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The solutions are in the book “Awaken You Wonderful We” which shows Health, emotion, and abilities are presented in all things around.

The solutions are in the book “Awaken You Wonderful We” which shows  Health, emotion, and abilities are presented in all things around.

In the inter-be world:”All on oneOne in allChildren are family

The family is a nation

A nation is a world.”

Awaken You Wonderful We:Health, emotion, and abilities are presented in all things around. The best of correction, the sages back to correct and improve thyself.

Awaken parents – the conversation of the old

Is autism, depression, obesity, mastery, outliers, talent, ADHD, poor learning, stress, abilities, seizures, drugs, violence or PTSD born or created by a continuous and stoppable process? What is the role of the environment?

Facts about health and healing:

“It is the deep breathing, not the smoke, makes people lose weight. It is the diaphragm breath, not the smoke, to reduce the rate of getting Parkinson’s disease. The obvious fact is the deep breathing by the mouth of the smokers can reduce the rate of getting Parkinson’s disease.”“Why laughing has good effects on health? Happiness and moving all signs organs in the stomach. It is like to make all the organs in the stomach upsidedown. If we make the fake laugh, we do not get the result as the real laugh. If we just feel joy but not laughing, we do not get a good impact on health as a real laugh.”The common advice for all health problems is having suitable exercise and having the right diet. Baking soda, papaya, fruits, vitamins, minerals, alternative therapies, and traditional medicine also play an important role in dealing with these diseases. If there are a lot of trigger points or blocking points around the vessels, it will make the distribution of the glucose and oxygen in the body disorder. On the other hand, there are many sensors of the autonomic nervous system that lie along the vessels in the head, liver, legs, hands and all other organs to have the autonomic responses to maintain balanced homeostasis. The chronic trigger points will create longterm changes in the homeostasis and make the autonomic nervous system out of balance. To some extent, traditional therapies, suitable diets, and alternative therapies seem to be effective for treating some chronic diseases because these therapies help to remove trigger points. The book will give you some Vietnamese Qigong exercise to remove trigger points and remove many chronic symptoms in just 10 to 30 minutes of practicing.

We all know that millions of other healthy kids:

• “You do not need to teach healthy kids to learn any of these languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese… but kids can make it become their native language with the language of the land they grow. That is the nature of learning without learning, Kid under three years old never have to sit at the table to learn, but they learn naturally every time with joy”• “Nature of learning is learning without stress, learn just with joy, enthusiasm, love, curiosity, endless energy, and participate in all senses. The environment just supplies Unconditioned Love, Connection – Understanding, Encouraging Environment, and Chances of Building Abilities.”• “Walking, thinking, speaking native languages, studying countless skills, one-year-old kids, two-year-old kids, three-year-old kids never have to sit at a table to learn. But these kids can learn more than anybody can imagine. Think about that before any blind intervention.”• “Playing is learning, watching is learning, sleeping is learning, and doing is learning… Kids may experience “Flow” from the early stage of life. Kids’ most powerful tools are the weakness, beloved, cute, enthusiasm, attention, curiosity, asking, imagining, and learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think, learn, try, fail, think with Joy and safety. Think about that before each time of intervention.”• “Best for kids: accept we may wrong to create more chances for kids to grow naturally. Socrates was smart because he said he did not know anything. I feel cramp of gut feelings when seeing the parents of kids with lots of problems said they know all things and start to blame all things except themselves for their problems.”But why many of our angels: “They live in stress, eating in fear, sleeping in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wearing luxury clothes in discontentment, studying with pressure, getting lifesaving vaccination with hysterical doubt, and sexing with contempt. They never find real joy and happiness. Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone can create countless side effects on patients, which listed in all medical books.”Value of character, the adjective used to describe the character and the adverb form use to describe the pattern of the behaviors that people have: Discontented men react to good unwanted things discontentedly.“Contented man has conditioned responses to response contentedly to any unwanted things, problems and challenges. He has ADJECTIVE character means he has conditioned his responses to things ADJECTIVELY.”• “Contented men are happy, joyful and hopeful when seeing a rose in the bushes of thorns”• “Discontented men maybe angry or upset when seeing bushes of roses have a thorn.”• “Worst of all, he is intelligent but corrupted. It means, in spite of countless regulations, he finishes well the corrupted works so intelligently that no one can realize until a hundred years later.”Then:• “The ignorant stressed world: The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billion on buying the weapon for finding safety, certainty, and peace; and they spend $ thousand billion on fashion, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance. Then they spend other $ trillions on drugs and healthcare with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the temporary comfort, and artificial happiness?”

Reminding of Zen masters:

• “Just remember the moment of doing good to each other, the acts of kindness, respectfulness and trust, which are described by positive adjectives or positive adverbs, all will going to sleep easily, happily, and peacefully.”ALL IN ONE, ONE IN ALL:Dear Neurologist, psychiatrist, sociologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, educators, sleep therapists, cardiologist, language therapists, educators, trainers and teachers: there is no separation in the health of heart, stomach, muscle, cognitive thinking, sleeping, hormones system: all are interdependent in the interdependent world and all are under the state of mind.PARETO IN HEALTHCARERemember when working with the mind: irrational mind, the giant brain evolved for millions of years, illogical mind and Placebo effects, Neuro-plasticity, Mirror neurons, affirmation, self-talk, nocebo effects, T1/2 or half-life of all substances, taboos, rituals, religious belief, compound effects, conditioned responses, and magical adaptability, illusive mind, self-healing or self-destroying, irrational thinking, Subliminal message, marketing of the luxury brand, the benefit of expensive products, and Hysteria. Remember the question of the old: “What do we feed our mind every day?” And what if all of the foods of mind lead to negativity or positivity? Maybe Outliers or Failures!

This book is dedicated toMy mother, Muot T. Nguyen, my fathers: Dung D. Dao and Thinh N. Duc, my wife, Hoa N. T. Kieu, and my children: Khang, Khai, whom I learn the most and motivate me the most to write the book.I want to say thank all the authors, speakers, teachers who give me invaluable materials, proofs, citations, references, and instructions to write this book directly and indirectly. I really appreciate and want to say thank them all. I thank the authors listed on the references in this book. Their works, teachings, and findings have shaped my mind.I also want to say thank all my teachers, friends, colleagues, brothers, and sisters because of their work, their supports have shaped my mind.I want to thank the Vietnamese government has to support invaluable chances for me to work, study, and access to advanced knowledge at an incredibly cheap price.

Best of all, I want to thank you ­­:­­­_________________(Your name)You are the readers chose to participate with me on the way to help the needed people. You are my greatest inspiration for me to finish the work. And I know that together we can help more, because:Awaken you, wonderful weAwaken you, wonderful world.You are approved for fair use of any part which less than 1000 words.If you make profits from the material, I am grateful if you donate any part of it to one of these sites with the subject: “Awaken You Wonderful We”- Charitable organizations in countries around the world.- Charitable organizations in Vietnam to help the needed students advised by Professor Ngo Bao Chau.- Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin – VAVA from http://vava.org.vnHanoi, 26/09/2017Van Duy Dao

We will discuss in this book:

We will discuss the surrounding phenomena: Autism, depression, obesity, mastery, outliers, talent, ADHD, poor learning, stress, abilities, seizures, drugs, violence, gut feeling, PTSD and how to deal with other chronic diseases, how to self-healing chronic diseases and how to have good health just by simply eating and deep breathing and doing Vietnamese Qi Gong exercises.I want to start with a series of questions to trigger our mind and old paradigm. 

A.      Self-healing

The stomach, a place where digestion, absorption, and elimination has taken place, should be in a good state.-           In Vietnam, we are told to put a small blanket across the stomach of the kids during the sleep to make them sleep well and not ill.-           In traditional, when people have cold stomach pain, we are told to rub the topical hot medical ointments, drink sweet ginger juice or massage the stomach.• These facts and the experience make the author think of the vital role of blood circulation in health and chronic illness. Poor blood circulation may come from the blocking points in the vessels or from low blood pressure or low blood glucose. In the body, all the billions of cells of all body systems need the energy to have normal functions; which is mainly generated from metabolizing glucose. When the cells hunger for glucose, it can start to use structure stored glucose or stored lipids or polysaccharides or structure lipid or structure protein. To take stored glucose, the body needs good blood circulation and right body temperature. The people with chronic illness often have hormonal imbalanced – which need glucose as the main source of energy also, and poor blood circulation and disorder of thermoregulation. If we do not stop these disorders, these people may have metabolic disorders or metabolic diseases. The main energy source for the cells is from the catabolism of glucose. So any problem for glycemia and oxygen saturation will make the billions of cells of the body are out of balance.

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: One-page table reveals all the real causes of phenomena and problems: Ability – ADHD, Autism – Depression – Belief system – Gut feelings – Learning -Talent.A metabolic disorder can generate free oxygen and free radicals. On the other hand, the immune system is not in a good state because of the hunger for energy may fail in repairing the damage caused by metabolic disorders.In traditional medicine, the pain mainly caused by trigger points, so all alternative therapies like acupressure, dry needle, massage aim to remove trigger points. In the metabolic view, the author saw that the trigger points mainly in the muscle which presses the surrounding vessels of blood circulation. The signs of trigger point are pain, numbness, coldness, or rigidness. Poor blood circulation may make the target cells and target organs hunger for the glucose and poison by the metabolic wastes which are not carried out well by the poor blood circulation.Glycemia, oxygen saturation and blood pressure are mainly control by heart, vessels, liver, pancreatic, intestine, lungs and kidneys. Any problems that happen to the heart, vessels, liver, pancreatic, intestine, lungs or kidneys will make the whole body have the various problems described by syndromes or metabolic diseases. Only oxygen can not create energy, the body does not have stored oxygen we do need breath continuously. To have a good metabolism, the blood needs to supply glucose or substrates for the cells at the optimum levels. Supplying substrate for metabolic reactions depend on the blood circulation to carried stored glucose and stored lipid in the abdominal area

B.      Effortless teaching the kids and how to have effortless self-help

Is there any relation between autism, ADHD, poor learning, stress, depression & mental health? Some by genes, some are not by genes but they are comorbid!What if we can have the diagnostic since the kids 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 months old? What if we can have the diagnostic long before they can officially be diagnosed? then what these kids will be if we can give them effective intervention since that time 24/7 for kids with love, compassion, and patience?What if autism is just viewed as having substantially poor social skills? According to the definition of autism, will kids recover from autism if they have full communication skills, emotional skills, and social skills?The big question for autism is which causes make kids poor at these skills? This cause is also the cause of autism. And in the changing world, all are changing with different speed, genes, and brain change also. The changing of the brain is described well by neuroplasticity.If the defect in genes and brain is by nature, scientists can test and detect it to predict autism since the time of pregnancy, infant, but the facts is no, they cannot see any warning until the behaviors, poor skills are obvious! This makes me think problems in genes and the brain is just the symptoms in the rainbow of autism.Sorry, I am not satisfied with the explanation for if the kids get autism or not as the random chances or luck. I will work to find out why!At least Autism: obvious facts are boys vs girls; city vs countryside; past vs present. In facts, the rate of autism is soaring in the U.S.A. and the rate of poor state: Alabama is 1 per 175 while the rate of rich state: New Jersy 1 per 45; boys are 5 times higher than girls.Why are girls Outliers? Kids in my rural areas are outliers also with the rate is less 1/1000 kids while in U.S.A is 1/60?After all, when we know the whole process, have a big view of opposite directions, we can understand and master it. We can become the outliers with the awakened mind so that we can master the art of living wealth, health, joy, inner peace and happiness.


Awaken parents – the conversation of the oldWe will discuss in this book:

Contents of the book Awaken You Wonderful We

Part I: The cause and possible cure for cancer and chronic diseases from applying Papaya, baking soda, aspirin, sugar, Vietnamese Qi Gong breathing and traditional medicine.

Chapter 1: Cells with metabolic reactions are the basic structure of all tissues and organs

Table 1: Catabolic reactions

Table 2: The factors that impact the catabolic reactions in the body

Table 3: The signs and the effects of hypotension.

Chapter 2: Hypoglycemia and hypothermia

Table 4: The signs and the effects of hypoglycemiaHypothermia

Table 5: The signs and the effects of hypothermia

Chapter 3: Possible results of metabolic disorders proves that metabolic disorders are the real cause.

Chapter 4: Science of the Qi

Table 6: Balancing Qi

Chapter 5: Effect of deep breathing, Vietnamse Qi Gong exercise and smoking on the glycemia.

Table 7: Experiments of quick, strong and deep breathing in respiration therapy

Table 8: Experiments of slow, gentle and deep breathing in respiration therapy

Table 9: Vietnamese Qi Gong instructed by master Do Duc Ngoc:Clapping on pain areas when having heat and enough sugar in the blood.

A. Ten minutes to remove trigger points cause pain in the back, neck, head and shoulder.B. 10 minutes to reduce irritation bowel, irritation on the stomach or pain in the liver.

C. 10 minutes to make warm the hand and feet and the whole body

D. 30 minutes to have a natural sleep for the people with insomnia.

E. Control glucose in the blood, blood pressure, metabolism of the body

F.      Remove trigger point and balance metabolic reactions simply in three steps·       

 The first step: eat and drink first·        The second step: lie down and place an object on the lower abdomen

Chapter 6: Changing lifestyle, adequate diet is the advice for most diseases

Table 10: Mechanism of alternative therapies that help to prevent and heal chronic illness

The health symptoms and diseases can be benefit from these exercises:

Table 11: Top ten causes of death in high income/affluent countries – lifestyle diseases


Part II: State of Mind: Stress and Happiness.

Chapter 7: What happens in the body when we are in a happy state?

Table 12: the symptoms of excessive dopamineReferences:

Chapter 8: What is happening when we are under stress?

Table 13: Side effects of three stress chemicals

Table 14: bad effects of short-term stress on body, mind, and performance

Table 15: The effects of long-term stress

Table 16: The early warning signs of mental disorders are also the symptoms of stress. The fifteen most common causes of death in the United States

Table 17: The most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients

Table 18: The symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Table 19: The symptoms of epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and depressionReferences:

Part III: The Potential of Brain: Intuitive Mind and Gut Feelings

Chapter 9: How people and experts talk about gut feelings?

Chapter 10: Review the structure of the human brain

References:Chapter 11: Multiple Intelligence


Chapter 12: Immeasurable phenomena in one single fact’


Chapter 13: Mirror neuron, sleep, and EEGEEG Frequency bands


Part IV: Hologram: Brain, Mind, Body, Physical Heath, and Ego

Chapter 14: New understanding of telepathy

Chapter 15: The universe is a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram of interconnected phenomenaWe are interdependence for our happinessYin and Yang theory

Table 20: Yin and Yang in all phenomena

The first is Socrates:

The second is Jim Rhon:

The third is Adolf Hitler.

The fourth is Michael Jackson.

The fifth is the kings, heroes, and warriorsThe sixth is you.

The seventh is an imagined story.

Chapter 16: New philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical health, egoMind, body, health, life, and environment.

Questions to ponder to help people gain wisdom and enlightenment

Chapter 17: Outliers: a new level of brain, mind, physical body, and health

Part V: Conditioned Responses

Chapter 18: All the things we have are the results of conditioned responses

Chapter 19: Beliefs, religions, taboos and conditioned responses

Table 21: food, animals, religions and conditioned responses

References:Chapter 20: Brief history of humankind

Table 22: Some religions in the worldReferences:

Chapter 21: Obsessing with characters and concepts of living environment, we forget who we are

Table 23: relativities between human being, cell, atom, electron, earth, solar system and the Milky Way International System of Units


Chapter 22: Hysteria and conditioned responses


Chapter 23: The relation between mental problems, environment, and conditioned responses

Definition and understanding of mental disorders

Chapter 24: Coding the mind, the role of practicing in learning skills

Chapter 25: The brain with obsessed desires

Chapter 26: What influence the belief system of individuals?

The wrong opinions of a child may become the child’s beliefThe good opinions of a child may become the child’s belief

Chapter 27: The work of the potential mindThe need for more

Table 24: The videos on youtube.com help people understand the needs of human beings.


Part VII: Real Hunger in Abundance Living and Countless Problems’

Chapter 28: The real hunger of modern people and its consequences

Table 25: The four causes of human problems

Table 26: Basic symptoms of autism accompanied by other medical conditionsThink out of the boxes:


Chapter 29: The real cause of mental problems and social problems in older kids


Chapter 30: Still ignoring? Autoimmune diseases and suicides are inevitable

Table 27: Relief uncomfortable and best-selling OTC drugs in Britain in 2015

Table 28: The top best-selling groups of the over-the-counter and natural supplements in the United States in 2016

Table 29: The top ten medications by sales in America are The power of the focusing the mind, the power of thinking

Table 30: Summarization of some autoimmune diseases

Table 31: Relation between signs of autoimmune disease and stress“The tragedies do not happen to me; I do not care”


Part VIII: Game of Mind Masters

Chapter 31: God does not bless any human beings.

Table 32: The cost of human life in the human World War II

Chapter 32: The killing of JewsChapter 33: Some are cheated and coded

Chapter 34: Worst of the worst: concepts in the funeral rituals’

Chapter 35: The karma we have created for ourselves

Chapter 36: God does not need their blood to wash the human sins.Well-known assassination in history

Chapter 37: Our gods, our Holy spirits also died because of the ignorance of his people

Chapter 38: How are some coded?

Table 33: Their farewells of warriors

Chapter 39: How did Hitler seduce the mind of millions of people and soldiers?


Part IX: A Stressed World with Rainbow of Stress

Chapter 40: Stress syndrome and the rainbow of stress
Chapter 41: The geographical of diseases in the world’

Chapter 42: The stressed world

Table 34: Top 10 American children’s health concerns, 2011

Table 35: Attributions of cause and recurrence in long-term breast cancer survivors, 2001

Chapter 43: Nature does not answer or revenge human beings

Chapter 44: The hidden correlation


Part X: Paradoxes of Mind and the Science of Achievement

Chapter 45: Real learningTable 36: The process of learning’

Chapter 46: What do create human beings?

Chapter 47: Paradoxes of the mind Psychology focus on paradoxes of the mind to overcome it

Chapter 48: Science of achievement: mastering the mind by goals, visions, virtues, and principles


Part XI: The Art of Happiness: Emotional Management and Meditation

Chapter 49: Mastering the mind by mastering the emotion

Table 37: Differences between ordinary people and successful peopleD. The fourth way to control emotion is by taking action.


Chapter 50: The role of meditation to have a healthy, happy life

Picture 1: sitting postures of meditationPart XII: Teaching of the Old

Chapter 51: The teachings of BuddhaThe four foundations of mindfulness are:

Chapter 52: Understand the teaching of the old, great men

Table 38: Discretionary spending 2015 of America

Chapter 53: Gods and religions have taught us.

Table 39: Core teaching of some religions

Chapter 54: The teaching of Lao Tzu, Aesop, and SocratesThe teaching of AesopThe teaching of Socrates

Chapter 55: Teaching of Benjamin Franklin

Chapter 56: Educators taught about the miracle of mind, principles, and lifelong learning

Chapter 57: Teaching of Dalai Lama

Chapter 58: Teaching of educators about education

Below are the invaluable suggestions of educators.

Chapter 59: We are the creators of our lives and the creators of our children

Table 40: The relation between abilities, problems, and stress

Chapter 60: Time to create heaven on earth’

Part XIII: Questions, answers, and some advice

1. The ten effective ways to help children with problems

2. Love is the verb, right understanding is unconditional love, how to get the right understanding?3. Problem-solving skills: are you learning the root or learning tops? New view ‘

4. How do parents affect their children?


The book is available on Amazon:

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: One-page table reveals all the real causes of phenomena and problems: Ability – ADHD, Autism – Depression – Belief system – Gut feelings – Learning -Talent.


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