Save the Kids, Victims, World from the Teachings Of Buddha

Buddha taught that greed, anger, and ignorance are the source of all misery.

Lao Tzu also taught the same in Te-Tao Ching.Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein also taught the same.Let’s meditate, contemplate on their quotes to figure out why human beings are suffering in abundant living. Let’s learn to find out their real teachings to apply to our life.Luckily for us, their teaching is simple but profound, every one, every organization, every country can learn, contemplate, understand and apply to the actions. may perish if we go against it. How do we know we may perish? Look at the charts of distribution of human resources, human labors and human money we will understand what is the destination of human beings.They are in pain, and drugs, alcohol, sedative meditation, opioid medication, the bad lifestyle of living, lazy lifestyle of living may help them feel temporary comfort, temporary relief, and temporary sleep… until they are out of control.
By looking at the statistics of human health, mental illness, the consumption of temporary relief medication ưe can understand the problems we are facing.Terrified fact, painful people, stressed people, hysterical people, conditioned young men, misery men, depressed men have guns, weapons, airplanes, technology, and atomic bombs.

When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, world? In mind, the brain we called mental problems, insomnia, ADHD, headache, suicide problems, social problems.
Effects of stress on the stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, gastrointestinal problems; on heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases. 
Stress start from the state of mind
It is not cold, virus, flu kills American, but the stressed mind. January is the most stressed month because of tired working, pressure from work, pressure from the deadline of the credit card, mainly from Stressed, Discontented, Hysterical MIND.
Check these symptoms to know you are under stress or not, only by SMART WATCH. If yes, only medication is useless, the only punishment is useless, the only prison is not enough.
We need to think of the alternative technique to calm the mind, soothe the pain and find inner peace for all: meditation, and life-long learning.
Use the smartwatch to record the changing of the body to know the changing of the state of mind, emotion: hatred, anger, stress, depression, and love.
Stressed in the family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns:
+ Father with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction.
+ Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.
+ kids under stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms. or Autism, ADHD, overreact, rebelling and/ or junior autoimmune diseases.

“No disabilities, no mental illness, no murderer are born. Only healthy babies, all doctors, physicians and medical test said that. Only angel babies are born, all parents, adults said that”Do not wait until it is too late that we have to spend all the weapons we keep. When seeing the price of a bomb, the money can feed the whole village or thousand hungry people use to kill other human beings in a blink. The Earth only satisfied the need of human population but it cannot satisfy the greed of 7 billion people. We are trading the precious nature for the note of paper. “We think we are smart but not that smart.”As beings, all need love, connection, and abilities to cope with challenges. Having machine may take the chances for kids to build abilities.Having technology devices may take the chances for kids to build connection, intimacy connection. Kids will lack abilities to cope with normal activities of living in human society. Having technology make kids and adults lack love, lack of hugging, kissing, intimate talking, intimate touching. Then all will become the hunger. Mother Teresa has pointed out that the hunger of the rich is hunger of love, connection, and understanding. Now with the development of medical devices, we can understand what happening inside the body of the people when they change the feelings, state of mind and state of the body. In psychology, by observing the behavior or conditioned responses of kids, We can know what is happening in the mind of that kids. The sage can know the mind, body, character, and behaviors of men just by the pattern of behaviors.To help the kids, we need to satisfied their needs before taking any intervention. The greed, anger, ignorance, selfishness in the actions and love of adults, kids have severer challenging that adults can not imagine, can not understand. Worst of all, some adults blindly make kids more painful, stressed and depressed.

Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You (VIDEO): Chorus of the good kids that parents do not know at all

Fighting at school, work: No love – Eminem 
I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!: He did with the place teach our kids

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Real understanding of Conditioned responses:

Mind with Conditioned Responses:
stress with stress chemicals, happiness with happy chemical, feeling, religion, taboo, religious ritual, God, Holy Spirit, belief, fear, anxiety, pain, headache, salivation, changing body temperature and depressed.. are conditioned responses of body that adapt our body that we may only know part of it consciously.
Unfortunately, negative conditioned responses over years and earlier in life may be devastating.

Maybe this is the mechanism of chronic symptoms, diseases that unknown causes, can not be cured by symptomatic medication but very helpful with ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES: traditional remedies, traditional therapies, meditation, affirmation, NLP,…
Do you know: when you are sleeping, your brain still work to review, correct, and create the changes side the brain and body, genes that we do not know. But we know how brain/ mind work by observe the pattern of sleeping with changing pressure from environment: EEG, Slow wave sleep, RAM sleep. We know that some chronic patients have some things strange with their genes, does its changes first or state of mind, environment create it then diseases are the perceivable symptoms.
Effects of stress on mind, body, world. On mind, brain we called mental problems, insomnia, headache, suicide problems, social problems.
Effects of stress on stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, pain, severe pain, gastrointestinal problems; on heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases.
Stress on school: school problems
Stress on the world we called human problems, which may lead to World War.Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone, So Stress symptoms are:
– Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,
– Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin
– Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,
– Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.
– Cardiologists may die becuase of high blood pressure or stroke.
– Psychiatrists may be the victims of mental illness.
– Gorge Oshawa found microbiology died because of Heart attack.
– All other the therapies: NLP, hynotic, placebo, Meditation, yoga, and stress releasing will make the mind calm and at peace to correct all illness, problems that we do not consciously know, but one thing we know that their mind is in better state, happier, and more positive. Better mind state help with all other therapies.

– In stress situation, important interview, important test, we all expericence symptoms of stress caused by epinephrine, norepinephrin that we cannot control.
Under stress, cardiovascular medication only makes the temporary relief.
Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying.

“Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid” – Kelly Clarkson

Lack of vital fews in society in world creates hysteria. Not cold, not flu, kill People but stress in mind, body, organ, brain, becsause of lacking of Love, Connection, free stress environment, and Ability or Undserstanding,
The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billions on buying weapon for finding safety, certainty or peace. Then they spend $ thousand billions on expensive medicine, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance, with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the artificial comfort and happiness?

A stressed moment can kill a student
A stressed moment can kill a banker,
A stressed moment can kill a ceo,
A stressed moment can kill a politician.
They are strong but the severe stress moment can have affect all their life. It embed in their brain, cell, organ that we do not consciously know but the subconscious mind know that moment: smell, sound, noise, invisible signal then create the conditioned responses to it.
You see: Soldiers in the war ended 1950 are still under stress with any mild unwanted triggers.Moreover, reading the effect of the: adrenalin, norepinephrine and dopamine to the whole body in any medical books we will understand the emotion and thinking of people: stress, joy, anxiety, depress or happiness and GUT FEELING: When people can sense the changes in the body with these chemicals- it call Gut Feeling: tighten muscle, throbbing in head muscle, sweatings or chill. It is the gut feelings. 

The Stressed World: the facts to show our problems

It is not cold, it is not heat, it is not flu but Seasonal Stress determine our life: Birth, Death Rate, Stroke, Month of Heart Diseases, Suicide, and so on
Americans are so much stressed after overeating, overspending and discontent with stressful work after the long holiday. So that the flu season in America is January and February. There are a lot of incidences of deaths, flu and strokes in the beginning of the year more than other month of the year. Even the weather of spring is better than the weather of winter.
· The incidences of death rates and heart diseases in The United States during the beginning of the year are significantly higher than other months of the year and similar to with other developed countries.
· Americans are so much stress with the burden put on them so that the month of heart diseases is the February.
American misery index of 2014 searched on the Google
Look at the daily misery index, 2014 by the key words searched on Google are depression, anxiety, pain, stress and fatigue. The fluctuation of the searches is also the fluctuation of stress in United States in 2014, retrieved from “The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed” by Christopher Ingraham on The Washington Post:
– The searches rise in the spring and fall, ebb during the summer months, and drop sharply during holidays. Christmas is the least miserable days of the year, with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Rhythm of stress during the week:
Peaks and valleys in the raw reflect the rhythm of the workweek. People are more stressed on weekdays, less so on weekends. Weekends are the best day of the week:
· Pain and anxiety peak on Mondays, these numbers suggest that people literally hurt more on Mondays or afraid of boring stressful work.
· Stress and depression are high on Tuesdays. Fatigue is high on Wednesday.
· Searches for all terms drop sharply going into the weekend and then edge back upward on Sunday.
· The gap between weekends and week days shrinks in the summer months (summer holiday): those peaks and valleys are a lot closer to each other in July than they are in March and April.
· The annual trend in searches for “seasonal affective disorder,” we will find that these peak in December and January. But the broader terms like “depression,” “anxiety,” and “stress,” all show a pronounced dip in December. It means that shopping, preparing, planning, waiting and expecting, and enjoying for the important and exciting days of the year make people happier than other day.
· At the daily level, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Year are all among the year’s least-miserable or least stressed days.
· After long and expensive holiday has make people more frustrated with work, but they have to bear financial burden of over spending credit card for shopping season, black Friday, and the spending during holiday has make the people suffer the worst stress. These may be the trigger of the stress that they have suffered for the long time.
· Randomly, on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 the large upper-level of stress words searched were accompanying cold front draped across the Central United States on April 18. Formed April 15, 2016, and dissipated April 23rd, 2016. With snowfall, ice accretion and rainfall near 51 cm around the Houston, Texas areas. Damage $ 2.7 billion. On 23rd April 2016 was the highest search with the stress words.
· 4/7/2016 is the National Day of America. People enjoy and celebrate so the stress words search on Google is the lowest.
· Perhaps, people glad and treat well with each other on Valentine day, so the Saturday after valentine day of 2016, the stress words search on Google is the lowest.
· Days on New Year, thanksgiving, and Christmas was the happiest day of American. So the stress words search on Google is the lowest

Color of the wind: The root of problems 

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Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You (VIDEO): Chorus of the good kids that parents do not know

Fighting at school, work: No love – Eminem 

I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!: He did with the place teach our kids

 Michael Jackson – Heal The World (Official Video)

 What I have done 

Researching the life of people with highest life expectancy, we will hardly find the proof for economy affect directly on longevity.

Jeanne Calment died at age of 122 years. Calment suggested that her longevity was to have credited her calmness, saying, “That’s why they call me Calment.” After her admission to the nursing home “Maison du Lac” in January 1985 at the age of 109, she initially had a highly ritualized daily routine whereby. Seated in her armchair she did gymnastics wearing her stereo headset. Her exercises included flexing and extending the hands, then the legs, and her caregivers noted that she moved faster than the other residents, who were 30 years younger, despite her blindness.

In nursing home:
Lack of love, lack of connection, lack of compassion make the old are more stress and do not have much enthusiasm in life.
According to the statistic of the length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old, if the old come to the nursing home, the chance of the old living in the nursing home is nearly zero percent. It means that if your healthy 60-year-old enter the nursing home, the chance for them to live to 70 years old are very rare let alone they can live to 78 years old as the USA life expectancy.
Length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old is less than 120 months. Most of them died during the first six months and first thirty months.
The statistic shows that the health of the old in the nursing home has some relation with the love, caring and visit of their children, grandchildren.
There are stories that before the important day like national holiday, birthday and New Year, the death rate of the old reduces substantially. Perhaps, the hope, the wait, and expectation the important event with the reunion with their family members make them healthy enough to live.
Alarming the distribution of stress results all over the world:
It is lack of love, lack of connection, lack of ability, lack of understanding, and lack of compassion that cause people live with lack of guiding by virtues, lack of gender equality, misunderstanding phenomena and causes countless bad causes. Worst of all, everyday life is covered by greed, hatred, anger and ignorance, and lots of violence, contempt in interaction, lots of violence in the act of helping others.

Let look at the geographical global distribution of some factors by the search on Google. Readers can easily search the articles and images on Google.
1. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes, 2012 around the world.
2. Alcohol consumption by per capita consumption (liters) around the world
3. Attitude of population toward foreign visitors: most and least welcoming to foreigners
4. Average daily suicide rate per month around the world
5. Child poverty in developed world
6. Corrupt across the world visualized: countries and territories ranked on perceived public sector corruption in 2014.
7. Discrepancy in education around the world
8. Discrepancy in secondary education around the world in 2015
9. Distribution of the diseases by countries around the world
10. Economic inequality around the world
11. Global gun deaths
12. Infant mortality rate per 1000 birth around the world
13. Probability of dying from the four main non-communicable diseases between the ages of 30 and 70 years, comparable estimates around the world in 2012
14. Rate of chronic hepatitis B virus infection around the world
15. The best and worst countries to be a mother
16. The best and worst places to be born
17. The distribution of heart diseases, diabetes around the world
18. The global overview 2014: people internally displaced by conflict and violence around the world
19. The health and chronic diseases of newborn babies depend on the month they are born.
20. The prevalence of heavy episodic drinking or binge drinking among male drinker around the world in 2004
21. The rate of equal education between male and female around the world
22. The rate of mental illnesses of adult and children around the world
23. The rate of suicide and homicide around the world
24. Geographic distribution of death sentences in the United States and around the world.
25. Women in politics around the world
26. World map of annual cannabis use
The health and chronic diseases of newborn babies depend on the month they are born. The chronic diseases babies will get in the future will not the same of the diseases that adults get the most that month. This is the indicator that the stress puts on the pregnant women will have the influence on the fetus and the chronic diseases children will get in the future. Chronic diseases children might get depend on the development of the fetus, the stress, the stage of fetus suffering stress, the abilities of parents, the stress after being born the fetus have. It has countless varieties so I hope that science will.

27. Age-standardized death rates due to cardiovascular diseases in 2013 around the world.
28. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes around the world in 2012.
29. Consanguinity (%) around the world
30. Distribution of child and adult mortality around the world.
31. Education index around the world 2009.
32. Gini index or inequality in the distribution of and economic wealth among a population around the world.
33. Global gun deaths per 100000 populations around the world.
34. Gross enrolment ratio, primary, gender parity index (GPI) around the world in 2016.
35. Mental disorders span the globe: “Prevalence of mental disorders: anxiety, mood disorders, impulse-control, and substance abuse around the World.
36. Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010.
37. The equality of receiving education between men and women around the world.
38. Worst of all is the “stroke mortality per 100000 populations around the world in 2010”

“Intimate partner violence” The strange people first meet treating well, nicely, kindly and respectfully each other as the independent beings. After a hard time of courting, they become lovers with the serving heart. Getting married they have the assumption of becoming husband and wife. After getting married, what is the hell here! The social assumptions, social paradigms put on them that make the husband has the total right to demand many things from the wife. Even the wife, from the independent being, becomes the possession of the husband. The strange man after getting married, coded by social paradigms become the dictatorial man, he has total right to treat whatever ways he like with his wife – a strange woman previously. Watching the “Distribution of unsafe abortion per 1000 women aged 15 to 44 years around the world” and “Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010” to understand better how ignorant human beings have rightly made with other human beings.

39. Distribution of unsafe abortion per 1000 women aged 15 to 44 years around the world
40. Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010
Global burden of disease study & the Lancet, 2014 with the leading causes of death are Heart diseases, Lower respiratory infection, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Malaria, Diarrhea, Preterm birth, Birth defects, Stroke, Road injuries, and War. Looking at “The distribution of leading causes of lost years of life around the world in 2013” will give us deeper understanding about the causes.
41. Differences in national homicide rates exist within regions and between regions.
42. Distribution of trafficking of females around the world.
43. Prevalence of female genital cutting around the world scaled 2011
44. The distribution of leading causes of lost years of life around the world in 2013

Going to everywhere in the world, you will experience physical and/or sexual violence by a partner or sexual violence by a non-partner. “What is happening, what is the curse for human beings when the prevalence of women suffered intimate partner violence by WHO rouse around lowest is 23.2% in high income countries and highest are 36.6% in African region, 37.0% in Eastern Mediterranean Region and 37.7% in South-East Asia Region; it means one in three women. This is the tipping of the iceberg; we will have to suffer more if we do not eradicate the root.

Let see the teaching of Buddha to change ourselves:

1.       Anger makes bigger ego, destroys the relationship: “In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.”2.       Contentment and faithfulness: “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”3.       Count nothing: “To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.”4.       Listen, peace available within: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”  5.       The long-lasting victory of the Self: “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”6.       Love to cease hatred: “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”7.       Peace and envy: “Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.”      8.       Real peace, letting go: “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” 9.       Root out lust, bitterness, and illusion: “He who gives away shall have the real gain. He who subdues himself shall be free; he shall cease to be a slave of passions. The righteous man casts off evil, and by rooting out lust, bitterness, and illusion do we reach Nirvana.”10.   The mind: “It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways.”11.   The Way, rarely people success by asking or praying, Buddha “I only point the way, you have to walk your path to save yourself”12.   What do you think of: “The mind is everything; what you think you become.”13.   Life is full of misery, but if people train themselves with the teaching of Buddha, people can reach Nirvana in life.Higher Buddhism meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen mastersIn science field, I am a pharmacist; in the science of personal development, I am a learner of many teachers, speakers, authors, singers, songwriters, poets, artists, educators, angel children, philosophers, and misery people. I am an atheist, but I am grateful and respectful all religious leaders as the ordinary but enlighten people who have escaped the sensual world, the misery of the human world. So I gather a lot of their teaching to satisfy my curiosity about human behaviors, human religious rituals, human problems, human health, human wealth and the human mind. I develop owning for the advancement of Vietnamese society. I have once heard that Vietnam is the only countries that deserve to be a dragon and heaven on Asia and the world because of geographical advantages, philosophical advantages, and men’s power advantages, but we do not. Keeping on searching, I awaken that not only Vietnam but also all other countries can become the heaven for all people if they master the mind. Master the mind does not as hard as people usually think because the disable people who master the mind can make the greatest contribution that rare people can think of. For example, Nick Vujicic, Stephen Hawking, and Helen Keller; and all other people who influence the human world are the ordinary people who have mastered the mind with some simple principles and virtues. The world full of intelligent men but fail or become the burdens of society because of they are the slave of the mind with a desire to satisfied emotion, greed, and sensual feelings. It is the thinking of the people makes mastering the mind difficult. The thing that makes smart people fail because they do not understand that mind does not totally search for meaning, mind only search for satisfied feelings. All techniques in science achievement are to focus to create the force to pull and push people to the worthwhile visions. It is helpful for people to make a good living but not a happy living. Even worse, blindly chasing to these can make people skip the most important things to them: present, living, love, connection, and family. Worst of all we may commit to mistakes to trade the precious, mysterious world to gain short-term pleasure for the mind. Chasing, hunting, taking, rewarding, punishing, and egocentric have pushed us too far to our core of living, ignoring the gut feeling. Many successful people start to lose the childish, their expressing emotion, their humor, their emotional life, their wild deepest need. The science of achievement, the science of living does not enough to make people happy but the art of living is. Science makes people gain knowledge and wisdom, but the art makes people awaken, enlighten and master the paradoxes of life.Fortunately, the advantages of Vietnam helps me understand the science and paradoxes of life in teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, the germ of sages, and Western philosophy. On the way of searching, Buddhism masters Thich Nhat Hanh, Thich Chan Quang show the way to crystallize all the knowledge I have to instruct the needed people. The masters teach me not only make meditation as simple as possible for all people but also put the philosophy of Buddhism as simple as possible for all people to benefit.For the people who want to learn more about the meditation and practice it, below are the simple understandings that Thich Nhat Hanh has taught the teachings of Buddhism. The important things for the meditation practitioner to remember and practice for further advancementThe four foundations of mindfulness are:
1.   Contemplation of the body,2. Contemplation of feelings,3.  Contemplation of the mind,4. Contemplation of mental phenomena-mental states and the arising and cessation of such states, along with the factors that produce such arising and cessation.Firstly, the practitioner observes his body, his breath; the bodily postures, bodily actions, the parts of the body, the elements which compose the body such as water, air, dust, and heat; and the stages of a body’s decay from the time it dies to when the bones turn to dust. While observing the body, the practitioner is aware of all details concerning the body.For example, while breathing in, the practitioner knows he is breathing in; breathing out, he knows he is breathing out.Breathing in and making the whole body calm and at peace, the practitioner knows he is breathing in and making his whole body calm and at peace. Breathing in and making the whole body in joy and happiness, the practitioner knows he is breathing in and making his whole body in joy and happiness.Walking, sitting, talking, arguing, helping, and teaching, teaching, the practitioner knows he is walking, sitting, talking, arguing, helping, and teaching. The contemplation of the body is not realized only during the moments of sitting meditation but throughout the entire day.Secondly, in the contemplation of feelings, the practitioner contemplates feelings as they arise, develop, and fade, feelings’ characters, which are pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Feelings can have as their source either the body or the mind. When he feels pain from a foot, the practitioner is aware that he feels pain from a foot; when he is happy because he has received praise, the practitioner is aware that he is happy because he has received praise. The practitioner looks deeply in order to calm and quiet every feeling and mind to clearly see the sources giving rise to feelings. The contemplation of feelings does not take place only during the moments of sitting meditation. It is practiced throughout the day.Thirdly, the masters continue, in the contemplation of mind, the practitioner contemplates the presence of his mental states. Craving, he knows he is craving; not craving, he knows he is not craving. Angry or drowsy, he knows he is angry or drowsy; not angry or drowsy, he knows he is not angry or drowsy. Centered or distracted, he knows he is centered or distracted. Whether he is open-minded, close-minded, blocked, concentrated, or enlightened, the practitioner knows at once. And if he is not experiencing any of those states, the practitioner also knows at once. The practitioner recognizes and is aware of every mental state which arises within him in the present moment as if there is a recording camera over his head to record all things appear and disappear. Knowing will make him mindfully live.Fourthly, contemplation of mental phenomena,the masters continued the teaching of Buddha about the things that practitioner should contemplate to gain mindfulness and enlightenment.Contemplate the five skandhas, which comprise a person, body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness.Contemplate the six sense organs and the six sense objects: the eyes and visible objects, ears and sound, nose and order, tongue and taste, body and touch, and mind and mental objects.How to stop greed, hatred, and angerGreed, hatred, and anger create misery in life. All raised from the ignorance. How to remove them, Buddha had pointed the ways:Firstly, understanding the Four Noble Truths means understanding life, and understanding the bearing of the physical body. The Four Noble Truths are1.       The existence of suffering2.       The causes of suffering3.       Liberation from suffering4.       The path that leads to liberation from sufferingSecondly, know that when greed, hatred, and anger comes.Thirdly, practice the Noble Eightfold Paths to nurture the virtues, to gain the wisdom and enlightenment.Fourthly, practice meditation, contemplation and live in mindfulness. Always contemplate the body, contemplate the feelings, contemplate the mind, and contemplation of mental phenomena.The Noble eightfold Paths: eight right1.   Right View: our actions have consequences, right view, or understanding. The vision of the nature of reality and the path of transformation.2.  Right Resolve or perfected emotion or aspiration, also translated as right thought or attitude. Liberating emotional intelligence in your life and acting from love and compassion. An informed heart and feeling mind are free to practice letting go.3.  Right Speech: clear, truthful, uplifting, and non-harmful communication.4.  Right Conduct: no killing or injuring, no taking what is not given.5. Right Livelihood based on the correct action the ethical principle, only possessing what is essential to sustain life.6.  Right Effort or Diligence: guard against sensual thoughts, the concepts, states, aims at preventing unwholesome states that disrupt the mind. Consciously direct our life energy to the transformative path of creative and healing actions.7.  Right Mindfulness: never be absent-minded, being conscious of what one is doing; this, states, encourages the mindfulness about the impermanence of body, feeling and mind, as well as to experience the five aggregates, the five hindrances, The Four Noble Truths and factors of awakening. Awareness and mindfulness of things, oneself, feelings, thought, people and reality.8.  Right Concentration: concentrate practicing meditation, culminating into in unification of the mind. Once the mind is uncluttered, it may then be concentrated to achieve whatever is desired. Right Concentration is turning the mind to focus on an object, such as a flower, or a lit candle, or a concept such as loving compassion. This forms the next part of the meditation process. Right concentration implies that we select worthy directions for the concentration of the mind, although everything in nature, beautiful and ugly, may be helpful for concentration. At deeper levels, no object or concept may be necessary for further development.

If you live right you will free from fear; your mind will find peace, happiness and at ease even in violence and chaos.

Sixteen breaths in Buddhism meditation taught by Thich Nhat Hanh

The masters continued the Buddha taught: “the method of the Full Awareness of Breathing if developed and practiced continuously, will bring great rewards and advantages. It will lead to success in practicing the Four Establishments of Mindfulness and the Seven Factors of Awakening, which will give rise to Understanding and Liberation.These are the breaths that all people can practice to cope with stress and to enjoy the joy of life, happiness, love, and liberation. Practicing these breaths will up the level of mind and thinking. Practitioners will gain the four foundations of mindfulness by these sixteen breaths.A. Contemplation of the body1.    The first breath: “Breathing in a long breath, I aware I am breathing in a long breath. Breathing out a long breath, I aware I am breathing out a long breath.”2.  The second breath: “Breathing in a short breath, I aware I am breathing in a short breath. Breathing out a short breath, I aware I am breathing out a short breath.”These two breaths enable you to cut through unnecessary thinking, fear or regret, at the same time the breaths giving rise to mindfulness and enabling you to encounter life in the present moment. Forgetfulness and unwanted thinking is the absence of mindfulness. Breathing with awareness enables us to return to ourselves and to life. These breaths are very helpful for you to cope with stress and anger, to calm the mind and blood pressure down. Just by knowing or paying attention to the breath, the mind will calm and not chase to the unwanted thoughts or negative thoughts of past and future.3.   The third breath: “Breathing in, I am aware of my whole body. Breathing out, I am aware of my whole body.”This breadth enables you to contemplate the body and be in direct contact with your own body. Awareness of the whole body and awareness of every part of the body changing like the endless streams in the body allows you to see the wondrous presence of your body, and the process of birth and death unfolding in your body. Breathing you will realize every part of the body is the masterpiece of nature.4.  The fourth breath: “I am breathing in and making my whole body calm and peace. I am breathing out and making my whole body calm and peace.” This breath helps you realize calmness and peace in the body and arrive at a state in which mind, body, and breath are one harmonious reality. You may sense the feeling of calmness, peace, and emptiness. No words can express the experience of the meditator practicing the breath three and four.These first four breaths, you are in the domain of the body, take your mind back t the body, you may sense the wondrous. Whenever you feel the negative feelings, practice these breaths will make you calm and control yourself.B. Contemplation of feelings5.   The fifth breath: ‘I am breathing in and feeling joyful. I am breathing out and feeling joyful.’6.  “The sixth breath: ‘I am breathing in and feeling happy and smile. I am breathing out and feeling happy and smile.’With these two breaths, you come into the domain of feelings. These two breaths create peace and joy that can nourish mind and body. Ceasing of dispersion and forgetfulness, you return to yourself, aware of the present moment. Happiness and joy available in you and will arise within you. You are the wonder of life to return to yourself you dwell in the wonders of life, able to taste the peace and joy mindfulness brings. Thanks to this encounter with the wonders of life, you are able to transform neutral feelings into pleasant feelings. These two breaths thus lead to pleasant feelings.7. “The seventh breath: ‘I am breathing in and am aware of the feelings me. I am breathing out and am aware of the feelings in me.’8. “The eighth breath: ‘I am breathing in and making the feelings in me calm and at peace. I am breathing out and making the feelings in me calm and at peace.’These two breaths enable you to look deeply at all the feelings arising within you, whether they are pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, and enable you to make those feelings calm and at peace. When you are aware of your feelings and can see deeply into their roots and nature, you can control them and make them calm and at peace, even though they may be unpleasant thoughts which arise from desire, anger, and jealousy. Just aware and make it calm and peace, you will live in mindfulness. You will sense the wonder of life. Practicing the breath of mediation you are calm, your child you huge will calm, and all people in the family will calm and at peace. All other indicators of your body will at ease inharmonious.

Awaken You Wonderful We

C. Contemplation of the mindWith these four breaths, you cross into the third domain, which is the mind.9. “The ninth breath: ‘I am breathing in and am aware of my mind. I am breathing out and am aware of my mind.’The ninth breath enables you to recognize all the states of the mind, such as perceptions, thinking, discrimination, happiness, sadness, and doubt. You observe and recognize these states in order to see deeply into the mind’s activities10. “The tenth breath: ‘I am breathing in and making my mind happy and at peace. I am breathing out and making my mind happy and at peace.’11.“The eleventh breath: ‘I am breathing in and concentrating my mind. I am breathing out and concentrating my mind.’When the mind’s activities are observed and recognized, you are able to concentrate your mind, making it quiet and at peace. Quite and peace come from recognizing and understanding then you just breathing and slowly making the mind at peace and concentration. This is brought about by the tenth and eleventh breaths.12. “The twelfth breath: ‘I am breathing in and liberating my mind. I am breathing out and liberating my mind.’ “With these four breaths, you cross into the third domain, which is the mind.The twelfth breath enables you to release all obstacles of the mind. Thanks for illuminating your mind, you can see the roots of all mental formations, and thus overcome all obstacles. Strength, abilities, power, positive attitude and peace of mind are long-lasting because it comes from understanding when people pay attention to the body and mind, not from escaping or ignoring.Some mental therapist help anxiety patients by helping them look into the painful or negative experience, during the treatment patients may scream and sweat when relived with the painful experiment. This technique just helps a little, but if the use the mindfulness breathing in meditation, they may be less painful and get better results.D. Contemplation of mental phenomena- mental statesThe practitioner will gain the understanding of mental states and the arising and cessation of such states, along with the factors that produce such arising and cessation. They are impermanent, appearing and disappearing constantly.13. “The thirteenth breath: ‘I am breathing in and observing the impermanent nature of all dharmas. I am breathing out and observing the impermanent nature of all dharmas.’14.“The fourteenth breath: ‘I am breathing in and observing the fading of all dharmas. I am breathing out and observing the fading of all dharmas.’Understand the characters of mental phenomena you can contemplate on liberation, and letting go and forgiveness. When let go and forgive for people’s mistake, the ones who are free are you. You will let go all the unnecessary burdens, you will feel the joy of liberation, happiness, and lightness. You are free because of your forgiveness. You will enjoy the real joy, real happiness at present.15. “The fifteenth breath: ‘I am breathing in and contemplating liberation. I am breathing out and contemplating liberation.’16.  “The sixteenth breath: ‘I am breathing in and contemplating letting go. I am breathing out and contemplating letting go.’With these four breaths, the practitioner passes into the domain of objects of the mind and concentrates the mind in order to observe the true nature of all dharmas. Concentrating, observing all dharmas makes you have the understanding all dharmas. Follow the Eight Noble Paths and understand the dharmas, there is no space for fear, anxiety and negative feelings. You will be the master of the mind only when you understand the mind.Understanding, mindfulness, letting go, and mastering the mind are some characters of enlightened one, they have attained liberation, joy, and happiness. They can live in peace and joy in the very midst of life.Seven Factors of Enlightenment“Master, there are many people who talk that they have the key to liberation, the key to happiness for all or they are the enlightened ones. How to know that they are enlightened or not? The master replied, “by contemplating the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, do they have it or not?”1. Mindfulness to recognize the dharma, do they live mindfully, do they act based on understanding?2. Investigation of dharma and phenomena to find out the quality or nature of things. Do they gain real understanding?3.  Energy or determination in action4. Joy or rapture in daily life: Do they have smile, happy feelings and enjoying all things?5. Relaxation, ease or tranquility of mind and body6. Concentration with clear awareness; a calm, one-pointed state of concentration of mind;7. Letting go or equanimity, to be fully aware of all phenomena without being lustful or averse towards them, do they forgive and forget other mistakes to lighten their burdens? Do they have unconditioned love, unconditional support, guiding without interfering? Unconditional love comes from understanding is different with blind love.  Citation:

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Awaken You Wonderful We

Van Duy Dao. Awaken You Wonderful We. 2017.
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