New philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical heath, ego

 A new philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical health, ego 

From Chapter 10 Awaken you wonderful we

The real cause of human problems: Autism, Depression, and StressBy deep reflection, you will see there is no Ego, nothing constant inside you. You are the illuminating of the rivers of your body, body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness. They are constantly changing, nothing stays the same. You can sense the direction of changing, your destiny by the phenomena you created and the phenomena you received. The phenomena are beyond form, beyond sound, and intangible, which cannot listen, cannot see, and cannot be grasped. The right degree of illuminating of these phenomena created the physical object that you may see, hear, and grasp. In the same environment, the things you see, hear, and grasp may be different to your relatives, your friends, and your brothers. The phenomena are subjective, but the belief, the state of mind and the emotion of us decide which side we view these phenomena. Small changes of view side may make us have totally different perception. All of the human beings are under the hologram of phenomena around us. Each of us has the slightly different point of view so that our perception may be different or contrast to others.

The emotion and belief system affected our perception of the environment the most. There are many kinds of research show that human beings easily fall into the trap of irrational thinking. The book Blink of Malcolm Gladwell and other Irrational Thinking books show many kinds of research that help us understand how easily we fall into the trap of irrational thinking and emotional thinking.From the belief system, the emotion, and point of view, we process the perceived information like:Sow a thought reap a feelingSow a feeling reap an actionSow an action reap a habitSow a habit reap a characterSow a character reap a Destiny.                                                                     Thought, emotion, action, habit, character, and destiny are the names of one phenomenon, which is a human being. The destiny is the summation of all the results and perceptions of life. The root of destiny is the thought so people need to care for thoughts to have health, wealth, peace, and happiness. The relations between these factors are subtle as Yin and Yang. There is nothing exists separately; they are interdependent on each other.Each thought, action, habit, and character we sow not only are the effects of million input phenomena but also are the causes of countless other output phenomena. Human beings are the powerful creatures because of thought. The two powerful laws that control human being are the “law of thought” and “law of cause and effect.” We do not understand all the phenomena go in and out ourselves, but we may have good gut feelings about the quality of these phenomena. Under the influence of mind and law of causes and effect, countless laws and rules have been created to take the advantage of mind and cause and effect. From the causes at present, we may sense the effects in future; and from the effects at present, we may sense the previous causes.If the brain is in a bad state, we may reap ill thought, we may reap the ill action, and gradually, we may reap ill fate.Some people may have the brain in the good state, but they have a bad point of views in viewing the situation. They will get bad thoughts; they may nourish the bad thoughts long enough that create strong emotion. From negative emotion, they may reap bad actions, bad behaviors, bad characters, and ill fate.Some people have the brain in a good state and perceive good thoughts form environment. But they are not really strong enough to maintain the good state of the brain and good mental state before the changing of the environment with million phenomena interacting back and forth between them and environment. So that they may reap bad emotions, over time, the bad emotions lead to bad action, bad habits, and character and ill fate.Some people have a brain in a good state, sharp mind, and good actions. Unfortunately, the good state of brain, mind, and good actions are not strong enough to endure with changing of the environment to create a good habit. They may infect bad habit because of negative consequences of interdependence between mind, body, and environment. Gradually they get ill fate.Only small people train themselves well enough that they gain good state of the brain, nourishing sharp mind, and patiently taking good action to reap good habits, and good characters. Gradually, they reap the good destiny.

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Lao Tzu

On the way to success, people need to have endurance, patience, and discipline enough to sow the seeds of goodness in every thought, and action. Then continue to protect the good seeds before million phenomena from the environment to reap a good habit, good character, and good destiny. The best tools for them are the principles that guide them to confront with million phenomena around them. Most ordinary people do not have principles of action so that they easily exhausted with the confronting with countless phenomena as pressure and difficulties so that they are easily tempted with temporary joy. Lao Tzu taught to have a good life, people need to have patience, compassion, and simplicity; he did not talk about intelligence at all as most of the modern people think.There is no separate self, no constant ego or constant spirit. We are the illuminating of the interaction between phenomena we meet and we create. We live in the seamless web on cause and effect we created. Each response we take is the effect of countless previous phenomena, and from that response, we create many other phenomena. We are changing every day as the hologram of compound phenomena. Phenomena are stable, but we are changing because we are the illuminating of compounded phenomena.A long time after the death of great spiritual leaders, good kings or bad kings, the dictators, good philosophers or bad philosophers, human being are still getting benefits or enduring the burdens they left. The inspiration for the action of great spiritual leaders thousand years ago still has effect in modern life. And the fear they created thousand years ago still embeds in modern life. The phenomena they created may available in the spiritual life, the religious customs, the philosophy, the genome, and deep in the subconscious mind of modern people. If we do not train ourselves well, if we do not pay attention, we will be the victims of bad phenomena. We can see our brain in the structures of the brain, the activation of the brain, the EEG waves, and other devices to see the brain are in good state or not. We can know our mental ability and our mind by the mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory. By defining this set, we can know our mind is in the good state or bad state.When the conscious mind is obsessed with these ideas with the highest emotion and by repetition, the subconscious mind will adopt these ideas without any rejection. The ideas relating to survival, joy, safety, health, and happiness will embed into the mind of people with the highest feeling of fear and joy. Confronting with the strange and unknown natural phenomena: storm, thunderstorm, birth, and death, hurricane, flood, drought, diseases, pandemic, mysterious event, fragile people look to for their leaders. Any strange behaviors taught by the most influential people of the commune to bring food, safety, and health may become the mysterious customs if repeated many times. These strange behaviors may become the ritual customs, religious customs. In the human history, the belief of people of the community with the religious customs was so strong that they sacrificed virgin girls, people, women, or their children in the ritual customs without any hesitation. With the strong belief of bringing safety, health, abundance, and protection they did not have any concern with sacrificing people, fighting and creating human miseries in their ritual customs. Reading the strange religious customs, the strange burial customs, and ritual customs, we will see how stupid, how crucial some of these ritual customs were.Moreover, the state of the brain, the quality of conscious and unconscious mind, will create the quality of spiritual life and the quality of physical health. The brain, the mind, and physical health are the interdependent factors. In the brain, there is the reflection of mind and body; in the body, there is the reflective quality of brain and mind. There is no mind can stay separate the brain and body. “This is because of that is. That is because of this is.” The interdependency described in many laws of life: the law of cause and effect, law of attraction, law of thinking, law of believing, and Yin and Yang philosophy. In the human being, the development of brain gives birth to the human mind; in return, the human mind is the most powerful factor that decides and corrects slowly the structure of the brain, mental health, and physical health. Buddha, Jesus, and many spiritual leaders, philosophers, trainers and educators all give advice that we should pay attention in protecting the mind, pay attention in feeding the mind, pay attention to the quality of thinking to have a good life.What happens if you have good thoughts about bad events? What are your emotion, and your actions?What happens if you have bad thoughts about good events? What are your emotion and your actions?Can you see the differences? We are the only creatures that we can master our destiny.

Mind, body, health, life, and environment.

Environment feeds the mindPeople choose to feed the mind.Good feeding to the mind creates good thoughtThe good thought creates the good belief,The good belief creates the good mind,The good mind creates good geneThe good mind creates many other conditionsVisible or invisibleThese good conditions are perfect for good brainThese conditions are perfect for good health.And in reverse,These are the interdependent factorsThey are interdependent with the phenomena from the environmentAnd interdependent with the phenomena they created.They operate with the law of cause and effectBelong to other laws and principles in the universeFollow the Yin and Yang theory.Nothing is independentThings are interdependent, empty, and selfless.Emptiness means things r.ely on each other to illuminatePhenomena rely on each other to coexist or non-existAppear and disappear.

Questions to ponder to help people gain wisdom and enlightenment

– Who are you?- Where is the person that you had when you were one year old?- What language do you speak? Why do you speak your language?- What religious are you? What makes your religion, your friend’s religion and your cousin’s religion different? Why do you believe and trust totally in your religions?-  Where is the person that you had when you were five years old?-  Where are your old concepts, the old belief you had during childhood?-  You are a successful man. What happen if the misjudging of the court will make you become a prisoner in next five months? Perhaps you will lose all: properties, houses, cars, family, your spouse, your children, your good attitude, your good work, your reputation, your pride, your happiness. A coming accident will take all of you. So what is the remaining?-          You have a PhD degree in business administration; you are a good lecturer in a university. “You think therefore you are” as Descartes said.+ What you will become, what will remain if tonight’s sleep you get a stroke, the stroke make injury in your brain, affect your cognitive thinking, and you forget all basic information, even worse you may lose the ability of controlling of the normal behaviors like walking, talking, and urinating.+ Will stroke accidently happen or the result of the accumulation of bad phenomena before?

Story of selflessness and emptiness:
An imagine story: a rich and healthy man was spending time and money to build a beautiful villa, and giant mausoleum for him when he dies. One year after finishing the villa and mausoleum, he got a stroke. The stroke made him forgetting all things, losing all cognitive behaviors, losing all of his cognitive thinking, and becoming paralyzed. He had to lie in bed all day, fed by tubes. He has lived in the persistent vegetative state, also known as “unresponsive wakefulness syndrome”, for ten years in his villa. All of his properties has been sold to have money for healthcare. When he dies, his body only has skin and skeleton, all of his relatives cannot find any similarity between the dead body and his picture when he was a healthy man; even the characters has changed drastically. According to the follow the testament, People put the dead body to the mausoleum.·  Who lived in the villa for ten year? Was that person same as a rich, healthy man building villa and mausoleum? Why you make the answer?·   Where was the rich and healthy man?·   Did the stroke accidently happen to him?·   Could people forecast the stroke?·   What do people really put into the mausoleum?Answer these questions, ponder with the imaginative stories, we will find out the truth about life, about self, about constant things. Best of all we will find out the relation between body, mind, physical health, behaviors, environment, and countless phenomena received and created by the individual. 
Van D. Dao.(2017). Awaken You Wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth?The secret of one-page table reveal all the real causes of all phenomena and problems: Most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, social problems and how to solve them: Ability, Autoimmune diseases, Belief system, Gut feelings, Hysteria, Learning, Learning difficulties, Mental problems, ADHD, …
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