SCIENCE- KNOWLEDGE- What are they???

We need to discuss for Right Understanding:

 SCIENCE??? KNOWLEDGE??? What are they?

Wrong useless opinions supported by modified proofs scientifically. Or useful ideas that cant calculated with the logical equation of science?PARADOXES OF SCIENCE:Are most simple ideas of a few great men, philosophers in tiny writing are science or not: Lao Tzu, Jesu Christ, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, Einstein, Aesop, Mother Teresa, Gandhi Gothe, Shakespear, enlightened Zen Master… These ideas have the longest half-life: decades, centuries, or live with the existence of human beings.First group:But they were still humble to teach: Einstein, Socrates, Peter Drucker’s said best thinker is “forgot all you know, assumptions, and know nothing.”What Ph.ds, Dr, Professors do? Just observe the attitude, thin-slicing the conversation, you will know the answer.Or the second:The complicated ideas in the thick books, in hundred, thousand or millions pages written by graduates, master, Ph.D.s, Professors? It too much complicated that many Ph.D. said they take years to read and understand. These ideas have very short half-life: moths or years, or just several days. When they believe, they may see its part of their identities, they may die or sacrifice for these changing ideas.What makes me think? Said fact, whatever economic grown, the standard of living uplifted, the bad ones still soaring that out of control of all developed governments: “I AM SORRY FOR:- 124 Americans died from suicide/day.- Over 50 % of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression.- 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year. AND SMART ONES ARE ARGUING AND BUYING MISSLE, WEAPONS, VILLAS, AIRPLANE, LUXURY SHOES, LUXURY BAGS, … to save to satisfy the Basic Human Needs (see the teaching of MASLOW

2. Pavlov has taught about Conditioned Reflex.

NLP, speakers, trainers, motivators take advantages of this with the science of mind and achievement. All art of communicating is using the knowledge of mind to talk, discuss and persuade people based on the need of people.

THINGS ALL SHOULD KNOW IS PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED BY HUMAN DRIVE: certainty, uncertainty, love and connection, significance, Growth, and contribution. The perceived opinions about normal things as a threat to these need will create the mechanism of Fight and Flight in people.
The mind is Irrational.So
Anger, anxiety, behavior, depressed, name, lack of mindfulness, lack of concentration, taboo, fear, happiness are Conditioned Responses; they are unconsciously coded in the brain, cells, genes and silently control us.It can explain why many Alternative therapies help chronic diseases. So best of all is an effective combination of the advantages of all therapist.
Do you think the pills that pharmacy sell, therapist recommend, and Ph.D. created work for you?

It is good for acute and knows the causes, and characters of causes.


IT JUST MAKE TEMPORARY and short-term. FOR LONG TERM on the mind, forget medication, start to find meditation.

EVENTS: gunfire, homicide; DISEASES: autism, ADHD, Depression, Suicide, Chronic diseases, and DISASTERS: flood, Tsunami, Earthquake…

and its increasing TREND is interdependent phenomena?We, the ones with a different point of view, thinking, abilities, religions, taboo, may be the victims of wild emotion. The cure for us is calm the mind, tame the emotion with compassion, love, understanding, patience, and simplicity.


Because we are on a different scale on interaction and communication. We should adopt habit 5 of Stephen Covey: seek to understand then to be understood or communicate to understand, not to judge. The other facts are the distribution of Autism, ADHD: city/ countryside; boy/girls. IF it is caused by genes, there will be no big difference in the percentage of these group. AND EQ, IQ, SQ, … is just the skills – other names: social skills. The more we use, the better we are. Driving is not the instinct in behaviors of most people, but the one drive for several years it will become the automatic response when they on the car, but not on the truck. To drive a truck, they have to learn, practice more. English, religions also, kids can adopt this quickly during infant and first few years. If living with dogs during infant, kids will have some pattern conditioned responses of dogs. The project is around this, healthy kids are not born with these skills, they only have a better chance from gender and environment, the just small difference can make other become outliers in Autism, ADHD, ADD. What do you think? If we are the slave of sensual feeling, of greed and anger, we will be the victims of these symptoms called the rainbow, syndrome, and a hundred terminologies of diseases.

Contents of the Book: Awaken you wonderful we

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