachments, goals, commitments, plans, ends, desires, etc.Thinking involves the symbolic or semiotic mediation of ideas or data, as when we form concepts, engage in problem-solving, reasoning, and making decisions.

Thinking is also deeply connected with our capacity to make and use tools; to understand cause and effect; to recognize patterns of significance; to comprehend and disclose unique contexts of experience or activity, and to respond to the world in a meaningful way.Words that refer to similar concepts and processes include deliberation, cognition, ideation, discourse, and imagination.Memory is the ability to preserve, retain, and subsequently recall, knowledge, information, or experience.Imagination is the activity of generating or evoking novel situations, images, ideas or other qualia in the mind. It is a characteristically subjective activity, rather than direct or indirect experience.

The term is used in psychology for the process of reviving in the mind percepts of objects formerly given in sense perception.Consciousness comprises qualities such as subjectivity, sentience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one’s environment. Some philosophers divide consciousness into phenomenal consciousness, which is the subjective experience itself, and access consciousness, which refers to the global availability of information to processing systems in the brain.
From some simple phenomena, these phenomena freely interact with each other create many more phenomena in the way of interacting. Compound over time, the interaction of some simple phenomena can immense phenomena. These phenomena interconnect into the seamless web. The interaction of phenomena is the best explanation for the forming of the universe and the best explanation for the creating of living on earth from some simple materials.

The earth only had some inorganic elements described in Mendeleev’s periodic table around four billion years ago. The names of these inorganic elements are the perceptions of the human mind to concrete the characters or a combination of specific phenomena inside the inorganic elements. The free interactions of these inorganic elements created organic elements. Over billions of years, some simple form of life created from the chemical reactions that produced many of the simpler organic compounds, including nucleobases and amino acids. Immense phenomena created over billions of years.How did human beings appear?

The first animals classified in the genus Homo had appeared from the evolution of small African ape ten million years ago. The process of evolution was still slowly for millions of years. Throughout more than 90% of human timeline, Homo sapiens lived in small bands as nomadic hunter-gatherers. As language became more complex, the ability to remember and communicate information resulted. Ideas could be exchanged quickly and passed down through the generations. Cultural evolution quickly outpaced biological evolution, and history proper began.

Cosmic calendar

Looking at the cosmic calendar zoomed in one year of human beings for easier understanding the formation of life and human beings; we will know how special human beings are. All the concepts and the name of spices, cells in the cosmic calendar are taught in high school in the subject of history and biology.

·  1st January to 6th September or the Big Bag to the 4.4 billion years ago is the forming of the Universe. The oldest rocks known on Earth are 4.4 billion years old.Evolution of life on Earth

– Then from 14th September or 4.1 billion years ago, the evolution of life on earth began from “biotic life” found in 4.1 billion-year-old rocks in Western Australia, to first life of Prokaryotes.

·  30th September: photosynthesis began

· 29th October or 2.4 billion years ago is the oxygenation of the atmosphere, creatures can live on the surface of the earth.· 5th December or 0.8 billion years ago started the first multicellular life.· 7th December started the simple animals.

·14th December: started Arthropods (ancestors of insects, arachnids)·  17th December started to fish and Proto-amphibians

·  20th December started land plants

·  21st December started insects and seeds

·  22nd December          started amphibians

·  23rd December           started reptiles

·  24 December: big events: Permian-Triassic extinction event, 90% of species die out.

· 25 December or 230 million years ago started   dinosaurs

·  26 December started   mammals

·  27 December started birds

·  28 December started flowers

· 30 Dec, 06:24 am or 65 million years ago       Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, Non-avian Dinosaurs Died Out The start of human evolution is on the last day of the year of the Cosmic calendar:· 30th December or 65 million years ago started primates

· 31 December, 6:05 am started apes

· 31 December, 2:24 pm or 12.3 million years ago, started hominids

· 31 December 10:24 pm or 2.5 million years ago started primitive humans and stone stools

·31 December 11:44 pm or 0.4 million years ago started domestication of fire·31 December, 23:52 pm or    0.2 million years ago started anatomically modern humans

· 31 December, 23:55 pm        0.11 million years ago: the          beginning of the most recent glacial period

· 31 Dec, 23:58 pm     or 35000 years ago: started first   sculpture and painting

· 31 Dec, 23:59:32 pm 12000 years ago started agricultureBegin with human history is the last second in the New Year’s Eve of the Cosmic calendar.

· 31 Dec, 23:59:33 pm or        12000 years ago:            End of the Ice Age·31 Dec, 23:59:41 pm or 8300 years ago: the flooding of Doggerland – an area now beneath the southern North Sea that connected Great Britain to continental Europe during and after the last glacial period.

· 31 Dec, 23:59:46 pm            or 6000 years ago: Chalcolithic· 31 Dec, 23:59:47      pm or 5500 years ago: Early Bronze Age; Proto-writing; Building of Stonehenge Cursus

· 31 Dec, 23:59:48      pm or 5000 years ago:    First Dynasty of Egypt, the early dynastic period in Sumer, Beginning of Indus Valley civilization

· 31 Dec, 23:59:49      pm or 4500 years ago     Alphabet, Akkadian Empire, Wheel· 31 Dec, 23:59:51 pm            or 4000 years ago:          Code of Hammurabi, Middle Kingdom of Egypt

· 31 Dec, 23:59:52 pm            or 3500 years ago           Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age; Minoan eruption

· 31 Dec, 23:59:53 pm or        3000 years ago   Iron Age; Beginning of Classical Antiquity ‘

· 31 Dec, 23:59:54 pm or        2500 years ago: Buddha, Mahavira, Zoroaster, Confucius, Qin Dynasty, Classical Greece, Ashokan Empire, Vedas Completed, Euclidean geometry, Archimedean Physics, Roman Republic

· 31 Dec, 23:59:55 pm or        2000 years ago   Ptolemaic astronomy, Roman Empire, Christ, Invention of Numeral 0, Gupta Empire· From 2500 years ago to 2000 years ago is the time of flourishing of philosophers, religious leaders of human beings.

· 31 Dec, 23:59:56      pm 1500 years ago         Muhammad, Maya civilization, Song Dynasty, Rise of Byzantine Empire

· 31 Dec, 23:59:58      pm 1000 years ago         Mongol Empire, Maratha Empire, Crusades, Christopher Columbus Voyages to the Americas, Renaissance in Europe, Classical Music to the Time of Johann Sebastian BachThe current second of the cosmic calendar

· 31 Dec, 23:59:59 pm            Modern history; the last 437.5 years before present, is the time of major inventions and creation and development of human beings.

Facts of human history reveal mysterious of humankind:

Between 8500 and 7000 BC, humans in the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East began the systematic husbandry of plants and animals: agriculture. Adopting agriculture increased productivity provided by farming allowed the population to expand. Agriculture had a major impact; humans began to affect the environment as never before.

Surplus food allowed a priestly or governing class to arise, followed by an increasing division of labor. This led to Earth’s first civilization at Sumer in the Middle East, between 4000 and 3000 BC. Additional civilizations quickly arose in ancient Egypt, at the Indus River valley, and in China. The invention of writing enabled complex societies to arise. Record, keeping, and libraries served as a storehouse of knowledge and increased the cultural transmission of information. Humans no longer had to spend all their time working for survival, enabling the first specialized occupations like craftsmen, merchants, priests, etc… Curiosity and education drove the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, and various disciplines, including primitive science, arose. This, in turn, led to the emergence of increasingly larger and more complex civilizations, such as the first empires, which at times traded with one another, or fought for territory and resources.

By around 500 BC, there were advanced civilizations in the Middle East, Iran, India, China, and Greece, at times expanding, at times entering into decline. In 221 BC, China became a single polity that would grow to spread its culture throughout East Asia. The religious, philosophical, and customs of China and India have been mixing to create the religious, philosophy and customs in Eastern Asia. These mixing of religious customs and philosophy have remained in some countries in Eastern Asia. In the feudal system in Vietnam and China, if the feudal mandarins had made the big contribution to the development of the feudal system, after dying they might become the Holy Spirits just by a decree of the King.

The King of feudal system decreed that the people of the community built a temple as a worship place for the loyal mandarin. After that, the people in the community have held a ceremony or regional festival every year on the date that the loyal mandarin died. Some of the regional festivals are still held by the people of the community to the present time. There are many regional festivals held every year in Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan. These festivals are the occasions for the people to worship their Holy Spirit and their ancestors. One tradition in Asia is any death individuals, after dying their pictures will be put on the altar of the family for the family members make worship. The pictures of dead people may be put next to the pictures of Buddha and many other Holy Spirits.The Kings in the feudal system use the religious as a tool to rule their peoples.

Many myths created to make people think that the kings were the representative of God. The words of kings, the decisions, or the decrees were the imperial edicts. These imperial edicts were like the orders of God. People had to kneel to listen to the imperial edicts of kings. In Vietnamese history, a king who had made one serious wrong imperial edict to exterminate Nguyen Trai, an illustrious Vietnamese Confucian scholar, a noted poet, a skilled politician and a master strategist, along with their entire extended families, approximately one hundred people. Kings in the feudal system were as powerful as God; they could make the punishment of nine familial exterminations or nine kinship exterminations; the punishment could make one hundred innocent people with little resistance. Twenty years later after the extermination of Nguyen Trai, the king Lê Thanh Tong officially pardoned Nguyen Trai, saying that he was wholly innocent in the death of King Le Thai Tong. Then Nguyen Trai was divinized; people started to build tempers to make worship Nguyen Trai as a Holy Spirit. Relating to the death of one hundred people of Nguyen’s family because of the feudal governors’ injustice, there was a rumor about the revenge of poisonous snake spread among the common people. Many people believed this rumor. They were so afraid of this rumor, afraid that poisonous may revenge them so that they dared not to talk about this event. Even many people in Vietnam recently still believe if the disaster happened to someone, it is maybe the revenge of the poisonous snake.The punishment by nine exterminations was popular in ancient China, Korea, and Vietnam.

The punishment by nine exterminations is usually associated with the tyrannical rulers throughout Chinese history who were prone to use inhumane methods of asserting control compare with slow slicing, or “death by ten thousand cuts”. The first written account of the concept is in the Classic of History, officers would threaten their subordinates that they would exterminate their families if they refused to obey orders. Kings and yellow emperors considered God, with severe punishments or sentence punishments, the myths, belief, and philosophy, the governors had created the conditioned obey without any resistance. If people disobeyed any decisions of the yellow emperors, they would be frightening or became panicking.

No one, even the richest man, the strongest man could have enough the courage to resist the orders of the kings if they wanted to have a good life.The fundamentals of Western civilization were largely shaped in Ancient Greece with the world’s first democratic government and major advances in philosophy, science, and mathematics. In Ancient Rome shaped major advances in law, government, and engineering.The Roman Empire was Christianized by Emperor Constantine in the early fourth century and declined by the end of the fifth century.Beginning with the seventh century, Christianization of Europe began. The teaching of different religions makes differences in the organization of pagodas and churches.

In pagoda in eastern Asia, there are many statues of the holy spirits that people do not know, and the statue of Buddha, sometimes I even see the picture of a monk who has just gone, sometimes the pagodas are much more chaos than churches. There is no image of any dead people on the altars or churches. Looking for the answer, I find the commandments of God “You shall have no other gods before Me. And you shall not make idols”. The fact is there is no teaching of Buddha-like this. This finding leads to the conclusion that we are the product of the things we believe.

In 610, Islam founded and quickly became the dominant religion in Western Asia. The House of Wisdom established in Abbasid-era Baghdad, Iraq. It considered having been a major intellectual center during the Islamic Golden Age, where Muslim scholars in Baghdad and Cairo flourished from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries until the Mongol sack of Baghdad in 1258 AD.In 1054, the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church led to the prominent cultural differences between Western and Eastern Europe.

In the 14th century, the Renaissance began in Italy with advances in religion, art, and science. At that time, the Christian Church as a political entity lost much of its power.In 1492, Christopher Columbus reached the Americas, initiating great changes to the new world. European civilization began to change beginning in 1500, leading to the scientific and industrial revolutions.

That continent began to exert political and cultural dominance over human societies around the world.From 1914 to 1918 the nations around the world were embroiled World War I, and from 1939 to 1945 the nations around the world were embroiled in World War II. Established following World War I, the League of Nations was a first step in establishing international institutions to settle disputes peacefully. After failing to prevent World War II, the bloodiest conflict of humankind, the League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations. After the war, many new states were formed, declaring or being granted independence in a period of decolonization.

The United States and the Soviet Union became the world’s dominant superpowers for a time.The big question was Adolf Hitler the man created World War II? Would World War II have happened if Adolf Hitler had drowned when he was a child?  Or was the War the product of disputes and conflicts of the beliefs, philosophies, and opinions among human kind of that time?Reading the brief of human history, we may see that human beings are the creators and receivers of phenomena relating to human life. We are the servants of our own belief, customs, religion, rituals, and taboos, which are the products or opinions of previous philosophers. Each stage of human history has its own characters with the events, people and the dominating philosophy. Millions of people died in these events are just the small dots in the chapter of dominating philosophy in human history.

Human beings have been conditioned so silently and sophisticatedly that we may think that our beliefs, opinions, actions, behaviors, customs, religions, rituals, and taboos are parts of their constant identities or Egos. We sometimes obsess about our beliefs, opinions, religions, rituals, and taboos so much that we may beat, threaten, or kill others if they violate one of the thoughts.Talking about the definition of religions, I love the teaching of Muhammad Ali:“Rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams – they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do – they all contain truths.” In my understanding, religions are the powerful belief, the belief comes from the thinking of protecting, caring, loving and giving from their Holy Spirits. All people will become equal under the caring of their Holy Spirit. With the protecting, caring, giving and loving from their God, people will feel safe to dare to work more, dream more, risk more, sacrifice more and take more action.

All customs, rituals, and behavior like praying, asking, worshipping will reinforce the belief of people. Believing will make people feel safe in danger; they will more open to others, and more generous than in a stressed state. Believing will activate the happy state of mind to make people take more good behaviors.In the human world, religions that are the most powerful invisible forces control the behaviors of human beings. From the table some religions in the world, Can you imagine how well for you if you adopt one of these religions, or do the ideas contrasted to your religious rituals?Can you have a clear answer what is your religion, what is your cousin’s religion, what is your friend religion, what is your spouse religion? And Why do you, your friend and your spouse have that religion?

Table 11: Some religions in the world



Meditation, alternative therapies, NLP, Affirmation, love-hug-kindness can help to control and master the mind.Science reaches to the fail of finding a single cause of the diseases from the mind: mental illness, thinking, and poor abilities.Because the mind is not like the body.

The body will give away all you put in just in several hours or days according to its half-life: food, vegetable, medicines, chemical, additives, mercury, gold, nutrition. Even the body can heal the small abnormal cause by X-ray.But the mind keeps all in the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Millions of events, phenomena called Negative thinking, negative events, negative emotions, and negative experiences compound into the disease in mind, brain, body, abilities, genes, and health. It covers all terminologies in medical books. They are interdependent factors.

How can Scientist figure out a single CAUSE?5 minutes of rapping can affect the whole life.5 minutes of abusing can make victims fear whole life1 minute of bombing, earthquake, the killing can affect their whole life.It creates the conditioned of Fight and Flight that they can not consciously control.WAIT: but all successful people have experienced this. How? Do only medication?Nop: medication can help to control and relieve but cannot cure.Some Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, their friends, and their heroes, teachers.Who teaches this? Jame Allen, Abraham Maslow, Napoleon Hill, Benjamin Franklin, John Maxwell, Norman Vincent Peal, Buddha, God, hundreds of Self Help authors, leaders and religious leaders.

They teach:Causes and EffectsSowing and reapingCompound effects of millions of interdependent causes/effects.Try to find a single cause: we will fail.And SCIENTISTS HIT THE PARADOXESThis makes Autistic Robot with extremely high IQ cannot catch the abilities of human beings.Overstress may make depression and poor learning in adults so what does stress make on kids and infants. What pills for all?I see many victims.How, what pills for irrational hysterical coded Stress mind/ World???Pavlov has taught about Conditioned Reflex.NLP take advantages of this with the science of mind and achievement.All art of communicating is using the knowledge of mind to talk, discuss and persuade people based on the need of people.THINGS ALL SHOULD KNOW IS PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED BY HUMAN DRIVE: certainty, uncertainty, love and connection, significance, Growth, and contribution.Anger, anxiety, behavior, depressed, name, lack of mindfulness, lack of concentration, taboo, fear, happiness are Conditioned Responses; the are unconsciously coded and silently control us.It can explain why Alternative therapies help. So best of all is an effective combination of the advantages of all therapist.Do you think the pills that pharmacy sell, therapist recommend, and Ph.D. created work for you? It is good for acute, know the causes.

But IT JUST MAKE TEMPORARY and short-term. FOR LONG TERM, forget medication, start to find meditation.


The right definition of stress: human beings have basic human needs described by Abraham Maslow. Anything threatens of satisfying these needs will lead to Fight and Flight responses.

IF people cannot change the situation, threaten, they will be the victims of STRESS AND STRESS HORMONES.Felt signs caught by the Religious leader, artist, Educator, better than Ph.D., Scientist & Autistic machine. So NLP, affirmation, meditation is better than medicine, punishmentHow can we heal, prevent, treat the things we do not know?

A lot of resources put in researching and carrying out but the trend of Suicide, Autism, ADHD, Gunfire are Soaring???Autism, Depression, ADHD: need to read 3 signals:

1. Indifference: low energy/activities

2. Fight: overreact to things.

3. Flight: to the crowd has fear, anxiety, withdraw

Every day, approximately 121 Americans take their own life. Ninety percent of all people who die by suicide have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.

PARADOXES OF HARVARDPARADOXES OF SCIENCEPARADOXES OF THE MORE.SORRY, With Coded hysterical angry stressed MIND/men, any tools: bottles, cars, trucks, airplanes, GUNS, protective tools, gas, protective weapons can become the tools to cheat, harm, make hurt or kill others.But with Coded grateful, happy, kind, peaceful MIND/men, any tools: bottles, cars, trucks, airplanes, GUNS, protective tools, gas, protective weapons can become the tools to help, make peace or heal others.It is not controlling the gun, but the most important is control the things that make the head use the gunIt is not gun-control but most important is control what makes the mind want to use the gun to fire.

SLEEPNESS COME FROM WORRY OF THE DISEASES OF YOUR CHILD, THE ANGER OF THE WORKPLACE, THE FEAR OF YOUR FAULT MAY BE REVEALED. What’s pill?Pressure from Work, School, Study, Family. Ability smaller than PRESSURE leads to Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Headache, Distraction, Upset Stomach, and Blood pressure, blood glucose always raises for FIGHT & FLIGHT Mechanism.Problems start from MIND, MINDSET.They may suffer the minor or severe effect of STRESS.

Problems come from Mindset, Symptomatic medication is useless, that is why patients have to take medication for weeks, months, years or the lifetime to calm the symptoms of Chronic diseases down.WHEN WILL WE INTERPRET STATE or QUALITY of the HUMAN MIND into EVENTS, DISEASES, and DISASTERS.EVENTS: gunfire, homicide;DISEASES: autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide, Chronic diseases, and DISASTERS: flood, Tsunami, Earthquake…and its increasing TREND is interdependent phenomena?

Question to ponder:Two girls are traveling through a war zone to their office for an important project. They see a lot of beating, screaming, killing, bombing, blood, and dead bodies on road. One has a religious object in her hand with the thinking of being cared for and protected from Holy Spirits.

Another girl is an atheist and does not have anything in hand make her has a feeling of safety.Who will feel safer?Who will feel stressed?Who will work better at the office?The relation between religion and committed suicideGroup of researchers: Lawrence RE, Oquendo MA, Stanley B. have found the relationship between religion and suicide risk: “ After adjusting for social support measures, religious service attendance is not especially protective against suicidal ideation, but does protect against suicide attempts, and possibly protects against suicide.”

The other group of researchers: Dervic K, Oquendo MA, Grunebaum MF, Ellis S, Burke AK, Mann JJ. Have found that: “Religious affiliation is associated with less suicidal behavior in depressed inpatients. After other factors were controlled, it was found that greater moral objections to suicide and lower aggression level in religiously affiliated subjects may function as protective factors against suicide attempts.”

To some extent, religious belief, religious values, and the belief of connection to the Holy Spirits and God, and being protected by their God reduce their stress and burden of the sufferers.Ứng dụng thiền và khí công theo nguyên lý YHCT giúp tăng cường sức khỏe, phòng và chữa bệnh.

Contents of the Book: Awaken you wonderful we


Giúp mọi người thành bác sĩ của chính mình. Và làm dần, đủ độ, khỏi cả bệnh mãn tính, thoái hóa, gai, huyết áp thấp, lạnh tay chân, cao huyết áp, nhịp tim cao tiểu đường.

Sách “Tự chữa bệnh không dùng thuốc” không sử dụng khái niệm y học phức tạp, đưa y học, khoa học, đời thường thành các bài thực hành phổ thông, dễ học, dễ thực hành cho mọi người.

Nguyên lý y học, thực hành thì cơ học, đơn giản. Có nguyên lý của tự khám, cách tự chữa, và tự sờ biết được khỏi hay chưa, còn hay không.

Cơ sở xoa bóp, bấm huyệt biết áp dụng sẽ nhân bội hiệu quả trong trị liệu mà nhàn, không mất sức, quan trọng là tác động tận gốc tạng và gốc khí huyết.

Hội nhóm tình nguyện khi biết làm (chỉ 1 vài buổi) thì cả trăm tình nguyện viên có thể thành nhà trị liệu cho cộng đồng. Và sản phẩm đơn giản, dễ làm, giúp cộng đồng khỏe mãi nhiều năm sau.

Ngành: Gốc thiếu ở nêu vấn đề. Và sai ở nêu giải pháp. Khi bệnh trên cơ thể vật lý chủ yếu chỉ là DO thể TẮC, CỨNG, LẠNH vật lý.

5 phút tự ấn bụng, vỗ lưng, ngực, gõ ấn bàn chân, bàn tay kiểm tra nhanh, sờ nhiệt chân tay là biết thể trạng, khỏe hay không, tắc ở đâu..

Cuốn sách không thể thiếu cho mọi người, cơ sở xoa bóp, bấm huyệt, phòng mạch, và người chăm sóc bệnh nhân.

Tác giả, ds Văn. Admin web Tuchuabenhkhongdungthuoc.com và khóa học online cùng tên.

Tác giả cuốn Awaken You Wonderful We phiên bản tiếng anh trên Amazon.

Và hướng dẫn các khóa online về tâm lý, thiền, chăm sóc trẻ, tự chữa bệnh trên nền tảng Edumall, Unica với hơn 50.000 học viên.

Khỏi không cần thuốc
Mọi LÚC, ở mọi NƠI, với mọi THỨ.

  1. KHI:
    Ngồi xem
    Ngồi chém gió
    Nằm xem
    Nằm chát
    Gọi điện tám
    Xem phim
    Ca hát thở
    Đi trên xe
    Bay trên máy
    Ngồi đợi
    Ngồi không
    Ngồi ăn
    Nằm sấp
    Nằm ngửa
    Đi bộ
    Đạp xe
    Cạnh bàn trà
  2. VỚI ĐỒ
    Ống hút
    Giấy ăn
    Chun, dây tái chế
    Vỏ Chai, bình bỏ đi
    Sỏi, đá, cát, gỗ xung quanh
    Gỗ, ghế, dây, gậy
    Gờ tường, góc, thành ghế
    Chấn song
    Song sắt
    Quen rồi thì
    Mọi thứ trong tầm tay.
    Hơi thở
    Vẩy tay
    Máy sấy tóc
    Dầu gió
    Lược, thìa, đũa, que

    Hì, hà, hù, hóp, ấn, dấn, đưa tay
  3. Ở:
    Công viên
    Cafe quán
    Sân chơi
    Tại giường
    Tại bếp
    Hội thảo
    Đồng ruộng
    Góc phòng
    Bàn trà nhậu
    Cỗ cưới, xin, ma, chay
  4. Khi ăn ĐỦ No
    Đồ ăn dân giã
    Cụ ta xưa
    nghèo đói thèm,
    không kén chọn,
    ăn suốt ngày
    Khỏe suốt đêm
    Đẻ suốt năm
    mà không biết ốm.
    Ăn key:
    Đủ KCAL quan trọng
    Thiếu Kcal là con nhà
    chuẩn chết đói
    ĂN theo
    nhu cầu ăn,
    Hay ngủ,
    Hay gõ máy tính trong nhà lạnh,
    Hay gõ mõ,
    ít vận động tay chân,
    thi đấu,
    hay làm như trâu.
    Có em kêu gầy
    Gầy khác gì đói
    Gầy cần ăn thêm
    Không ăn được thì
    Sau ăn
    Nhẩm kcal,
    dỗ 1 cốc sữa đặc
    Năng lượng hơn 3 bát cơm

    DỄ TRÔI.
    Đừng khôn thế
    Kẻo suy dinh dưỡng trên đống của
    Chết trên đống đồ ăn
    Mua máy đường máu mà đo.
    Tuần 3 lần mà xem.
    Khôn quá hóa dại là HỎNG.
    LINH HOẠT ĐỦ một, hai, ba, bốn
    Sẵn tâm hay giúp người
    Người hay niệm adida
    Tâm phóng sinh
    Ta sẽ tự khỏi
    Tự khỏe
    Tự phòng
    Tự chữa
    Tự đem lại niềm vui cho người
    Cho mình
    Linh Đàm, Hanoi t6/28/5/2021
    Cbkdt Văn
    Còn bệnh ib Zalo 0929550744. Ko thuốc, ko tpcn, liệu pháp tự nhiên.

Tự chữa bệnh ko dùng thuốc: tổng hợp dinh dưỡng, tự vỗ, rung, ép, ấn, cào, chà, thông chỗ tắc: Aa Áa Ái Tị Huyệt. Vô sinh, cao/thấp h.áp, tiểu đường, mỡ máu, mất ngủ, đau mãn, ngứa, viêm da…

TỰ KHÁM TỔNG QUÁT Xem bệnh của tạng, tìm điểm tắc bên trong: Làm theo Tự khám tìm chỗ tắc thấy sao?

Đau là tắc, ngoài tắc ở tay nó còn có phản xạ tạng tại tạng cơ quan là bệnh của cơ quan, giảm của chức năng, xơ, cứng lạnh đi với ù, mờ,,đục, xanh…

Duy Văn

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